Looking for some holiday gift ideas for kids, don’t drive to Roseville, check out some of these fun ideas from shops in Nevada City and Grass Valley.  Start your shopping trip with an entertaining trip to Gray Goose, you’ll probably end up with something that’s not kid appropriate.  Stuey Weills, Gray Goose owner, recommends the melamine plates and cups.  A few doors up on Broad Street The Earth Shop has some great educational toys, try a Brain Quest game for the kid who knows all the answers.  On Spring Street in Nevada City Mountain Pastimes has a large selection of toys, puzzles and magic tricks.  Penny Lane on Union Street has a nice range of clothing, books and toys.  Pick up one of Bree’s soft balls, made locally, for an excellent baby present.  JJ Jackson’s toy table has lot of great choices, big and small. Prospector’s Nursery gift shop is fully stocked for the holidays and their children’s section has a lot of unique gift ideas.  Pick up a Growums Herb garden and kid’s garden tool set for the young green thumb.  In Grass Valley Future Generations has baby gifts, clothes and essentials.  A great gift idea for a growing child is a pair of adorable Roobez shoes, available in a range of fun styles.  Down the street on Mill Street Yuba Blue has some fun stuffed animals and cute girlie goodies, another great place to look for gift ideas.  So if you’ve got some little people to shop for on your Christmas list this year, check out some of the local retailers, plenty of great ideas right in your own backyard.