Hot Buttered Rum


The Miners Foundry Cultural Center and Outside Inn have teamed up to offer a Midweek Getaway to two lucky music lovers.  Who wants to see Hot Buttered Rum and the Achilles Wheel Trio?  Leave a comment below about what you love most about the Miners Foundry below and be entered to win 2 tickets to the Wednesday, April 20th show, plus a one-night stay at the Outside Inn.

With musical influences ranging from blues, rock, and jazz to Celtic and old-time string band music from the Appalachians, the Bay Area’s Hot Buttered Rum (HBR) could almost be termed bluegrass fusion.  The band members themselves call it “high altitude California bluegrass.”

They’ve graced the most prestigious pop, folk, and bluegrass stages in the country including Telluride, Newport, Bonnaroo, Strawberry, Hardly Strictly, Kate Wolf, Horning’s Hideout, Merlefest and High Sierra, among others, and now HBR will perform at the Miners Foundry Cultural Center on Wednesday, April 20th, doors open at 8pm.

Opening the show is The Achilles Wheel Trio featuring Paul Kamm, Shelby Snow, and Jonny Mojo, singer/songwriters and front men of the Northern California Roots and World music/Rock and Roll jam band, Achilles Wheel. As a trio they bring the same high energy and engaging stage presence to a quieter place, combining a bit of Country and Bluegrass to the band’s famously hard-driving sound.

Winner will be announced on Monday, April 18th, gift certificate for Outside Inn valid on Wednesday, April 20th only.  *Edited to say the winner is Ronda Cowan.

Hot Buttered Rum, Miners Foundry, Nevada City

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  1. Patty Peters
    Patty Peters says:

    What a beautiful night this would be! I know exactly who I would want to dance the night away with!

  2. Simone Foley
    Simone Foley says:

    I have only become aware of the Foundry 3years and have been blessed to have enjoyed a diverse and creativeness beyond my expectation! I also would love to celebrate my birthday4/20 listening to my favorite bands. And dear friend Jonny(mojo) Flores . I’ve recently finished my 5th time at rounds of chemo, so haven’t been able to go to thier other shows. So can’t think of more beautiful venue, kind staff and GreatMusic!!! So I would be eternally Grateful.

  3. Jeannie Nyberg
    Jeannie Nyberg says:

    We love The Miners Foundry. They have awesome cocerts, wine tasting events and Beautiful Weddings. It’s all a part of Beautiful Nevada City.

  4. Heather MacIver
    Heather MacIver says:

    I love the fact that the Miners Foundry is an historic building and It is fun to stroll around between sets

  5. Kelly Hickman
    Kelly Hickman says:

    I love that the Miner’s Foundry makes great events (WSFF, crafts shows, concerts, etc) available to our little community!

  6. Diane gould
    Diane gould says:

    Love the ambience of the foundry all the rooms offer a unique feel perfect for a wedding, concert, art show and etc

  7. scott steuer
    scott steuer says:

    Ive been going to events at The Miners Foundry since the AVM days and KVMR’s residence in the building. Loved it then love it now !! Many thanks to the great staff there.

  8. hunter noble
    hunter noble says:

    As a relative newbie to the area ( 3 years ), I have regularly found the Miners Foundry to the be the hub, the heartbeat, the epicenter, to all things cultural in the area. From the music, to the theme-rich fairs, to the education and events regarding local causes and history, the Miners Foundry is where IT”S at. I love living here and participating in local events.

  9. Nancy salmon
    Nancy salmon says:

    All kinds of awesome things happen in that place from Psychic fairs to incredible music. What a great place.

  10. Kathleen Medley
    Kathleen Medley says:

    The Miners Foundry is 1 of THE biggest delights in our county. I’ve celebrated many occasions with friends & family there. I love dancing the night away. I joined in with many others to fund the wonderful dance floor & joined in the inaugural dance to Achilles Wheel, when it was done! I’ve seen tributes to John Muir, plays, dances, craft fairs, psychic fairs & my favorite music played right in the heart of Nevada City!!! 🙂

  11. Donna
    Donna says:

    Two of my favorite bands in one of my favorite places ! How awesome this would be ♡Thanks for the opportunity to win this great night !

  12. Deanna
    Deanna says:

    The thing that is great about the the mIners FOundary is the range of events they host! Psychic Fair! Craft shows! Concerts! Comedy! Field Festival! Parties! Fundraisers! Love this place!

  13. Bob Sanchez
    Bob Sanchez says:

    I live for Bluegrass. Can’t imagine a better way to spend the evening.Good luck to everyone

  14. Mike
    Mike says:

    I love the Miners Foundry for all its rich history that has taken place in this amazing building. From is old cobweb encrusted wooden beams, to its delicate stone work. Many hands have built & rebuilt this inspiring space for many to enjoy. Our very own KVMR started here in 1974 to become today, our very own non commercial radio powerhouse. And with out the American Victorian museum, the world may never have had the Wee Willie Juicer! Love the Foundry.

  15. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I love everything about the miners foundry! The history, the good vibes, the fun times and the great tunes!!!<3

  16. Taylor
    Taylor says:

    I have been going to see music at the Miners Foundry since I could walk and dance. I was Born and raised with the love of music, and the joy of being apart of a small community. Nestled comfortably inside the heart of our Northern California paradise, resides a unique vibration and energy. Those that can hear the call and feel the pulling gather together inside of this beautiful location to share a night you’ll never forget….
    ~Be You, Be true,
    And Dance~

  17. Leslie Guinan
    Leslie Guinan says:

    I have to say my favorite thing about the Miner’s Foundry is the physical structure itself. A stone structure has such staying power and so much character.

  18. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    If those beautiful stone walls could talk the amazing stories of happy events they would tell. Nevada City is blessed to have that little piece of heaven called “Miners Foundry” in it mists. I have been to the foundry so many times for community events, holiday events and many of my friends wedding receptions. The acoustics there are wonderful so I can only imagine listening to Hot Buttered Rum bluegrass would be magical.

  19. Michael
    Michael says:

    Thank you for your commitment to our community. Miners Foundry and Outside Inn rock! Going to be a great show.

  20. Kari Punkar
    Kari Punkar says:

    I’m an old fan of HBR, love the miners foundry, and have always wanted to stay at the Outside Inn! Feelin’ lucky 🙂

  21. Ronda Cowan
    Ronda Cowan says:

    We <3 <3 <3 that you are an all ages venue! We can finally get out and see some good music and share it with our little loves!

  22. Dave
    Dave says:

    Butter in the foundry….great combination. These guys are awesome and the Miners Foundry is large enough to hold a good crowd, but small enough…..to hold a good crowd. Looking forward to next week!

  23. Paul Racko
    Paul Racko says:

    What could be better than Hot Buttered Rum, the Achilles Wheel Trio and a night of slumber at The Outside Inn!? The Miners Foundry is an incredible place to see a show; its intimate, rustic and historic atmosphere can’t be beat for getting into the music and soaking in the Sierra Foothill vibes. This is going to be an awesome night!

  24. Rebecca Duff
    Rebecca Duff says:

    Love the Outside Inn, and the Miners Foundry! Thanks for the opportunity…we would so enjoy a night out at HBR!! Cheers!

  25. Chris Higgins
    Chris Higgins says:

    We’ve seen so many great shows at the Miners Foundry would love to add this one to our memories!

  26. David R.
    David R. says:

    The thing I love most about the Foundry is that it is the birthplace of the Pelton Wheel! What a Wheel that was!

  27. Daniel moyer
    Daniel moyer says:

    When I think of the miners foundry, I recall all the great shows I’ve been lucky to see there, and all the friends I gone there with over the years. It is such a wonderful piece of our community.

  28. Mike miller
    Mike miller says:

    The miners foundry is the best music venue in town!! I love the intimate feeling of shows at this place. It’s a great place to get together and support the community. Really looking forward to this show

  29. Richard Phillips
    Richard Phillips says:

    I moved to GrassValley 2 years ago so I’ve only been there once to see Pat Travers band, the place is so cool. I like the intimate setting and all the history of the venue

  30. Kristin Watson
    Kristin Watson says:

    What a great show, perfect venue and fun crowd this will be. I love Achilles Wheel and would LOVE to be picked a winner and to take SUMONE FOLEY with me to celebrate her birthday this 4/20 2016!!!

  31. Sandi
    Sandi says:

    I just adore the Outside Inn. Such a perfect place to stay when visiting Nevada City! I would love to stay ther when I win the tickets to HBR and AH!!

  32. Heather
    Heather says:

    Oh – the Miner’s Foundry – you’ll fall in love. This was my first choice for our wedding. I was saddened when our day was already scheduled – even over a year advance.

    Would love to see HBR here! Gonna beg my husband regardless! <3

  33. Alice Blandy
    Alice Blandy says:

    I have stayed at the Outside Inn and adore the beautiful theme rooms and charming patio. I always recommend the Outside Inn for friends and relatives who are visiting.
    Looking forward to see the new Inn Town Campground. Alice

  34. Kathy Frey
    Kathy Frey says:

    I love the ever-evolving history of the Miners Foundry. Such a wonderful venue! I have the night strangely free on Wednesday…… this would be a blast!

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