InnSide Nevada City Blog Giveaway, photo by Kial James PhotographyThe Outside Inn’s InnSide Nevada City blog is excited to share the end of the year giveaway.  All year-long I showcase, spotlight and share exciting things to do in Nevada City and Grass Valley. Four years ago a little end of year basket came to life on its own.  The Ultimate Giveaway, the Epic Giveaway and the Crazy Giveaway were a lot of fun, if you have time I highly recommend reading the comments.  This year the crate has grown to include 67 different businesses/organizations and is valued at over $2300.  Can I say, yet again, how amazing our little town is?  This prize is a really great over the top way to say thank you to the entire community.

One extremely lucky person is going to win this entire crate full of prizes.  Scroll down for the complete list.  What do you have to do to win?  Post a comment on this blog post and tell me what you love about the Outside Inn’s InnSide Nevada City blog?  Do you have a favorite post?  Do you have a favorite photo?  Do you have a favorite local event?  Did you learn something new this year from the blog?  Feel free to post a link in the comments with your thoughts, you can always search through the blog with the search box on the right hand side.  The winner will be announced on Christmas.  Want a chance to throw your name in the hat for a second chance?  Scroll the bottom of the post for details on how sharing the love will allow you to enter twice.

Outside Inn Blog Giveaway

Want an extra chance to win?  Like the Outside Inn’s Facebook page and share this giveaway with your friends (via whatever social media choice you want: InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest,) and then post a second comment on here telling me that you’ve shared the love.  Feel free to include #VisitNevadaCity in your social sharing.  Or if you’re shy and you don’t want share, sign up for my email feed (box on the right hand column) and post a comment saying you subscribed via email. If you have any issues with posting a comment, please see our FAQ.

Thank you to each and every one of you for helping make our community what it is.  That includes those friends near and far who make up the greater community of people who love Nevada City.  You all play a part in helping to support our town and I’m excited to be a part of it.  I’ve written plenty of posts on why I love Nevada City, but I look forward to hearing from you guys on what you love.

*One entry per person, for an additional entry please see above.  Winner will be drawn by and announced on Christmas Day.  Giveaway must be collected in person, winner must contact the Outside Inn by January 15th, only valid for person’s age 21 and above (if under 21 you can always gift the Outside Inn the bottles of wine and we’ll call it good).  Gift certificates not redeemable for cash.

© 2015 InnSide Nevada City, Photo © by Kial James/Nevada City Scenics

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    • Pamela Augustine
      Pamela Augustine says:

      We have many fond memories of the Outside Inn: We rented a house across the street; the clip clop of the horse carriage with Christmas bells passing by, walking to Victorian Christmas, the calm quiet just a few blocks from downtown, a snowy walk under a full moon. When we moved back to our country home; a lovely stay at your Inn after an 5 day power outage (hot showers, electricity and a cozy warm beds for the 3 of us). When we visit you are the first spot we call. What a great service you provide letting people know about the wonderful recreational opportunities in the sweet town of NC.

      • erin
        erin says:

        Thank you! So glad we could provide you a warm place during a power outage. So many things to do in our community…. we all need reminders.

      • erin
        erin says:

        Thanks… you know my to do list is a bit long, so I have to admit that I’ve never given it a serious thought, but then my postcard series was motivated by someone else, so you never know… I just need help!

      • erin
        erin says:

        Fall is one of those times where you see beauty everywhere, I stop the car in the middle of the street, leaves on the ground, leaves around the corner… you can’t miss it! Thank you for entering.

  1. Janet Jensen
    Janet Jensen says:

    I love all the photos Erin takes. If it is happening in Nevada City, Erin will capture it. Always breathtaking. Happy Holidays.❄️

  2. David Parker
    David Parker says:

    Erin 2015 has been a banner year for the blog. Your subjects, conversation of and those amazing pic’s explain to the Universe just how terrific our town is. And as a townie you always inform me of what to catch now. One of my favorite happenings in our cute little town is the Constitution Day Parade which celebrates 50 years in 2016 with a showing to America just what a small town event is all about. The one of a kind group The Famous Marching Presidents of Nevada City, California are over the top. Keep up all the grand work in 2016 Erin !

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thanks you! So glad you could join us on the photo walk earlier this fall, will keep you posted on when we plan the next one. Thank you for your kind words.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Halloween is certainly a scene and I think you have to experience it to understand the true Nevada City vibe… glad I’m entertaining you!

  3. Laura
    Laura says:

    Such an amazing prize!! I love your blog because it is often the only place that has everything that is going in in Nevada City! Thanks so much for keeping people connected <3

  4. Wanda Shulak
    Wanda Shulak says:

    OMG, you and Nevada City are fabulous! If I am lucky enough to win , I would share!. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family and everyone at the Outside Inn.

  5. Sarah Hatten
    Sarah Hatten says:

    There you go again, spreading Christmas joy, Nevada City style! Doing good things for our home place, Erin!

  6. Bri
    Bri says:

    What an amazing array of gifts!! I love reading about restaurants in the area. We tried Jernigans Tap House and loved it! Thanks for the recommendation of the tri tip sandwich. Yum!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  7. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    It would be very difficult to pick a single post. I love the hiking posts and always get swept off my feet with the Victorian Christmas posts. We dreamed of relocating to Nevada City, but we ended up in Newcastle. We are so glad to be in the area and are close enough to appreciate and enjoy it’s tremendous offerings. I shared the love on Facebook as well! Thank for all your continued efforts Erin!

  8. katearenchild
    katearenchild says:

    Hi Erin! My favorite part about the blog is reading it when I am at school and seeing all of the beautiful pictures you take of home! The pictures you take are stunning and I love using them when I am telling people about where I live! 🙂

  9. Nora J.
    Nora J. says:

    Your food photography makes me hungry every time, but I love the posts about hikes and nature the best. Quite an eye you have there, Erin!

  10. Jerianne Van Dijk
    Jerianne Van Dijk says:

    believe Erin has brought the beauty of so many events, and created community in that. When i want to see beautiful pictures of an event i go to see what Outside in blog has….its visual, and short, with lots of mentions for the flavor of the event. Thus what i love is being included even when i cant go, and seeing it after.

  11. Stephanie L.
    Stephanie L. says:

    I always love the posts about the yuba river. I got engaged there last year and used your posts and tips to find a good spot. Thank you so much for keeping us all informed in a very, local and honest way.

  12. Jeanne Mosley
    Jeanne Mosley says:

    I just shared this on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter. I am following you on all of the above mentioned sites as well. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  13. Robert Lee Haycock
    Robert Lee Haycock says:

    InnSide Nevada City sparkles my heart with memories of happy stays at the Outside Inn, walks up and down the charming streets of Nevada City, and many dear friends who call Nevada City home.

  14. Erika Kosina
    Erika Kosina says:

    I love that the blog reminds me of all the special things about living in Nevada County, and introduces me to a few new ones! I want to go to every single thing I see on this blog, especially because you always make it look so appealing with your gorgeous photos…

  15. Lora Robb
    Lora Robb says:

    Your blog is sooooo informative for those of us who live in the region (Reno) and visit NC regularly! Please keep up the work you do, I love your local voice.

  16. Addie Harris
    Addie Harris says:

    I LOVE that you do this every year. I love that your blog showcases our community’s many wonderful shops, restaurants and events. It reminds me to go back to old favorite spots and to try new places out! Your posts featuring Treats are among my favorites. Yum!

  17. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I really enjoy the blog for sharing the richness this community has to offer. So many events and happenings! I love learning about new corners of town to explore. Thank you, again, for this wonderful opportunity!

  18. Jason
    Jason says:

    I love your blog keeping everyone up on great events and attractions in the area. I share it with my parents who are frequent visitors to Nevada County.

  19. Dina Barzilai
    Dina Barzilai says:

    I love your blog, especially the photos. It’s been almost 10 years since I left, but following people like you helps me feel a little closer to home.

    I have already #shared on my Facebook.
    I’ll be coming through in a couple of months, so hope I win 🙂 thanks! Dina Barzilai

  20. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I shared the love on Facebook with the hashtag and will be signing up for email subscription so I don’t miss anything this town has to offer!

  21. Jason
    Jason says:

    I have liked, and followed, Outside Inn on Facebook for some time. I also shared the page with my friends.

  22. Nicole Friedrich
    Nicole Friedrich says:

    I love learning new things to do in the area! Thanks for your gorgeous photos – they keep me happy when I can’t be in Nevada City and the surrounding areas.

  23. Crystal Cook
    Crystal Cook says:

    Your blog rocks! I use it most to check out current events and restaurant reviews. But the thing I love most is the way you portray our sweet community (pictures, words, etc).

  24. Nicole Friedrich
    Nicole Friedrich says:

    I shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest… still trying to figure our how to Instagram it…

  25. Katrina
    Katrina says:

    I love your posts about the various events I didn’t get to attend. You have SO many photos .. a part of me feels like I’ve been there! Such as events at various restaurants (beer tasting), unique nevada city happs (polly’s paladar), I REALLY like all your giveways and it is amazing how excited i get when we win even a $5 certificate!! LOVE your coverage of outdoor trails, biking routes, river spots. And really just love love love your role in this community and these amazing give-aways! I may forever wish these big big wins were instead done as 5 or 10 smaller baskets — but i SOOOO get it .. you like the firework finale and you are YOU and go big!!!

  26. Allison Moyer
    Allison Moyer says:

    I love seeing all the updates of new businesses opening and yummy places to eat inn town .
    Erin, you are amazing and do a great service to our community with your wealth of knowledge. Muah!

  27. Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson says:

    Just reading the list of prizes is an education on what is available in and around our county! Favorite photo? Maybe fall leaves in NC. Favorite post? So many are great. I particularly like knowing when low key activities are happening. Love farmers markets, concerns in the park, things like that.

  28. Valerie Cassity
    Valerie Cassity says:

    I LOVE your blog and started reading it regularly a year before I moved here to learn what was happening in town. Through this blog, I learned about the Mardi Gras parade, the Halloween Parade (boo to no parade this year), hot summer nights, the Inn Town Campground (which my inlaws can’t wait to open so they can bring their RV up), and so much more. You provide such a great service to this community and I am so grateful to you.

  29. Eleni Rodgers
    Eleni Rodgers says:

    I love how I can look here for any of my Nevada City/Grass Valley event needs. I love the photographs, the local touch. Basically, this Blog rocks. Thanks Erin.

  30. Julie Gerson
    Julie Gerson says:

    Erin – you and your blog do such a great job of keeping me up to date on all of the fun and interesting happenings in Nevada City. Even though I live 600 miles away now it is always great to arrive in town and know exactly which new restaurant I want to try and event I want to attend – it’s like I never left!

  31. Jen
    Jen says:

    I love seeing by all the amazing events and beauty Nevada City holds through the lens of Erin’s camera! Looking forward to seeing the progress of the campground!

  32. Marjorie W.
    Marjorie W. says:

    I love your photo montages, Erin. I especially love learning about new restaurants and shops that otherwise would remain under the radar for me. It gets me out to try new things! But I am most grateful that you provide such a perfect resource for entertaining guests visiting from out of town. So simple, to browse through your blog to remind me of cool things to do and places to go.

  33. Jen shears
    Jen shears says:

    I love seeing all of the amazing events and beauty of Nevada City through Erin’s camera lens!! Looking forward to watching the progress on the campground!

  34. Marjorie W.
    Marjorie W. says:

    Oh, and I will “share the love” on Instagram (as soon as I find a 12-year-old to explain to me how to do it–ha!).

  35. Allison Massam
    Allison Massam says:

    You are the best at bringing our community businesses together! But my personal favorite posts are the outdoors posts about the river, hiking, etc.

  36. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    My son and daughter moved to the area a couple years ago. Since then we make many trips up and love the area. We try to have a new adventure or two or three with each visit. I loved reading about the Golden Era Lounge and the pictures made it a must visit place when we are up for the holidays. This blog is such a great way to know what is really happening in Nevada City. I would love to win so I have lots of reasons to keep coming back.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Well with family in the area that’s a great reason to visit, but I’m glad I’m providing you with ideas and suggestions on how to eat, drink and be merry! Happy holidays.

  37. Rhi Jenerate
    Rhi Jenerate says:

    You only take and use the highest quality photos, and your marketing savvy is to be admired. Not touting the Outside Inn but drawing folks to your spot by authentically loving and sharing the sweet community we have created here in Nevada County.

  38. Celine rice
    Celine rice says:

    As always you have been a great spokeswoman and face to our sweet town. Thank you for all that you do. Awesome prize too!

  39. Allie Wright
    Allie Wright says:

    I’ll miss visiting Nevada City this year for Christmas and stopping by to say hello, Erin! Someone very lucky will enjoy that prize! 😉 Hoping you get lots of snow this year. xoxo Allie

  40. Aidan
    Aidan says:

    Okay. I’ll admit it. I like your blogs because you give things away. So any blog that gives stuff – I like. I haven’t yet won.

  41. Kiana
    Kiana says:

    PS — I’m re-reading Catch a Falling Star” for my third time. I love this book.
    I also am sharing this post for my second chance. I can’t forward on facebook, because my mom won’t let me get FB. But i can tell my friends on email.
    I will give you the wine if i win, because I’m under 21! thanks

  42. Anna
    Anna says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Your blog has such great photos, and keeps me in the loop of all the fun things happening in Nevada County!

  43. Lisa M.
    Lisa M. says:

    I love being informed of all the happenings going on – and everything is presented beautifully (the photos!). It’s just a great representation of this community! Thanks! 🙂

  44. Lynn C.
    Lynn C. says:

    Erin, you do it all.. run a great business, plus post gorgeous photos. Thank you for the events updates, too- I use them all the time.

  45. Holly Graham
    Holly Graham says:

    I have found several new restaurants to try, plus fun local events that I otherwise would not have heard about. Its made this town so much more fun for my husband and I.

  46. Christy
    Christy says:

    Thank you Erin for your local food exchange outside the Inn. Fantastic idea to share abundance. So yummy!
    My favorite blogs are when you cover BSM.. Amazing event – great pictures of strong, determined women of our community!

  47. robin
    robin says:

    I love the photos of Nevada City and I look forward to more posts and getting to know about amazing events ! Thanks !!!

  48. Maeve Burke
    Maeve Burke says:

    I am sending my friends Christophe and Erin your way this weekend, and we will be in town for Victorian Christmas the following weekend. Love Nevada City, the Outside Inn, your blog, and you!

  49. shauneen
    shauneen says:

    Your blog is amazing Erin! I most love the posts about the new and upcoming restaurants/businesses! Great job promoting Nevada City!

  50. Margaret Handshoe
    Margaret Handshoe says:

    Our family can’t wait to camp with our Airstream in Nevada City! Your blog inspires us to visit and check out the cool things NC and Grass Valley offer. Roseville isn’t that far away ( home for us), but a trip to Nevada a City always feels like a getaway! Thanks for the good information!

    • erin
      erin says:

      Yeah, is your Airstream a new one or a vintage one? So glad we’re inspiring you to trek up the road and explore, you don’t have to travel far for a fun adventure (I feel that way in my own backyard).

  51. Sue
    Sue says:

    As an artist here in town, I love and appreciate all you do for local artists, Erin. You capture our beautiful area with elegance and with a private touch of charm. Thank you for everything you do and for having the best place to stay in Nevada County. You are awesome!

  52. Meghan W
    Meghan W says:

    You highlight great spots to visit on one of our favorite weekend getaways! Your blog and photos are much appreciated in Reno!

  53. Deb
    Deb says:

    I love your photography and your family friendly activity recommendations! It’s like being a tourist in your own town!

  54. Julie George
    Julie George says:

    I have fallen in love with Nevada City this year (just recently moved to Sacramento) and have found this blog to be my go-to resource for researching what to do! Keep up the great work and can’t wait for the campground!

  55. Lynette bulick
    Lynette bulick says:

    I always love the “fall colors” you post on the blog. We live in a beautiful little city❤️ I love the Outside inn!

  56. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    Erin, I really love that you share local things that I haven’t heard about yet. Thanks for the pictures too!

  57. elec1951
    elec1951 says:

    I couldn’t begin to choose a favorite Blog. I love reading about the local events, about all the beautiful outdoor activities, following the progress of your campground, your beautiful photos! We moved here in May and your blog is my window to the area, thank-you!

  58. Lily Carrow
    Lily Carrow says:

    I love hearing about the future campground! It’s going to be such an amazing addition to our town. Thank you for keeping us updated on local events and sharing beautiful pictures of our town! I adore our community and all of our local businesses, and am so happy to live in such a culturally thriving place.

  59. Mackenzie
    Mackenzie says:

    When someone has told me about something happening in town and I get super excited about checking it out but then a day later (or, if I am going to be honest, hours later) I can’t remember where, what, when, or why AND I can’t remember who told me I know I can just go to THE blog and find out. Life’s problems solved. xo

  60. Joe Ascheman
    Joe Ascheman says:

    I love that you are such a supporter of local businesses. Can’t wait for the In Town Campground to Open! Our favorite thing to do in Nevada City besides visiting after a hike is the Victorian Christmas.

  61. Syd Brown
    Syd Brown says:

    I love the Innside Nevada City bog. Despite being the essence of “small town”, Erin reminds us of the abundant cultural and natural resources available to us to explore and appreciate from bike trails to burritos to ballet!

  62. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Sad to say, I have never been to your blog before. I looked through and am so excited to use you for events in the future. All the info you give for our community!!! Especially appreciated the farmers market blog that shares all the local farmers!!

    • erin
      erin says:

      You don’t have to be sad, we are all busy people, and it’s not going anywhere, you can go back and read posts or search through the archives.

  63. Nicole M.
    Nicole M. says:

    I like to refer to the blog for insights into what to do or see while in the area visiting family : )

  64. Trisha
    Trisha says:

    I never win anything, but hey it’s worth a shot, right!? Besides I love this city and am so glad to live here and raise my babies here so a shout out to this amazing place is always worth my time!! Thanks for hosting a cool giveaway! (Also my kids love the haunted path each Halloween so thanks for that too!!)

    • erin
      erin says:

      You can’t win unless you play, I agree the odds aren’t as good on this one as my normal giveaways, but the prize is a bit bigger. Glad to know you enjoy the haunted pathway.

  65. Peter Raffin
    Peter Raffin says:

    From San Jose, and I make it up to Nevada City throughout the summer. Cheers.

    (Subscribed via email.)

  66. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    In not from the immediate area so I don’t hear the local news, but with this blog I get to learn about events, shops, and
    Food spots to check out when passing through

  67. Julie
    Julie says:

    I love the hiking ideas and, of course, the photos. I was out of town for Thanksgiving and was feeling sad about missing the first snow of the year (I’ve lived here less than a year, so it’s only my 2nd Nevada City snow ever). I knew if I looked on your Instagram I would find out if it snowed! Great pics:). Thank you.

  68. Lisa Cunningham
    Lisa Cunningham says:

    Having lived in the foothills of Yuba County for the past 23 years, Nevada City has been our “go to” spot for arts, music, great food and community events. Sadly, we’ve sold our mountain home and are moving north for employment, so will greatly miss our proximity to Nevada City for our “fix” of creativity and local flair and flavor. What a treat it would be to win this prize…but then, we’ve already won the prize of discovering the eclectic, artistic spirit we’ve found in the historic gold rush town we love. Your blog will continue to keep us in touch with the essence of all that Nevada City has to offer. Thank you.

  69. Dena Nick
    Dena Nick says:

    I love getting a glimpse into the events and places I have yet to experience in this area. The photography is always amazing. This prize package would give me the chance to experience more of our wonderful little corner of the world!

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thanks Dena, thanks for playing along again. I do think of our community as a “little corner of the world” too. Happy Holidays.

  70. Shannon Cole
    Shannon Cole says:

    Remembering how sweet you were the day we talked on the phone about my relocating to Nevada City to work for Outside Inn! You’re a beautiful blessing to the folks nestled in this little town! Thank you for all you do ~ Merry Christmas!

  71. Vanda Symon
    Vanda Symon says:

    I love seeing how such a little town has such an amazing community spirit. Your events are amazing, from street dinners to one of my favourites, which was a parade celebrating reading! Best little town, ever!

  72. Emma
    Emma says:

    I love how this blog keeps everybody in the loop about different events and gives us the oppurtunity to explore new things and places that i never knew about in the area! Watched this picture being taken and was wondering what it was for, this is awesome!

  73. Cori Sainte Marie
    Cori Sainte Marie says:

    My favorite thing about your blog is that I know what exciting special events are coming up! Its an easy way to know what happening at the nevada theatre, Miner’s Foundry or the wineries! Thank you for bringing Christmas Cheer and always inspiring me to get out and enjoy my town!

  74. Sonia B.
    Sonia B. says:

    You have inspired me to get out and enjoy the reason I wil not move. I have struggled this past year with anxiety and sometimes just getting out of the house is a struggle. But your post give me the courage to venture outside. During the fall if it wasn’t for your pictures of the beautiful leafs, I never would have found myself laying in a pyle of colored leaves making leaf angles. That was a good day.

  75. woodwabbet
    woodwabbet says:

    I just moved to Nevada City after way too many years of dreaming about it. I was lucky to experience my first snowfall a few days later. Magical! Your blog and Inn reflect so much of what I love about this area, being someone who is very active in the outdoor environment. Thanks for all that you do.

  76. Kaathlyn Connor
    Kaathlyn Connor says:

    I live locally and love checking out the blog to see if there is anything fun to check out with my three kids. This time of year is one of my favorites for activities like Victorian Christmas and the craft fairs.

  77. Rachel M
    Rachel M says:

    Love the Inn. Stayed there awhile ago and it was so cozy and comfortable. Would love to travel from Oregon to play in Nevava City again . Pick me

  78. Trish
    Trish says:

    Nevada City is a poatcard come to life ! I am so proud to share this beautiful town with all who visit. Someday I will play tourist her and spend the night in The Outside Inn if my husband grants me my Christmas wish.

  79. trukmek1966
    trukmek1966 says:

    I love all the blogs about Nevada City! It is just the kind of town I want to retire to, and sharing all the great things to do keeps me excited about visiting.

  80. Katie Filimonov
    Katie Filimonov says:

    Love the pics– and the restaurant reviews! Great way of keeping up on new things happening locally.

  81. Karen McCann
    Karen McCann says:

    Erin your innside Nevada City blog is the best! I always recommend it to folks wanting to know about activities, restaurants, festivals and all things Nevada County! Thank you!

  82. Diane Fletcher
    Diane Fletcher says:

    I just discovered Nevada City through a friend. My father lives in a board and care home in Roseville and I live in the Bay Area. I had a conversation with my friend as I didn’t know what to do for the holidays, I needed a special place to spend the holidays for my dad and I. She told me to go to Nevada City, explained about Victorian Christmas, the Hallmark movie, etc. Well dad and I spent Thanksgiving in Nevada City and couldn’t have been happier. We had a magical time. We will be headed back at Christmastime to make another special memory! To see my fathers smile as we experienced the decorated downtown, the lovely cottage where we stayed and all the sparkle that Nevada City offers just brought such joy to my heart! I am happy to keep learning more about this lovely place and will keep checking out your blog! Thank you!

  83. Sarah Hendrickson
    Sarah Hendrickson says:

    My very favorite thing is your veggie stand… at its best….you walk the walk ….

  84. Kial James
    Kial James says:

    Awesome, what a fantastic selection of local gifts, thank you Erin for providing this community with such a great resource for everything that’s happening, you’re the best!

  85. coastandcraft2015
    coastandcraft2015 says:

    I loved the post about the Studio Collective. Great pictures and easy to read article would love to get a professional shoot done 🙂

  86. Melinda
    Melinda says:

    I particularly love your river pics and also finding out about all the events in our community that weren’t on my radar. What an inspirational and engaged community.

  87. berylmoody
    berylmoody says:

    The Outside Inn Blog is one of the best advertisements I’ve seen about the wonders of our little town. Kudos to you. P.S. The photography is pretty darn good too.

  88. Kim
    Kim says:

    Awesome giveaway, what a great idea! I subscribed via email, thank you!! Hope I win, I never win anything haha. :). Happy holiday season:).

  89. Peggy
    Peggy says:

    Thanks Erin for all you do to keep us “in the know”. You are certainly one of the most resourceful people around!

    I particularly enjoy your posts on exploring the Yuba- our favorite Nevada County gem!

  90. Ben Arenchild
    Ben Arenchild says:

    Thanks Erin for all the information you give us on you blog! Also thanks for all the pictures of Nevada County on Instagram!

  91. Debra Young
    Debra Young says:

    Outside Inn rocks Nevada City,
    The folks in charge are so fabulous, I’m giddy.
    Holidays are a special treat,
    Halloween at the Outside Inn can’t be beat.

    Summer brings veggies out front for community shares,
    You can make new friends while you examine the wares.
    Warm evenings the gardens are “Tinkerbelled” with solar,
    Victorian Chritsmas turns the inn into the “North Polar”!

    Maybe you’ve got friends in from out of town,
    Or maybe you just feel like messing around.
    Winter, spring, summer and oh yes fall,
    A reservation at the Outside Inn will fulfill all!

  92. Cristina
    Cristina says:

    I love this blog! I discovered it early this year and love updates on new coffee shops, new food and events that are coming up! It keeps me more in tuned with our beautiful town and how I can participate and plan my weekends! Thank you!

  93. Dawn Olson
    Dawn Olson says:

    Erin, your blog is such a fun and inspiring aspect on our community! I always enjoy seeing you pop up at new business’s in town, talking with the owners and taking pictures to share with your followers. What a wonderful way to give back, by promoting others and supporting local efforts. I love seeing your posts and enjoying your photography. From the rich colors of fall, to snow falling on Broad St, to the emerald green colors of our Yuba River….. Thanks for capturing the beauty of where we live.

  94. marina bernheimer
    marina bernheimer says:

    Really not fair to ask us to pick just one favorite….among the stunning photos that accompany the words, I couldn’t possibly pick one. Grateful for the lovely way the blog showcases the many gorgeous aspects of our amazing community. Shared the love, of course. Thanks for all you do!

  95. Lillie piland
    Lillie piland says:

    I love the blog because of the photos! Instead of just reading about an event you capture the beauty with photos too!!!

  96. Chuck Holding
    Chuck Holding says:

    I love sharing the blog with prospective CCA students who don’t know about the area but are thinking about coming here to study because it really shows all the great things going on

  97. Alana Flores
    Alana Flores says:

    The Outside Inn is one of the greatest gifts in keeping the community strong and healthy! This blog is an awesome way to get folks from here and visiting from afar to get excited about all the cool stuff going on. My family feel like you are the HEART of our little mountain town and we SOLUTE YOU!

  98. Darby Palmer
    Darby Palmer says:

    Yay! What a an amazing Basket O’ Love! Happy to contribute! I’ve stayed at The Outside Inn a few times & always recommend your lovely accommodations! I really appreciate all your Nevada City posts & photos & I am really stoked about the Inn Town Campground! Much love for your dedication to our sweet community… Thank you!

  99. karen stone
    karen stone says:

    what i love about the Blog? the enthusiasm that flows from you (Erin) into it, unceasingly!!! your love of our town fills it always. my favorite post? the “where to go on the Yuba River (swimming holes)” those are also my favorite photos. local event? farm to table on Commercial St. wish i could have gone. and learning something new? much too numerous to mention, almost every post!! you ROCK!!!

  100. Julene
    Julene says:

    I actually haven’t read your blog — YET!! But certainly suspect I’ll start! I live in Oakland but love to visit Nevada City.

  101. Dana Tanner Powell
    Dana Tanner Powell says:

    Sharing the love is easy. I love this town and even though I don’t technically live here (my mom does) I feel a part of the community…it s warm, welcoming and charming. I always learn something from the gives me much to look forward to each time I visit. Thank you Erin!

  102. Douglas Keachie.
    Douglas Keachie. says:

    Your blog in addition to the beautiful photographs, also embodies the giving side and public spirited side of Nevada City. In honor of that, should we win, we pledge 1/2 by monetary value of the gifts to Utah’s Place staff and clients.

  103. Kasey
    Kasey says:

    This blog means that no matter where I am in the world (currently London) I can click on a link and be reminded of where I came from.

  104. Randi
    Randi says:

    What I love most about your blog is the community service that it offers. This mean you Erin; taking the time to write, compose and shoot the incredible photos, collect the amazing prizes, basically going out of your busy way to supply this incredible p.r. and share what you love about this area to many.

    I applaud and thank you!

  105. Kelly Hickman
    Kelly Hickman says:

    I am so thankful for this blog. It is my go-to source for information on what is happening in Nevada City and the surrounding area. Erin has done wonderful things for promoting our unique community!

  106. Nicole Merriman
    Nicole Merriman says:

    Couldn’t be more grateful for your up to date activities of nevada county. Living here is amazing but having help with finding activities and events to partake in, while living here, makes being part of this community that much more fantastic ! Thank you!

  107. Linda H
    Linda H says:

    What I really appreciate about your blog page is how you highlight individual local businesses so beautifully both in word and pictures. My passion for our town is to see local small businesses thrive. Makes my heart happy!

  108. Kriss Frazee
    Kriss Frazee says:

    Wow! What a giveaway. I love our little town! Erin, you do a fine job of catching the local feeling!

  109. Kamara Garcia
    Kamara Garcia says:

    Erin- I follow your blog because you do it with all your heart <3 You pour your adoration for our hometown into every pic & share so that it's a go to for us & the ones we love. The 'staycation' your family generously donated that we bid on & won will never be forgotten: son literally 'climbing the walls' 😉 -a precious memory. Your family IS 'The Gift' to our beloved NC <3 Thankyou for sharing the Love!

  110. Kamara Garcia
    Kamara Garcia says:

    Shared the love via FB~ & remembering taking mom/grandma walking through your Halloween trail pre Halloween crowds & how WOWED she was! ❤️

  111. Erica J Rewey
    Erica J Rewey says:

    We’re looking forward to our visit to Nevada City and our stay at the Inn Town Campground this summer for the grand opening! I love seeing pictures of the South Yuba River, especially the ones featuring my kids from our previous visits. We can’t wait to see you again, get ice cream (though hopefully our kids don’t go rogue again), swim in Evans’s pool, drink wine by the fire, and enjoy our decades long friendships!!! Thanks for all you do!!!

  112. Starr Dion
    Starr Dion says:

    Let’s just say. It’s a breath of fresh air! Love everything you do. So amazing. outside inn is so cute, so friendly and informational. Thanks for all you do 🙂 I can’t imagine all the joy winning would bring to myself and many many others I would share with.

  113. Gary Reedy
    Gary Reedy says:

    I like reading about the great outdoors out my own door, and especially when I discover something new or remember about that trail or spot that I have heard about from friends, but have not yet gotten to … and then I become inspired again to go do it.
    And the gorgeous pictures of our wonderful place on earth.

  114. Judith C.
    Judith C. says:

    I love that you introduce me to the newest businesses in the area and that you also keep me abreast of events in a more informative way. I look forward to your blog showing up in my email and your photos are amazing. Thanks

  115. Patricia Glenn
    Patricia Glenn says:

    Erin – I love that even though I live downtown, right down the street from the Outside Inn, I rely on your blog to find out what is happening, has happened, where to shop next, etc…plus I love to see you in action at events taking photos and gather material for your informative posts. My favorite blog posts are of the Nevada City Craft Fair – because as a vendor, sometimes the only way to see others’ work there is to read your blog! Thank you!

  116. Casey blackwell
    Casey blackwell says:

    Thanks for doing an awesome job at keeping the community up to date on all Nevada city has to offer!! I love being able to see what is happening as far as activities go and of course all the great photos too!!! I shared on my Facebook page as well to show support for your dedication to keeping the community in the loop!

  117. Mo LaFond
    Mo LaFond says:

    You little Out Side Inn, are a true gem of our quaint town. I especially love that you have water bowls for the furry ones outside your office door and the essence and spirit of the baskets for edibles always makes me smile. To think of the many satisfied customers that return faithfully and the decorated sign, that either beckons welcome or gratefully full all bring joy to me as I pass by. I miss my daily dog walks that brought me to your Inn on a daily basis. Thank you for your blogs full of plenty of useful tidbits. Have a wonder filled and prosperous holiday season. We love you!

  118. Chantal Corbat
    Chantal Corbat says:

    I really look forward to reading your blog, it is very well written and so informative about our local area. i loved the camping article a few weeks ago and was happy to discover Polly’s, again thank you, thank you, thank you, you are the best!!!!

  119. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    I send an email to my sister who lives out of state but will be here when the drawing happens. I’m hoping she enters as well.

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    Kelly Stover says:

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  121. Jeff Provancher
    Jeff Provancher says:

    My wife and I have been spending our anniversary weekend in beautiful Nevada City for the past five years. We had visited a number of times before considering this our go-to spot for our special getaway time. I found Erin’s blog and immediately joined. I love all the pictures and the information she sends us and look forward to reading through it every time it comes. My wife was thrilled when she came across one of her own photos of Nevada St. that was shared on the Outside Inn site of the fall colors, what a beautiful little City.

  122. Katherine
    Katherine says:

    I recently moved to the area and love reading your blog to find out all of the activities and interesting things in our area. Thank you for sharing all that are towns have to offer!

  123. Zoey
    Zoey says:

    What an AMAZING collection! Love our town! You Erin are the most successful multi-multitasking person I know. Thank you for all that you do! I appreciate the knowledge and support you give! ❤️

  124. Suzy Spindler Figueira
    Suzy Spindler Figueira says:

    I am blessed to have family roots going back to the 1800’s here in Nevada City & Grass Valley. I feel a very loving connection to our community and the land .What a beautiful time to be part of the love shared on the Outside Inn Site . I am very grateful thank you Erin for all you give. Kind regards Suzy.

  125. Allison B.
    Allison B. says:

    Fantastic prizes! Shared this on our farm’s Facebook page! Thanks for all you do to spread the Nevada County love!

  126. Sunny Ostrom
    Sunny Ostrom says:

    The best thing about our town(s)? The people! With so many locally-minded people (including Outside Inn!!!) our towns can continue to be small and personal and provide locals and visitors alike with the real flavor of the area. We live here for a reason, after all.

  127. Moira
    Moira says:

    Once again, you and our dreamy town have outdone yourselves. Personally, this year, my favorite thing about the Outside Inn Blog, is the extensive coverage you gave our DANK events. Your beautiful photos and consistent coverage made a big difference in spreading the word. Thank you so much.

  128. Pam
    Pam says:

    Wow! Erin, you have outdone yourself! Who would have known there were so many fun things to get/see/do here. The thing I like most about your blog is that it is an informal gathering place for people, places and events. Anything interesting is on it and I feel very proud if I hear of something before it is posted. Keep up the good work. We all enjoy it.

  129. Melissa Morgan
    Melissa Morgan says:

    Oh my goodness, this is an amazing basket!! Honestly I have only been to Outside Inn for trick or treating with my kids. I am going to check out your blog, I need more ideas of things to do with my kiddos. We have been on a work/school/homework grind for the last 4 months! A break is needed!

  130. Jori
    Jori says:

    I love looking at the photos on the blog, they fill me with the same warm feeling I get when walking the streets of Nevada City on a winter night. Its a small town magic.
    The Outside in holds a special place in my heart, it is the place my parents chose to stay when they came over 1000miles to visit me. Set up for Halloween, with Orange leaves above, we sat in a room painted with clouds and caught up after so long apart. It was there I came to the realization, that this was my community too.

  131. Penelope Rice
    Penelope Rice says:

    Nevada City is a place we love to share with our friends and family who visit. They always feel the magic of it.

  132. Deb Dugan
    Deb Dugan says:

    This is not only a gift to the outside guests but it’s a wonderful blog for locals as well! Thank you for being such an asset to our community.

  133. Janis Fox
    Janis Fox says:

    I’m excited about all the great prizes in the giveaway. What a fun way to get to know the businesses. I’m new to the blog but am already anticipating the next installment. Great job!

  134. David.
    David. says:

    BTW, Looking at the picture, the sign on the Nevada Theater “A Christmas Story”. Great show, must see!!

  135. Shayna Christie
    Shayna Christie says:

    I really enjoy the photos you post of Nevada city in the early morning.

    Also, unrelated to the blog, I love the Halloween decorations you have been doing. So fabulous!

  136. Carol
    Carol says:

    Hi, this is my first visit to your blog (via yubanet), but it will not be my last. Just subscribed and looking forward to future posts. It’s hard to believe the number of gifts in your giveaway basket – it would probably take all year to use them! Thank you.

  137. Marcia Luger
    Marcia Luger says:

    Erin, I love your posts and emails. How else would I know what’s happening in our community. My most recent favorite post was on the Smith Winery in Oct. I visited and fell in love. One of their huge pumpkins is still hanging in there on my porch. Thank you for your faithfulness of making each or us feel more connected to our home.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Love hearing these sort of things! Faithfulness is one word for my consistent blogging, sometimes I think I’m a little crazy. But, wine and pumpkins were fun, so glad you enjoyed too. Thanks for entering my giveaway.

  138. Kristina McBurney Maahs
    Kristina McBurney Maahs says:

    So excited to find this blog. Can’t believe I didn’t know there is a McBurney Christmas tree farm! I know where we will get ours this year. Thanks!

  139. Katrina
    Katrina says:

    Outside Inn has always been my favorite part of NC. It allows us a comfy place to rest our full bellies and sore feet after hours of exploring this amazing gem of a town.

  140. jayne kluger
    jayne kluger says:

    The Outside Inn was my introduction to Nevada City. My family and I stayed there and roamed the quaint streets and fell in love with the area. We have since bought property there. When friends say they are heading to Nevada City, I always tell them they must stay at the Outside Inn.

  141. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    Thanks Erin (and family) for all you do to keep me in the know on events around town. As a newbie, it’s helpful!!!!

  142. Linda Emanuel
    Linda Emanuel says:

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  143. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    On top of it being a great way to stay in the know about the latest and grestest in Nevada County ……1) I love the blogs positive outlook and message 2) The photos are fantastic and 3) Whenever I tell someone about a fun things to do in our lovely county, there’s always a blog about it to provide further evidence that my recommendation is legit!! The fact that there’s an annual giveaway is just icing on the cake!!!

  144. Mary Englund
    Mary Englund says:

    You have such a wonderful place, I always recommend you to my clients 🙂 Thanks for all you do for our sweet town!

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  146. dreamsformylife
    dreamsformylife says:

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    • Juliette Williams
      Juliette Williams says:

      Favorite part about your blog is how you publicize so many events beautifully. I send links to your blog to my friends and family because they really show the beauty that is Nevada County 🙂

  147. Donna Anderson
    Donna Anderson says:

    I love the way your blog highlights so many of the local businesses and provides an in-depth view.

  148. Rahlene
    Rahlene says:

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  149. Michaela Kennedy
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  150. Lana
    Lana says:

    What a continual reminder of why we love this town! I enjoy your posts about local establishments, the Yuba, hiking.. I love your photographs & way of bringing the community into view for us! Liking you on FB!

  151. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    Wow… that is an incredible prize! Each year this grows and grows!
    I love the businesses you introduce me to… otherwise I probably wouldn’t know about them and be able to check them out! I’ve found out about so many interesting little shops and restaurants because of checking in here!

  152. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    I subscribed! Even though I check in regularly, I never noticed that you had a spot to subscribe, so now I won’t miss a post!

  153. Emily Raymond
    Emily Raymond says:

    My best friend and I absolutely adore the outside inn. Your Instagram is our favorite and I frequently change my screen saver to your photos. We love your decoration for Halloween, they’re so fun. We love Nevada city and everything your awesome page exposes us to! PLEASE CHOOSE ME.

  154. Summer Duncan
    Summer Duncan says:

    I was born & raised in Grass Valley. Even though I don’t live there anymore, I love visiting my friends and family that do and taking part in my hometown activities & events.

  155. summerthymes
    summerthymes says:

    Shared on Facebook! Erin, your blogs bring so many people into Nevada County – Not only when they come, but virtually with your posts and these awesome giveaways!!!

  156. Catharine
    Catharine says:

    Shared the love on FB, what a great photo! Love your blog, makes me confident that when we move here, we will be moving to a cool, hip little city,

  157. Tina Charnett
    Tina Charnett says:

    Nevada City and Grass Valley together giving the true meaning of the season, unconditional gifts

  158. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    The generosity shared between grass valley and Nevada city during the giving season is second to none. What an incredible example for other towns to follow. May everyone feel as blessed to live in this wonderful county as I do. To all a good night

  159. Jaynie Wall
    Jaynie Wall says:

    I have only just discovered your blog. The pictures are great. I am from Colfax and love everything about Nevada City. I just realized I have been following you on IG and watching the progress of the Inn Town Campground. I even have your sticker!
    Your community is wonderful and so giving.

  160. Cathy Curbow
    Cathy Curbow says:

    Flying in from Atlanta, Georgia this upcoming weekend for Victorian Christmas. Been viewing your posts since last Spring. So excited to visit the town and events where “The Christmas Card” movie was made. Thx, Cat

  161. Elizabeth Soderstrom
    Elizabeth Soderstrom says:

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  162. carlene
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    Oh, My Goodness……I cannot imagine my world without your help, Erin!~~~ I have family who live in Nevada City, and visit a couple of times a year….but this year, I may be bringing 5 girlfriends(we are all in our 70’s) to the town, to share all I love thereI ..AND I could not do it without your amazing photos, insight, and direction@!~

    I am a photographer, and will say that your shots are breathtaking….captures the soul of each site you shoot….you have “the eye”……

    Would love to enter and win the contest…but “winning” time with my family and girlfriends, and making memories there is the true “prize”…

    Carlene Frazee Ferguson

  163. Hindi Greenberg
    Hindi Greenberg says:

    I love reading your blog for its useful information as to events and places and services, its gorgeous photos, its accurate but imaginative portrayal of the wonders of our storybook environs, and the fact that you spend so much of your valuable time promoting local businesses and this fabulous area. You are a one-woman marketing and visitors’ center for Nevada County! How could anyone not want to visit and, especially, live here after reading your blog?!

  164. Leia
    Leia says:

    I live vicariously through your blog. I’m always in awe of your dedication to spotlighting our wonderful community and of your beautiful photographs. I don’t know how you find the time to do all you do.

  165. Tina Wood
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    LOVE the blog, love where we live! Love all the photos you post as well! I subscribed via email. I want to win this awesome prize!

  166. Gail
    Gail says:

    As a newcomer to Nevada City, Grass Valley and the beautiful Nevada County, I read, share, and enjoy everything that Erin creates. I feel a part of this community and very thankful for all that you do to keep everyone informed of the various events, festivals, hiking trails, restaurants, music and theater options! You rock!

  167. Janet
    Janet says:

    What a fun way to learn about the area! We just moved here from Minnesota and are in the exploring stage! Your blog will be so helpful!

  168. Mark & Barbara
    Mark & Barbara says:

    We Love Nevada City for all the cultural events and music, and the Outside Inn is our favorite place to stay. Last time we were up we saw Leon Russell at the Center of the Arts, and We always try and do the Celtic faire. Thank you Erin for all you do, I don’t know where you find the time.

  169. Cindy Moon
    Cindy Moon says:

    Thank you Erin for all you do for Nevada City! The pictures are great, I am kinda partial to the Walking Christmas Tree though! Keep up the good work.

  170. jes taber
    jes taber says:

    you’re always the first to share what’s happening here in nevada county! you are at nearly every event & you always take great photos of all the action. i don’t know how you fit everything in! what an epic collection erin 🙂

  171. Lidy Baars
    Lidy Baars says:

    I love Nevada City. Not only is your town gorgeous with the best nature has to offer, your town is filled with kind, caring, creative and inspiring people. While many small towns across the USA are declining, Nevada City is always filled to the brim with exciting things to do, beautiful places to see, wonderful people to meet and great places to eat and shop.

    I love visiting your blog to stay up to date somewhat on Nevada City, and everything happening there. Thank you for each and every post, while I would love to live in your town, my grandchildren live near me so I’m not really thinking of moving. But visiting Nevada City on a regular basis? That is always a priority. I am thrilled to get to know your town and the people of Nevada City through your blog, and fall in love more and more.

  172. nicole tucker
    nicole tucker says:

    The inn is beautiful and Victorian Christmas is amazing. I will need to be moving soon but will be back often winning this crate would make it so much easier to leave.

  173. Julia Ramirez
    Julia Ramirez says:

    Been missing Nevada City so much since I’ve been studying abroad, but I love that I can still feel a little connection to back home through the Outside Inn’s blog and Instagram! Always beautiful pictures and comments, makes me more and more excited to be home come Christmas! Sharing the Nevada City love (in Latin America)!

  174. Hildy May
    Hildy May says:

    I visited Nevada City and stayed at the Outside Inn in 2014. I had a great time and would love to go back. I follow the Inn on Facebook and just entered my e-mail address to subscribe to the blog – would of course love to win the amazing crate!

  175. Maya Cordes
    Maya Cordes says:

    Erin! Picking one entry?? Impossible! You bring out sweet little corner of the world to life with your creativity and thought and with your love for Nevada County. I appreciate your work soooo much. Thank you for all of the gifts you offer our community. I think that I most love when you show a photo of weather against Nevada city… No matter what it is… You capture this town so beautifully. Thank you!!

  176. Emma Reagan
    Emma Reagan says:

    We Love the fact that the outside in has a veggie share space in the front of it. I Love driving by and seeing that.

  177. Diane Richards
    Diane Richards says:

    Erin – You do an amazing job in keep us informed and up to date about all the good and positive happenings in Nevada City and surrounding areas in Nevada County. Both in written and visual format. I always look forward to reading your blog and Facebook posts. So beautiful and uplifting.

    We are fortunate to have someone like you and an entire community of folks who have the passion to preserve and keep the history and charm of the community. I never feel like a stranger when I come and visit Nevada. Everyone is so warm and welcoming 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

    Thank you for working with all the generous business owners who provide goodies to share among your readers to add a little extra special fun 🙂

  178. Diane Richards
    Diane Richards says:

    I really, really, really want to be your 2015 Extremely Lucky Winner!
    Santa got me a tent cot as an early Christmas present. I would love to go camping at Inn Town Campground for my first Nevada County camping adventure to test it out.

    Please give me a second entry in your magic random number generator program – happily shared the post about the giveaway on Facebook.

    Wishing everyone Good Luck and a Happy Holiday Season!

  179. Rae
    Rae says:

    I love the Outside Inn and the generous giveaway that they do. Victorian Christmas is very magical in Nevada city, Those of you that have not gone, definitely plan it for this year. Love that they close the streets and celebrate this amazing town!!
    I would love to win the amazing giveaway. Yeah! Happy Holidays

  180. Andy
    Andy says:

    Nevada City is an amazing town, I am going to stay at The Outside Inn nect time I go there, what amazing comments there have been about this Inn. Just one more reason to love Nevada City.

  181. Ariella D.
    Ariella D. says:

    You were always one of our best supporters when we opened Elevensies for that wonderful and brief year. You’re coverage of our little endeavor brought us a lot of business and I have always loved following your photography of local businesses and events ever since. Thank you for the support of a fledgling business.

  182. Laurie cerruti
    Laurie cerruti says:

    You are a steward for Nevada Citry. Our festivities around town gal. So proud to know you.
    What an amazing holiday give away!

  183. Diane S.
    Diane S. says:

    I subscribed to your blog a couple of years ago, and you are always posting amazing things to do in your fair city. I learned about cooking classes, hikes, occasionally about history. I look forward to your posts and am happy when they grace my inbox!

  184. Richard Strohl
    Richard Strohl says:

    So much to love about Nevada City! Rather than make a lengthy list, I’ll just say that I love that it is not a homogenized strip mall. Every store and community event is owned and run by unique individuals. Variety is the spice of life! I will mention that I just learned about Polly’s Pallador from your blog and am now signed up for more info on those upcoming events. Thanks so much for creating this beautiful blog! (Oh and I shared the love on my FB page too;-)

  185. Gail
    Gail says:

    I am new to the area and can’t believe how many activities there are to do! I always look forward to your posts on festivals, hiking trails, theater, music, restaurants….and everything in between! I love being a part of this community and always tell my friends, “Come visit….there’s always a festival going on!” And who builds a campground??? YOU!! Wow, amazing and can’t wait to go camping! You rock, Erin. So glad to know you!!

  186. Charlene
    Charlene says:

    Love this blog! Love this town! Love you sharing so many great things about our town with the world!

  187. Ali
    Ali says:

    This blog was part of the inspiration for my little family to move here 2.5 years ago! All the fun family friendly activities you share were so helpful in the early days and continue to be motivating today! Thank you for all you do to brighten this community and share the love. What a fabulous giveaway!

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thank you, glad to hear the blog has provided you family entertainment, there are so many things to do in our community, but we all need reminders from time to time.

  188. Love
    Love says:

    Hello,Erin! It was because of your blog I discovered this charming town! Your fall foliage pictures made me to come and see it all in person. Going there a few times a year,especially in autumn time. Was there with my kids in a springtime also, blooming dogwood trees among Victorian houses were amazing sight!

  189. Andrew Hutchins
    Andrew Hutchins says:

    My wife and I live part time in Nevada City and part time in Sonoma County. Erin’s blog has been a great source of inspiration for experiencing the outdoors, events and dining & shopping opportunities in western Nevada County

  190. Kate Strolle
    Kate Strolle says:

    What a fabulous giveaway. Even though I have lived here for over ten years, I still learn new things from your blog and posts. From new hiking trails to events to giveaways! Thank you Erin for all you do for our special community.

  191. Erin
    Erin says:

    This blog truly showcases the best of Nevada City and makes me feel proud to be a resident here. Thank you for sharing this gift with the community. Maybe worth more than all the gift baskets in town! Cheers!

  192. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Thanks for doing this every year — and all your hard work throughout the year as well! I love that this blog keeps me up-to-date on all the fun things happening in the community. I’ve also learned about several new restaurants and shops in the area!

  193. Aleta Smith
    Aleta Smith says:

    I wasn’t born here in Nevada County, But lived here as a child, went to, and Grant was a 2 room school in the 60s, my Mom an I drove out of town by way of So Auburn st. , Me looking out the back window watching it go away, I said to myself I’ll be back someday! I did came back in 1982, it’s always been an felt like “Home” here. There is no other place like this. It will always be my Heart Home.

  194. Alison
    Alison says:

    I am so thankful to call this sweet little town home! Not only is it beautiful here but it is filled with people who genuinely care about it and promoting local businesses. People like you! Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pictures of Nevada County and for constantly giving me ideas for fun, local things to do in my free time. One of my favorite blogs was during national coffee day, you shared various coffee shops to try in the area. I love coffee/trying new coffee shops so it was perfect for me!

  195. cicely brookover
    cicely brookover says:

    Love any of the blogs about hiking. Just walked one of our local trails…. and brought home a fresh queen bolete.

  196. Amanda Gray
    Amanda Gray says:

    Beautiful blog, Erin! I enjoy sharing your posts on the Network Real Estate social media sites, which is my favorite part of your blog – that it’s so ultra-local it connects with our clients! Thanks for supporting the town you love so much. 🙂

  197. Sharon Miller
    Sharon Miller says:

    The Inside NC Outside Inn offers a glimpse into the town happenings & what’s new between visits. I’ve been fortunate to stay many times over a decade and each blog post reminds me of those past getaways – calling me back for another one!

  198. Nancy Theriault
    Nancy Theriault says:

    We love our new home town of Nevada City! Thank you, Outside Inn, for helping us find out so much about this wonderful place!

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    Lisa says:

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    Margaret Updegraff says:

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  204. Maura Robertshaw
    Maura Robertshaw says:

    You inspire me at 6am to work out harder and your dedication to marketing our area is unrivaled. I love recommending the outside in to my clients, friends and family because you allow dogs and your staff is helpful and the rooms are great. My favorite part about you is that you are driven and never lose yourself in the mix. It is refreshing to be around honesty and sarcasm my favorite duo.

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    Rachel Wegman says:

    Thank you thank you thank you Erin! You bring such an awesome perspective of this town through your lovely photos! Your blog is awesome and fun – I think I would miss out on a ton if awesome events if it were not for you!! You rock! I will now share with my social media amigos 🙂 happy holidays!!

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    Tani Russo says:

    My family moved to Nevada City in 1976 and I have been in love with the area ever since. Although I currently live in Rocklin, my heart will always belong to Nevada County. Thank you for keeping us informed on local happenings. Your photos of the area, especially your Fall photos, are amazing! Whether you’ve lived in Nevada County for a long time, or whether you have just discovered it, the energy and love will keep bring you back!

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    Much love-
    Gwendolyn and Dave
    Loki and Pixy

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    • erin
      erin says:

      We should have a reunion post– or a where are they now… let’s interview past end of the year winners and see how their lives have been effected? Although passing the crown from one to the next is always bitter sweet.

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    Ian Martin says:

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    PS- looking forward to camping soon

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thanks Ian, camping will be a great addition to downtown Nevada City, and now that I’ve who’s who game sorted, I look foward to saying hello. Wave hi from Instagram if you feel like it.

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    • erin
      erin says:

      You know, the tip would be to put in your phone to remind yourself to go reserve a tree in September or October– and not wait till December. Thanks for playing along with the blog’s giveaway, happy holidays.

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    Beyond that, Outside Inn is the quintessential Nevada City pied a terre: A central place nestled in the resident graceful trees and quaint bucolic ambiance of a Gold Rush Victorian town to call one’s headquarters while exploring the city by foot. I recommend it to my visiting friends and acquaintances.

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  253. Debbie Warila
    Debbie Warila says:

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  257. kathy hart
    kathy hart says:

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    Hannah Miller says:

    I’ve always enjoyed your blog and social media accounts, but since I’ve moved far away, I love them so much more. You have a wonderful grasp on our little community and it makes me feel close to home, even though I’m 500 mIles away.

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