HEX, a lifestyle boutique, opened its doors in downtown Grass Valley right before the holidays.  Located at 114 Neal Street, next door to the new Thirsty Barrel Taphouse (and behind the Del Oro Theater) the shop features women’s apparel, gifts and home decor.  Amy Stoeckle says, “We believe in supporting small businesses & offer an array of quality, handmade merchandise from a variety of selected artisans. We search out & hand pick our artisan suppliers to give a wide span of eclectic & affordable items, with the quality we all look for. When there is love & passion going into creating a product, it shows & that is what we care about!”  HEX will be offering monthly floral and botanical workshops, so check out their workshop page for upcoming events.  If you’re looking for California grown plants, stop in and check out the airplants, staghorn ferns, maiden hair ferns, to cactus and tropical foliage.  Amy’s background in design and her floral company,  Bee, Leaves N’ Love, a floral company, gave her a passion for plants that she looks forward to sharing with others.  The shop is currently open Monday, Wednesday-Saturday 10-6 and Sundays 11-4, closed Tuesdays.  Post a comment on this blog post and one lucky winner will win a $20 gift certificate, winner announced Sunday, January 14th.  *Edited to say the winner is Donna Rodgers.

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  1. Sachiko
    Sachiko says:

    Oh my…sounds like a workshop I’d love to sign up for…and airplants are perfect forthose of us often on the road! Thanks for sharing…was wondering what Hex was all about.

  2. Diane Richards
    Diane Richards says:

    Boutiques like this are so hard to find these days. Classes look like a lot of fun, too!

    Hex – Wishing you much success! Following you on FB and on Instagram 🙂

  3. Lenka
    Lenka says:

    Wow, Hex looks perfect in the space. What a beautiful shop. I look forward to many future visits and discovering new treasures. Thanks for sharing! I wish Amy and Hex lots of success!

  4. Arianna
    Arianna says:

    This looks gorgeous!! I love that the movement towards handmade and local shops is continuing to expand in the area!

  5. Jenn B.
    Jenn B. says:

    Oooo! I just walked by this spot the other day! It looks like a place to find some unique treasures for sure! Hope to explore it soon.❤

  6. Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson says:

    Looking forward to visiting! I’m ready to change up some things in my house. Always looking for good gifts as well.

  7. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    Thanks for sharing – it looks nice. I’ll have to take some time to visit GV for a little shopping.

  8. Elenita Duelo
    Elenita Duelo says:

    I’m next door at the Thirsty Barrel with my husband frequently 😉 , it’ll be nice to have a good place to shop right next door!

  9. Emma williams
    Emma williams says:

    So awesome haven’t been in yet but love the space this is the building where I got my wedding dress alterations done at. Looks like beautifully made products! Super chic!

  10. Jane Smith
    Jane Smith says:

    Hex, welcome to the community! Your product selection looks amazing – looking forward to checking everything out in person

  11. Jessica robinson
    Jessica robinson says:

    I see so many things I adore and want to take home with me in these pictures! I love the creativeness of small boutique owners and wish them much success! ♥️

  12. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    Looks like another fun place to check out! Thanks for keeping us up to date on local shops, Erin!

  13. Alexis Patton
    Alexis Patton says:

    Love Amy and her incredible eye for style and design! This shop is a great addition to Grass Valley!

  14. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    I’ve been able to stop through this store quickly once. I love her modern minimalist interior design!

  15. HEX
    HEX says:

    Wow everyone!!! Thank you so much for all the positive and inspiring words, it really means the world to me!!

  16. Alexis O.
    Alexis O. says:

    This store is awesome! I did a lot of Christmas (and person) shopping over the holidays:) It’s truly a gem

  17. Sarah Larsen
    Sarah Larsen says:

    Everything in HEX shows attention to detail and amazing taste. I wish I could have Amy decorate my house!! I have found so many greats gifts in her store both for girls and for guys. Love it!

  18. Tami McVay
    Tami McVay says:

    Beautiful store! I love the vibe it adds to downtown and the careful, thoughtful selection of goods. Well done!

  19. Lydia
    Lydia says:

    Amy has done such an amazing job with Hex! I stop by often to see all the new items that seem to come in every week!

  20. Crystal Miller
    Crystal Miller says:

    Ooh yes, I already bought one of the air plants from this lovely shop, now I’m planning my candle purchase! I had to sniff them all, and they are Soo yummy. Thanks for all you do, Erin.

  21. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    Amy’s store is fabulous…what she’s curated there can’t be found anywhere else in the county. Thanks for highlighting her, Erin! P.S. pick me, pick me!

  22. Denise Wilson
    Denise Wilson says:

    I ventured into Hex prior to Christmas and found an awesome, masculine-scented candle for my son. He loves it! Thank you, Hex!

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