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A note from Dan: Happy Memorial Day from Nevada City.  This weekend is the traditional kick-off to the summer season throughout the country.  This year, of course, the weekend is overshadowed by coronavirus and the toll it’s taking on our health and economy.  BBQ’s, camping trips and lazy days at the river are happening for some.  But for many, including us, this weekend is stark reminder of our new reality.

Today (Monday), in particular, is a day of remembrance for military personnel who have died in service to our country.   They have given everything for the ideal that is America.  The freedoms, innovation, anticipation, true grit, and breadth of optimism that characterizes our culture have been ensured by the unwavering sacrifice countless men and women have made to this idea.  It’s an idea devoid of politics and bias.  It’s idea that, at its heart, is one of common purpose for greater good.

Sacrifice for common purpose is more important than ever.  Our country’s response and success in the fight against coronavirus will only be had by unified intent, strengthened by individual resolve.  It is hard.  It is ugly.  It is sad.  It is frightening.  But it is our challenge to meet, and so we must.

Erin and I have been in some dark places these last few months.  We own businesses that are closed due to the Public Health mandate on no recreational travel.  We have children that can’t see friends or go to school.  We have sick family and friends.  We have a lot on the line.  We are like everyone else.  We all have a lot to lose and some have lost everything.  Those of us, for whom the idea of community is rooted in our purpose, seeing Nevada City and Grass Valley struggle so much is heartbreaking.

Through it all, we have come to appreciate those friends and customers who understand the severity of this situation for our community and our businesses.  Their simple acknowledgement has meant everything to us and many others in town.  It helps us focus on how much we have appreciated the role they play in our lives.  It helps us appreciate how hard this is for so many other people out there.

Again, it is a challenge we must meet together through good, consistent policy making and a lot of hard work.

At the Outside Inn, we don’t have a projected opening date for recreational visitors.  Non-essential travel is a Level 3 activity and the state of California and our local health department have not provided any guidelines on when that might occur.  However, we do have guidelines on how we will continue to operate once we are open for visitors.  We are members of the California Hotel & Lodging Association, which has provided hotels and motels like us a comprehensive set of operations protocols to help ensure the cleanest experience possible for guests.  Unlike many short-term rentals, motels like ours have a lot of strong industry experience and resources to draw upon that help ensure we follow the best industry practices in hospitality.  Our rooms have always been clean and fun; we will be adopting additional guidelines to make sure that our processes for cleaning always meet the industry best practices.

Fortunately, the Outside Inn is also a perfect socially distant getaway.  All of our rooms have separate, exterior entrances (who needs an elevator button?), and we have beautiful outdoor seating areas that have plenty of fresh air and sunshine.  You can come to the Outside Inn and stay in a clean room, enjoy a BBQ picnic, and have a campfire – all without leaving the property 🙂

That’s it for now.  Make sure to follow us on social media to see the latest updates on our operations and projected re-opening.  In the meantime, take a moment to remember those that have served and ideal that their sacrifice is meant to preserve.  Be well, be safe.

Dan & Erin

Dan Thiem

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  1. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Thank you for such a thoughtful post. May you and all of us find unexpected joy in and on the other side of this challenging time.

  2. Pavana Bohegian
    Pavana Bohegian says:

    Thank you for this information and heartfelt message Dan. I pray that you and Erin and your children and extended family make it safely through this. ❣️

  3. Dana Tanner Powell
    Dana Tanner Powell says:

    Dan & Erin,
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness and all you do for your community. You are truly an inspiration, a much needed breath of fresh air (and reality check) right now…and always.

  4. Melissa Silva
    Melissa Silva says:

    Thanks Dan. I loved the thought you put into your narrative. Thank you for the reminders and wish us all the best during these challenging times and always! Happy Summer!

  5. Gail Rinn
    Gail Rinn says:

    Dear Dan and Erin,
    What a beautifully expressed acknowledgement of this holiday, our trying times and your commitment to provide the wonderful haven for your guests that you have for years.
    Thanks is hardly enough to show my appreciation. You have always done such a marvelous job of making others feel special and cared for. It is especially appreciated in these unsettling times.
    With Gratitude,

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