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BriarPatch Cooking Classes

BriarPatch Co-Op Cooking Classes, photos by Erin Thiem

What’s cooking?  I love that in our small little town you have the opportunity to expand your culinary agenda on a weekly basis with BriarPatch Co-op cooking classes.  This week I got the opportunity to attend the Nowruz, a traditional Iranian festival of spring which starts at the exact moment of the vernal equinox, commencing the start of the spring and considered the start of the New Year among Iranians.  Hassan Ebrahimi-Nuyken created a menu with Koresthte Fesenjan, Chicken in Walnut and Pomegranate Sauce; Lamb Stew with Eggplant, Red Lentils, Tomato, and Saffron; Persian-style Basmati Rice, and Persian appetizers.  If you want some global cooking ideas, check out the upcoming Curry 101, Fresh Falafel, and Explore the Flavors of Guatemala.  BriarPatch class teachers are from our community, with a wide variety of cooking and teaching backgrounds, each offering a unique approach to cooking.  Previously on the Outside Inn’s blog I’ve showcased cheese making and tacos.  If you’re looking for a hands on approach to learning a new culinary skill check out the school, located on Zion Street, where Wendy Van Wagner’s In the Kitchen use to offer cooking classes.  BriarPatch has donated one free class for an InnSide Nevada City blog reader, post a comment on what cooking class you’d love to take (even if it’s not currently on their schedule, we can always give them new ideas), and I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, March 30th.  And the winner of the tickets to the Nevada City Film Festival Winter Comedy Show is Sierra.

BriarPatch Co-Op Cooking Classes, photos by Erin Thiem BriarPatch Co-Op Cooking Classes, photos by Erin Thiem

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  1. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Proposed a “chocoholics fest” on the comment sheet at the last Briar Patch Cooking Class I took. Fingers crossed for that one 🙂 But honestly, I recommend the classes to everyone – they’re all informative, delicious, fun and a good deal!

    • Sue
      Sue says:

      This is actually from Kiana’s Nana .. we are together for spring break, but using one computer.

  2. Katrina Schneider
    Katrina Schneider says:

    Easy HEALTHY living foods for life on the go (lots of practices, dance classes, etc to get to)

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