Draft Horse Classic

Draft Horse Classic

The 33nd annual Draft Horse Classic is coming to the Nevada County Fairgrounds next week, September 19th-22nd.  Known as one of the premier Draft Horse shows in the western United States, it’s a great opportunity to see the gentle giant Draft Horses up close.  Click here for a schedule of Draft Horse performances, including specialty acts Bobby Kerr Mustang Act, CHP Mounted Patrol Unit, the California Cowgirls Drill Team and more. Additionally, with more than 175 horses stabled on the grounds, the Classic offers a unique chance to observe and meet these gentle giants.  The 4 day event includes the Harvest Festival which includes: Horseshoeing Competition, Western Trade Show, Art show and special exhibits (Pine Tree Quilters, Early Day Gas Engines exhibit, Narrow-Gauge Railroad Exhibit and more), definitely check out the Guided Barn Tour.  Musical entertainment including Sourdough Slim, Everyday Outlaw, Jessica Rose Band, Heifer Belles, Big Iron, Banner Mountain Boys and Harold Roy Miller & Diana Miller.  It is free to enter the Fairgrounds, tickets to performances are available online.  What’s your favorite part about the Draft Horse Classic?  I have 4 Draft Horse performance tickets for any show (excluding Saturday evening) and one parking pass to giveaway, winner will be announced on Monday, September 16th.  *Edited to say the winner is Amy Pedroli.

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  1. Juliette Williams
    Juliette Williams says:

    I went only once, years ago. I lived all of it, but I do remember the big draft horses parading in the arena and loved seeing the barrel racing demonstration!

  2. Amy Pedroli
    Amy Pedroli says:

    I forget the guys name, but he comes in with his mustangs, dogs and car. He has everyone laughing and seeing how smart and trainable these beautiful creatures are.
    Blessings ❤️

  3. Holly Graham
    Holly Graham says:

    My favorite part of the draft horse classic, is meeting all the draft horses, and being able to get up close and personal with the gentle giants.

  4. Rachel C.
    Rachel C. says:

    My favorite part of the draft horse classic is seeing the look on my daughters face when she gets to see these giant creatures. They are really magnificent and so beautiful! We really enjoy the harvest festival part of the weekend and looking at all of the art and seeing everyone in the community enjoying themselves. Our town is so great!

  5. kathy hart
    kathy hart says:

    First time I watched a performance I was so surprised to see how the horses were all in step with each other. The crowd goes very quite. Amazing to watch. Cannot imagine the work the horse folks put into training of those awwsome creatures.

  6. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    I went last year for the first time ever, and it was a really enjoyable day! I love watching these gentle giants perform! Hoping to attend again this year!

    • Holli Woods
      Holli Woods says:

      The best part of the DHC is watching the folks get those GENTLE GIANTS all dolled up!!! They have to climb up on ladders to braid and brush & braid and brush. It’s also funny to watch the horses take a drink of water from a trash can………..they truly are amazing animals!!! 🙂

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