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Conscious Course Expeditions

Truk Jantz, founded Conscious Course Expeditions earlier this summer to allow locals and visitors to experience Nevada County in a new way.  His website calls “Conscious Course takes a path from soil to food to body to wilderness to mind and back to community.”  Truk’s passion about food, from his work as a chef and a farmer, and his love of community, nature and photography led him to put together weekend excursions.  He focuses on allowing guests to learn how to locally source meals while providing farm tours, guided hiking trips, camping and an introduction to cooking on rocks.  “It is a unique experience that highlights some of the best features of Nevada County.”

If you missed the first course, Expedition for Foodies, mark your calendars for the September events.

“There are three remaining expeditions scheduled for this year, all have openings. Each expedition has a unique focus aside from the food. On September 1st-3rd, Maricella Uribe be teaching yoga on rocks. She encourages people to practice directly on the rocks in the camp and teaches an evening and morning class.  On September 8th-10th, Trenton Branson and some local photographers will be facilitating a photo workshop where we will be exposed to different natural lights, movement, landscape, wildlife and food. On September 29th, 30th & October 1st, Ramsey Demeter will lead primitive skill and nature emersion program over the course of the weekend. In each expedition, food is certainly a big focus; however, our workshop teachers will share their passions and they all “groove” with the itinerary,” explain Truk.  For more information and a full itinerary of the weekend courses, check out Conscious Course’s website.

© 2017 InnSide Nevada City, Photos by Truk Jantz 

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