Nevada City Market, Harmony Ridge, lunch, coffee, food

Harmony Ridge Market recently opened their new Nevada City location at 115 South Pine Street.  Open seven days a week, they’re still working on the best hours, but are starting off 8am-7pm and closing at 6pm on Sundays.  They’ve got made to order sandwiches, espresso drinks and lots of grab and go goodies to eat (including Way Yum Sushi).  Stop by and grab a freshed brew cup of Carolines Coffee, a lemon bar and the milk you forgot to get at the store.  Harmony Ridge is excited to be in town (their location on Highway 20 across the street from the Old Five Mile House is still open too) and have offered up one InnSide Nevada City reader a $15 gift certificate to come in and try a sandwich and snack on them.  Please post a comment here and I’ll draw the winner on Tuesday, January 19th.  And the winner for the Wink Boutique giveaway is Kathy Frey.

Nevada City Harmony Ridge Market, Carolines Coffee, lunch, sandwiches, food and drinks

Harmony Ridge Market Nevada City, lunch, coffee, fruit, wine, food

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  1. Sachiko Spierings
    Sachiko Spierings says:

    Yay! So happy they’re in town also…I’ve always liked their sandwiches and coffee after biking the trail on 20. Nice pics!

  2. Kathy Frey
    Kathy Frey says:

    Really?! I’m so excited to be the Wink Boutique winner… wow! Maybe my new year is turning towards the better 🙂 I’m also excited to welcome Harmony Ridge to town… will trek over there this week in hopes that they have alternative milk options in their cases, and just to explore in general.

  3. Erin K
    Erin K says:

    Yay I work one block away – can’t wait to get a sandwich for lunch! town needed a great sandwich place that was grab and go!

  4. Amelia Barrett
    Amelia Barrett says:

    I LOVE their lemon bars at the Highway 20 location. So looking forward to the downtown Nevada City location, as I’m always right there in town! Cheers to 2013. With gratitude, Amelia.

  5. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    Looks like a great new place in Nevada City to try out for lunch! I’m getting anxious to get out of the house….

  6. Andrew Bergdorf
    Andrew Bergdorf says:

    This place looks pretty cool California deli. Will definitely be visiting soon for some sandwiches!

  7. Mimi Vishoot
    Mimi Vishoot says:

    Yay! I guess I can’t ride Ruby to this spot, but I plan to stop in for sandwiches here as often as possible!

  8. Peggy A.
    Peggy A. says:

    What a great market. We are thrilled they are in town now. We tried the homemade chicken soup this past weekend. Incredible!

  9. Katrina Schneider
    Katrina Schneider says:

    They have great desserts! We have finished up dinner at 5-mile house w/ my in-laws and picked up some amazing baked goods to bring home (w/ some ice cream too) in the past!! Grandpa has quite the sweet tooth!

  10. Becky
    Becky says:

    Yay for the market! Their fresh baked cakes are my favorite. A slice of the triple layer chocolate along with a cup of coffee is the best kind of afternoon snack.

  11. Linda Skolak
    Linda Skolak says:

    Great pictures … .can’t wait to come in and get some of those great sandwiches and desserts!!!
    Love Carolines coffee too!!!
    Congratulations and Good Luck with your new addition 😉

  12. Jesse Koshlaychuk
    Jesse Koshlaychuk says:

    I was there this morning, I had a piece of the vegan chai spice cake and a shot of delicious espresso. Out of this world!

  13. Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson says:

    So glad to know you have *two* locations, including one in town! We’ll be by for coffee and vegan something very soon. Congratulations on your expanded business!

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