Best of 2017

How does one sum a whole year?  From the look of my Top 9 Instagram photos I’d say Mother Nature and the South Yuba river are the favorites.  I loved reading about what you liked about the blog, but I can’t say exactly what my favorite post, picture or event.  I love that we live in a community that celebrates being a small town, but has something have happening every single week.  Click here to follow along my weekly events board.  I love the opportunity to play outside, whether it’s a fall colors walk, a hike by the river or a trek across the Deer Creek Tribute Trail suspension bridge.  There is joy in small things like the Outside Inn’s free veggie cart.  I’m a huge fan of the artists and locally grown food, to small town parades, events, small businesses and the South Yuba river.

The top 10 most popular blog posts this year included: The Christmas Card Hallmark Movie Locations, Victorian Christmas, Grand Giveaway, Top 5 Things to do with Kids, Mountain Dog Swimming Hole, South Yuba Swimming Holes, Nevada City Summer Kid Activities, Lower Scotts Flat Lake, Cornish Christmas, Hiking around Scotts Flat Lake.  What’s crazy about this list is only 2 of these posts were from this year!  My favorite post was the crazy weather we had in January, it’s not often that my content is part of the CBS Nightly News.  My top new adventure was the Folk Trails Hiking Club Day of the Dead hike.  I loved the great turn out and the opportunity to learn something new about historic cemeteries.  And to round-up my top 3 I loved our rainy photo walk along the South Yuba River this spring.  In the last year I’ve published 70 blog posts, shared 265 Instagram photos, 776 Tweets, plugged over 500 events on Pinterest and reached a lot of folks via Facebook.  January 1st celebrates my 7th year of owning the Outside Inn (and writing this blog) and the milestone of 20 years as a family business.  Excited to see what else next year will bring!

By far and away the biggest accomplishment for us this year was the Inn Town Campground. It was so rewarding to see people using and enjoying the campground in the ways we had envisioned.  Many, many, many thanks to all the support over the course of the last year.

But, once again, I really enjoyed reading what you, the readers, enjoyed about the blog on my big Grand Giveaway (scroll through the comments).  And if you don’t already follow my VisitNevadaCity Instagram feed, above are the top nine photos from that account.  Big shout out to The Union News, Coruscating Images, Ross MartinLenkaland Photography, Erin Thiem, Alyssa, Laura Ashburn, Gold & Grass Goods and Karlita for their beautiful photos.  Feel free to use #VisitNevadaCity to be featured on Instagram.  You can also follow the Outside Inn and the Inn Town Campground on Instagram.  Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.

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