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Oh 2020!  Let’s put this year behind us and know that we have all survived! I wish I could give you my round-up of all of my favorite things from this last year, and decade since taking over as owners of the Outside Inn…instead, I will keep this short and sweet with 10 reasons why I love Nevada City.

  • The place I call home.
  • Family, I love both my immediate family and my larger community members who make up my world.
  • Outdoor Adventures, whether it’s soaking in the South Yuba or going for a hike on the Deer Creek Tribute Trail.
  • Thinking Local, I love the small town network whether it’s supporting other local businesses, farmers, restaurants or shops or simply the free veggie cart in front of the motel.  This has been a year to remember why we support each other.
  • While we didn’t get to have so many of the celebrations and events that we hold dear, I know the spirit of the events live on (Victorian Christmas, The Children’s Festival, KVMR Celtic Festival, 4th of July).  It’s only a mater of time before we get to gather again and celebrate.
  • I like walking down the street or going to the grocery store and running into people I know who say hello.
  • I constantly find creative inspiration in every day life, whether it’s taking photos around our community or capturing life at the Inn Town Campground; all of it feeds my artistic soul.  I have gotten a lot joy in recognizing and finding small every-day things to appreciate this year.
  • I love that we live in a community that celebrates being a small town with the heart and vibrancy of a city.
  • People doing their part and wearing masks.
  • Small town charm like cool buildings and grocery clerks who know your name.

Visit Nevada City

And if you don’t already follow my VisitNevadaCity Instagram feed, above are the top nine photos from that account.  Big shout out to the following photographers (Erin Thiem, Zach Haller, Louisa Marie, Jean Pencill, Michael Sabarese, Wasim Muklashy, Everett Noel and Allison Kalt).  Feel free to use #VisitNevadaCity to be featured on Instagram.  You can also follow the Outside Inn and the Inn Town Campground on Instagram.  Can’t wait to see what 2021 brings.

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