Draft Horse Classic

The 32nd annual Draft Horse Classic is coming to the Nevada County Fairgrounds next week, September 21st-23rd.  Known as one of the premier Draft Horse shows in the western United States, it’s a great opportunity to see the gentle giant Draft Horses up close.  Click here for a schedule of Draft Horse performances, including specialty acts Bobby Kerr Mustang Act, CHP Mounted Patrol Unit, the California Cowgirls Drill Team and more. Additionally, with more than 175 horses stabled on the grounds, the Classic offers a unique chance to observe and meet these gentle giants.  The 3 day event includes the Harvest Festival which includes: Horseshoeing Competition, Western Trade Show, Art show and special exhibits (Pine Tree Quilters, Early Day Gas Engines exhibit, Narrow-Gauge Railroad Exhibit and more).  Musical entertainment including Sourdough Slim, Strung Nugget Gang and James Garner’s Tribute to Johnny Cash.  It is free to enter the Fairgrounds, tickets to performances are available online.  What’s your favorite part about the Draft Horse Classic?  I have 4 Draft Horse performance tickets for any show (excluding Saturday evening) and one parking pass to giveaway, winner will be announced on Monday, September 17th.  *Edited to say the winner is Donna Loper.

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  1. Jill Sheley
    Jill Sheley says:

    Ohhhhh, I have never been! This looks absolutely dreamy! I have been a horse lover since I was little-I can’t believe I have never been to this! I would LOVE LOVE tickets to this! **Bonus its our 12 year wedding anniversary 9/23 🙂 xo

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thanks for playing along…. It’s a fun event– and remember even if you don’t go to any of the shows you can always go visit the horses at the fairgrounds.

  2. Anna Arnold
    Anna Arnold says:

    I would like to enter my name for the Draft Horse Classic tickets. I have attended Bishop Mule Days and draft shows. Love the big animals and the great drivers. I’m 80 and a friend is driving me up for the show. We have not got our tickets. thank you

  3. Hindi Greenberg
    Hindi Greenberg says:

    I’ve always loved horses and have actually worked with Morgans (half the size of draft horses!), but these big guys are the best! Gorgeous, with such beautiful faces and amazing conformation. It’s truly amazing that something that big can move so gracefully. I would love to win the tickets.

  4. Donna Loper
    Donna Loper says:

    The power and grace of the horses add the harvest festival to that and it’s a perfect day at the fair grounds

  5. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    We’ve never been to a show but always Loved to roam around the stalls with my kids and meet the sweet horses and the owners.

  6. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    “Iron-clad feather-feet pounding the dust
    An October’s day, towards evening
    Sweat-embossed veins standing proud to the plough
    Salt on a deep chest seasoning
    Bring me a wheel of oaken wood
    A rein of polished leather
    A heavy horse and a tumbling sky
    Brewing heavy weather”
    -Ian Anderson, “Heavy Horses”

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