The Curious Forge

The Curious Forge, Maker Movement Workshop

The Curious Forge hosted their first anniversary party yesterday afternoon and invited the community to check out their 3,000 square foot workshop.  The creative non-profit Maker Space offers tools for a whole variety of creative people including MIG welder, Plamsa torch, glass fusing kiln, forge and electronics soldering station.  The community provides a home, resources and tutorials for folks who like to make things.   I asked jewelry maker and Curious Forge member Kathy Frey about the space and she said, “As a full-time artist, I work alone a lot in my studio. Over the years I’ve had several types of artist support groups where we talk about marketing or business, yet I’ve always craved a network of people where the main support or goal is around actual making. Not talking about making or discussing ideas, but digging in and just trying things. Trusting in that process. Connecting without words but through actions.”  Check out their upcoming calendar for information on upcoming workshops.

The Curious Forge, Grass Valley Creative Workshop

The Curious Forge, Grass Valley Workshop

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