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Brook Design Group, LeeAnn Brook greeting cards

If you’re looking for a unique greeting card that captures the essence of Nevada City and our natural environment look no further then LeeAnn Brook’s stunning greeting cards.  I had the pleasure of stopping into her Brook Designs Studio last week to get a sneak peek behind the scenes.  Brook Designs has been helping businesses with their branding and graphic design needs for 35 years.   LeeAnn’s greeting card line started out as a small side project, but has grown over the years to over 100 cards and a blooming small business.   The cards are so popular that Kayle Martin has been brought in to help keep up with the demand.  LeeAnn sums it up well when she said “as a graphic designer in the Gold County of the Sierra Foothills for nearly 35 years, I continue to appreciate our local color- in our community, our environment and our history.  Each photograph in this series is a celebration of what we see every day.”   My personal favorite is the Yuba Heart Rock card, which is perfect for an upcoming Valentine’s Day card.  The Nevada City cards are perfect for visitors, local business or simple thinking of you.  Keep an eye out for LeeAnn’s new Market series, “Locally Grown” with a message on the back to encourage people to support local agriculture, vineyards and growers markets. You can order the cards online, or you can stop by a number of local shops; JJ Jackson, Yuba Blue, SPD or the Outside Inn.