Outside Inn Halloween decorations

Halloween in Nevada City is a big thing and the Outside Inn is fully on board with the festivities.  If you haven’t tried our haunted pathway, stop on by tonight for a spooky walk past blow up ghosts, pumpkins and even Count Dracula, ending with a giant cat.  If you’re too scared to see the decorations at night time, click here for a recent visit from our friend Flo, the SYRCL Salmon, who came to see the decorations in the day light.  For those of you who haven’t experiences our block on Halloween night, we can only hint at the excitement.  See below for a preview of the famous Nevada City haunted house, we promise it wont disappoint you.  And for those of you who were waiting to hear who wont the treat from the Getting Ready for Ski Season giveaway, we put all the numbers in a witches brew this morning and the special helper drew our #54, so the winner is Marisha Finkler.

Outside Inn Halloween decorations

Outside Inn Halloween decorations

Haunted House in Nevada City

Broad Street Inn and Emma Nevada House

Winning number for Outside Inn blog giveaway

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