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Jernigan’s Grill and Tap House offers 13 different craft beers on tap, including root beer.  Located at 123 Argall Street next to Gold Country Kuk Swool Won and Real Wheels, the restaurant is open 7 days a week starting at 11:30am.  Wednesday night pint night is a great opportunity to sample beers from visiting local breweries.  Bring the kids, order some fries and the whole family is happy.  If you’re hungry try the Beer Glazed Burger with sweet potato fries or the Lost Hill Grilled Tomato Goat Cheese Sandwich, click here to see the menu online.  If you’re interested in learning more about the craft beer industry check out the upcoming lunch and lecture this Friday with Charles Bamforth, UC Davis’ Beer expert.  Pre-registration is required so give Jernigan’s a call, 530-265-6999, to reserve your seat.  The Outside Inn’s blog has a fun giveaway this week, post a comment on your favorite type of beer and I’ve got a $25 gift certificate to give away to one lucky winner, cheers!  Winner will be announced on Friday, May 16th.

Jernigan's Grill and Tap House, Nevada City Eating Out

Eating out in Nevada City, Tap House, Craft Beer

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  1. Diane Richards
    Diane Richards says:

    I am not a beer drinker, due to being severely allergic to alcohol, probably a good thing with a maiden name like Middendorf.

    I do, however, enjoy my pub foods and I have no problem finding a beer loving friend.

    Many of my friends are big fans of Sierra Pale Ale, however.

    Since I do hiking up in your neck of the woods on a regular basis, Jernigan’s Grill and Tap House sounds like the perfect refueling stop before going home to Sacramento 🙂

  2. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat (which I can never find) , Lagunitas Maximus, Pliny the Elder or the Younger (I’m not an ageist)

  3. Meshawn
    Meshawn says:

    Oooh, we’ve been meaning to check this place out. And what a good excuse to bring along a friend 🙂

  4. Kim Culbertson
    Kim Culbertson says:

    Oh, right, the type of beer…i just read your post on Facebook….I like the kind in a glass, placed in front of me by a friend, on a hot summer day…

  5. amanda
    amanda says:

    we love Jernigan’s! it’s very family-friendly, a great place to have meetings, and my go-to for a delicious IPA. they are always changing their beers on tap, which allows me to taste many beers from all over! (my favorite beers are obviously IPAs.)

  6. Michelle Noe
    Michelle Noe says:

    My favorite was one that was brewed in bourbon casks… but any stout will do in a pinch… I love Jernigans…

    • erin
      erin says:

      Love the idea of branching out and trying new beverages (even from the girl who doesn’t actually drink beer).

  7. Dana Tanner Powell
    Dana Tanner Powell says:

    My favorite beer is any beer (except Budweiser) that I share with my hubby. : )

  8. Erica
    Erica says:

    Hey Erin – you know I’m a fan of both beer and wine, but I’m an even bigger fan of you and Dan! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

    • erin
      erin says:

      Ah… I’m a fan of yours too… I think there may be an opportunity to have a beer here when you come to visit (it’s next door to where we’re sending the kids off to camp for the week!).

  9. Karen McCann
    Karen McCann says:

    Ice cold beer on a hot day! My current favorite is scrimshaw from north coast brewing co.

  10. Cynthia Levesque
    Cynthia Levesque says:

    I love a good porter or stout. But on a hot summer day, there’s nothing like a cold glass of hefeweizen with an orange slice. Too bad I’m preggers at the moment, but I can think of a few peeps who wouldn’t mind sharing this prize;)

  11. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    I’m another IPA person for all seasons, but in summer I like a citrusy hefeweizen and winter, a comforting, ie, not-cold oatmeal stout.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Who knew temperature had so much to do with which beer to drink and what temperature to drink the beer? Cheers!

  12. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    I love dark beers like porters and stouts, but also like to try beer that I’ve never tried before which is why I love the idea of pint night!

    • erin
      erin says:

      My research assistant agreed with this idea as well, sample a little of everything and he was so excited that he left the Pint Night with a new pint glass, since we don’t have enough, right?

    • erin
      erin says:

      Cheers my friend Beth! While I’m not going to drink a stout with you, I’d be happy to keep you company while you drank one…

  13. Amber
    Amber says:

    My husband and I are both fond of porters and stouts, although he’ll also enjoy a Mexican lager on occasion.

    I only noticed this place in the last two weeks or so when I was on my way to SPD. Funny how I can drive down the same street every week and just not look around much!

    • erin
      erin says:

      Oh I have these same realizations too, but the blog gets me to look at new places, or revisit old places… amazing what you can find in your own backyard!

  14. Ruth Chase
    Ruth Chase says:

    First off, blah blah blah, they have good beer, of course they do. Cough, cough …. Bass, Newcastle, cold.

    I would just like to point out that they “BECAUSE OF YOU ERIN, I FOUND THEM” have the best burgers !!!. You know how I am about my burgers, I am VERY PICKY the other places whom will remain nameless don’t even come close, though a few equal.

    This is where I go for a burger and beer combo 9 times out of 10.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Now you’re making me hungry… burgers… glad to know I’m helping your Nevada City experience with my suggestions. And knowing you, you’re telling all these respective businesses about your friend Erin.

  15. Katrina
    Katrina says:

    IPA … but not just called “IPA” .. we’re talking hoppy and happy IPA! Bite you it is so hoppy IPA!!
    PU240 at Auburn Alehouse, Hop Venom IPA at Boneyard Brewing co, Hoptimum at Sierra Nev.
    Every season, this is my choice. Yes, even a hot day. . When I find one, ahh, that big calm sigh. Yummm.
    : )

  16. Kiana
    Kiana says:

    btw – Kiana wants you to know that her mama makes a good brew … Ginger brew … super super yummy too … although she likes root beer more! I ferment off too much of the sugar for her taste!

    (PS — Does Jerrigans have any ginger brew yet?)

  17. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    I’m not a big beer fan, so I like wimpy beers like Corona and Henry Winehard. But we did taste a beer at Jernigans that tasted of apricots – very nice. It is a nice place to grab a sandwich or burger, which is usually what I have when we’ve stopped by in the past.

  18. Rae
    Rae says:

    My favorite beer is Heady Topper from Waterbury Vermont. It is a super aromatic, hoppy beer and very strong. Everybody should try it!!

  19. Matt
    Matt says:

    Nothin better than a good Pils or IPA to go with the awesome food that Jernigan’s has to offer.. Especially if there is a Giants game on!!

  20. Randi
    Randi says:

    I am an IPA lady; for me other beers do not compare with the hoppy fragrance, bitter elements, and complex flavors they offer. Love the Jernigans beer experience, so many unusual offerings and always changing!

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