Merry Christmas

Happy holidays!  Merry Christmas from the whole crew at the Outside Inn.  I wish I could say I have a favorite comment from the Holiday Giveaway but we’d be here for days.  I want to take a moment and thank all the amazing local businesses and organizations who played along, I’m impressed by our community’s generosity that the crate was worth just under $3500!  We live in an special place and the blog gives me an opportunity to showcase, share and appreciate our town every week.

The comments…I must admit I’m still in awe.  Wow. Just wow. These comments are the best present a girl could get. Thanks, everyone.  Here are a few of the comments, thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts, if you have time, go back and read some of the 1000+ comments.

“Thank you for showcasing and honoring the cultural creatives in our community, and for being a local’s resource as well as one for tourists,” Lori Gubera Stengel. ” I am new to the area, and InnSide Nevada City blog really inspired me to get out into the community and engage in all of the fun activities that Nevada County has to offer!” Katelyn Briggs. “This is such a fantastic representation of our awesome community! How so many people truly care and come together to support one another always inspired me,” Jolene. “I always knew Nevada City to be an exceptional and truly special place, but this since moving to the area, this blog has been a helpful pilot propelling me into the culture and community that I’m now a part of,” Britni. “I love how the Outside Inn blog makes me feel close to home,” Melanie Nichols. “New to Nevada City in 2017, my first order of business was to Find The Hikes. I thought I had done good coverage until I found this blog. The amazing pics on this site sent me down trails I would never have found on my own. The guided walks added layers of meaning and appreciate for buildings and streets I walk past daily. More importantly, through this blog I found my community. My adventures are more social than solo these days. In short, InnSide Nevada City gave me what I craved the most: Belonging,” D.D.  “What I love best about your posts is your photography. Clear and enchanting visual perspectives on our home reel me in to read your posts! Plus, your work on the blog is a master class in marketing: creative, resourceful, generous, consistent, and genuine,” Judith Hill-Weld.  “What don’t I like about your blog?!! It introduced me to the magical and sublime that is Nevada City, current home of my heart and (hopefully) real home of my future. I think that what I love most about the blog is seeing Nevada City through the eyes of someone who clearly feels deeply about the community and nature and beauty of it all. Your rootedness and love are reflected in every blog and Instagram post,” Julie Fong.

The most popular post this year ranged from fall walks, holiday concerts, photo walks, Victorian Christmas, both summer and holiday kid activities, the Inn Town Campground, Farmers Market, Halloween, Yuba swimming holes, local coffee shops, the Outside Inn’s 20th birthday, weekly events.  I’m glad that so many of you are excited about the Inn Town Campground, it has been because of the support of this community that we were able to create the campground and welcome so many happy campers.  I’ve definitely got some great ideas on more things to include in the New Year, so stay tuned, I was listening to what you guys liked.

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And without further adieu the lucky winner is…. Adelle Davison

Adelle Davison says:(Edit)

My husband and I were able to find a weekend to go check this place out. I was in love with it and want to see in different seasons. It was the first place we checked out in the area. I am already trying to figure what else I can do up there historical places, events, and more hikes. As well as get to explore the store more.

Congratulations.  Thank you to everyone for playing along, I feel so blessed to live in our community.

Outside Inn

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