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52 Hike Challenge

Who’s interested in joining the Nevada County 52 Hike Challenge?  A joint effort with Folk Trails Hiking Club and Bear Yuba Land Trust the challenge is to help encourage folks to get outside and connect with other outdoor enthusiasts.  To see upcoming events, either follow Folk Trails Hiking Club on Facebook, check out the upcoming events on BYLT’s website or check out the Facebook Group.  Their goal is to encourage Nevada County residents to venture outdoors, hit the trail and explore miles of hiking opportunities found in their own backyard.  So far to kick off the 2017 challenge the meet ups have included snowshoe adventures, Hirschman Pond and Discovering Black Swan with Hank Meals.

“Hiking on local trails is great exercise – it gets people outdoors, away from screens and busy lives, and reconnects us with the calmer, healing power of nature. I’m excited about teaming up with Folk Trails Hiking Club to inspire my friends and neighbors to discover the many beautiful, local trails we have in our community,” said Bear Yuba Land Trust’s Outreach Coordinator Laura Petersen.

Upcoming February hikes include: Union Hills Trail at Empire Mine State Historic Park (Sunday, Feb 12th, 11am-1pm), Grouse Ridge Backcountry Ski Trip (Saturday, Feb 11th Scott’s Flat Ramp to Ramp Trail (Friday, Feb 24th, 10am-1pm), Exploring Litton Trail with Bill Haire (Saturday, Feb 25th, 10am-noon).  If you’ve been looking for some motivation to get outside join the challenge or maybe just be inspired to do a monthly hike, there are lots of options in our backyard.  

© 2017 InnSide Nevada City, © photos by Kial James, Erin Thiem, Jesse Locks and Bear Yuba Land Trust

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  1. Rosanne Stratigakes
    Rosanne Stratigakes says:

    Erin-love this email focus-thank you. Would you please list local accessible trails in N.C.? I know about Independence Trail,Hirschman Trail and Rock Creek off of 20. Thank you.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Accessible in the sense of ADA accessible or just near to Nevada City? Check out the Bear Land Trust trails portal (link in blog post) for lots more local trails.

  2. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    Sounds like an excellent challenge. I love it that I can walk down my driveway and be on a trail.

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