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Cycling Oregon to Mexico, pit stop Outside Inn

Bill Gruesz left his home in Redmond, Oregon 9 days ago and is en route to the Mexico border, on bike.  The Outside Inn is just one of the many pit stops on his solo journey.  Riding his Cycle Genuis recumbant bike he’s got it all decked out, complete with a US mailbox for food storage, “it keeps the raccoons out” and his 1974 Jansport backpack, plus a tent bag with clothes, a tent, tarp, sleeping bag and more.  The bike and frame weigh nearly 150 pounds, but that hasn’t slowed Bill down.  His average distance is 60 miles a day, and he’s been pleasantly surprised by how friendly folks have been so far.  When asked what was the motivation for this trip he replied with a grin that it “sounds like a fun thing to do.”

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  1. william (bill) groesz
    william (bill) groesz says:

    You folks were wonderful, especially at a time when I needed a boost during this trip. My overnight stay was very restful and I made it to the Mexican border by June 18th. The inland route I chose for the way back at the last minute turned out to be a mistake; a heat wave for the first time this year. I made it as far as Desert Hot Springs where it was 118 at Ten in the morning. Cycling at night was not much cooler so I made arrangements to be picked up and just got back last Saturday, June 25th. Some physical problems arose during this trip that I should not ignore next time, therefore there will be no next time but it was fun while it lasted. Obviously, do it while you can!! Special thanks to road angel Tristan who led me to this fine motel and to the lady who posted this.


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