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Happy holidays!  Merry Christmas from the whole crew at the Outside Inn & Inn Town Campground.  I wish I could say I have a favorite comment from the Nevada County Giveaways but we’d be here for days.  I want to take a moment and thank all the amazing local businesses and organizations who played along, I’m impressed by our community’s generosity that prizes all together are worth over $3300!  We live in a special place and the blog gives me an opportunity to showcase, share and appreciate our town every week.

The comments…I must admit I’m still in awe.  Wow. Just wow. These comments are the best present a girl could get. Thanks, everyone.  Here are a few of the comments, thank you to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts, if you have time, go back and read some of the 400+ comments.

The most topics ranged from generosity, community spirit, the river, the super market, eating out, shopping, events, enjoying outdoors.  I loved the number of people who took time out to spotlight and thank the people of the community, the sense of home and the overall appreciation for the area.

And without further adieu the lucky winners are:

Basket #1:

Ali says:

When I first came here in 2012 I instantly fell in love with Nevada City. A small town, but not a sleepy small town, instead a small town with a LOT going on- musicians, artists, film festivals, an indie movie theater, a grocery store with the funniest layout but the best employees, dedicated environmentalist, activists, parades out the wazoo, funky local stores, delicious food, and of course the breath taking Yuba River. And although the wonderful memories are too many to count, one of my favorites was seeing the community band together during recent power outages. I went for a walk in down town one morning there were folks giving out coffee and snacks. Others were offering to let me charge phone on their generators. Town looked stunning at night with just our gas street lights burning. While the roar of generators was not my favorite, it was very kind of the businesses to stay open to keep everyone fed and give them a place to get out and socialize. There were people offering all sorts of support for each other and it just reminded me of why I love it here, because it is such a supporting community. The community is continuing to offer support to local businesses and all of it members and planning so that we can face these challenges better together. It is magical. Nevada City is magical.

Basket 2:

Sharon Rick says:

In my experience, whatever your world looks like when you’re a child is what you think is “normal.” I thought my childhood in Nevada City was normal. The safety, the community, the magic. I figured everyone had a childhood like mine. It wasn’t until moving VERY far away that I realized how abnormal my experience was. Nevada City will always be “home” in my heart even though I live on the other side of the country now. I will forever be grateful for the enchanted childhood it gave me, the memories I will always carry, and the beauty it continues to bring to this world.

Basket 3:

Darin Wissner says:

Back in 2013 when we moved to Roseville from Modesto, I wanted know more about outdoor recreation opportunities in the region. One of the top entries on my search was a similar article to this one (but from 2013). So, with this information, my wife and I went out and explored.

It was at this time during the Summer of 2013, we found the beauty of Grass Valley and Nevada City. We explored the river ways and Scott’s Flat Lake as well. Getting outdoors is what my wife and I do, but now it was time to explore the two towns, and what these little eclectic communities had to offer. We found wonderful restaurants, wine tasting, and cute little shops. My wife shops, and I people watch, which is entertaining in itself!

Fast forward to today, my wife is now in three wine clubs in the area, and wine tasting is about a bi-monthly trip. Any time we go, we try to find a new restaurant, and we are never disappointed: South Pine Cafe, Cirinos, Sergio’s Cafe, Maria’s Mexican, Pete’s Pizza, Lefty’s Grill, Friar Tucks, Ike’s Quarter Cafe, Bistro 221, and Matteo’s Public House (when it was open. Disappointed to hear of it’s closing).

Then there is Inn Town Campground and the Outside Inn. We have never stayed at the Outside Inn, but, had our parents stay there a few years back. In following this blog, we learned what “glamping” was. There really was such a thing? Perfect for us because we are not campers. My wife and I love Inn Town Campground. It has everything. Clean, comfortable, and safe.

The perfect weekend for us is to spend a day at Scott’s Flat Lake, come back to Inn Town, barbecue some ribeye steaks, sit by the fire, chat with staff and other campers, and enjoy some cocktails on the back patio of a glamping site to end the night.

We now love to bring friends and family up to the area and show them around. Often, it may be their first time up in Grass Valley or Nevada City. We understand how the region has been hit hard by the power outages, so we want to provide some business up that way. Going up the hill is our number one go-to spot with friends and family. We simply love the beauty and all it has to offer!! Thank you for this wonderful blog!

Basket 4:

Polly Conley says:

What I love most about our community is how supportive and tight knit it is. The social safety net is tighter here than in bigger counties. We really try to confront and solve problems, as a local government and non profits. This reflects in our good services for the homeless, addiction treatment and preventative programs like the Friendship club and Kare Crisis Nursery. Every day I meet and work with people trying to make our little corner of the world better- as volunteers for charities, nurses for CPS, community organizers. If I have a difficult situation I am facing I know I have a host of people who will pick up the phone when I call and try to help.

It makes me grateful to live and work with so many living involved people.

Congratulations.  Thank you to everyone for playing along, I feel so blessed to live in our community.

Basket 5:

Pam Esmon says:

Like many others, the rivers brought me here. The rivers formed the local towns and keep us fed and watered. They hold our attention, whether for a summer swim, a winter flood or a spring hike. The rivers bring the community together and draw visitors from all over. Of course, we are happy to share, knowing what a treasure we have.
My fave:

Basket 6:

Kayleigh Mays says:

Hi there! First off, I have to say I love your blog, and have used it often to share and learn about our community–so thank you!

I love Nevada County because it’s one of the first places I’ve found that ever felt like home. I’m slightly over thirty, and have been wandering the west coast searching for SOMETHING for most of my life. Back in 2015, I found it.

I was raised in a white-washed suburban town, where most men work for tech companies and most women have plastic surgery. It was a culture I never felt I fit into; and my family agreed. My friends agreed. Everyone seemed to agree–I didn’t fit there. As the years rolled by, it seemed I didn’t fit anywhere. But the first time I came here, I knew I fit here.

I have never experienced a sense of community quite like this. The culture of these towns, this little region, helps me believe in myself. The entire town seems to believe in sustainability, conservation, and kindness. When I walk down the street, people wave and smile. People look up. We share meals together, and excellent conversation. We are constantly challenging our own status quo, always trying to be better humans. This is a town full of people who stand up. Who genuinely care.

Here, for the first time in my entire life, I sit around a table filled with women, only women, and dine, laughing, joyfully. Coming from a place where the women in my life were, at best, absent, and at worst, abusive, this has begun to truly heal me.

When I am hungry, people feed me. When I am sad, people hold me. When I am happy, people laugh with me; and I do the same for them. Here, I don’t feel invisible. I feel like a valuable part of the community.

I have developed a community here like no other; because the culture of this area encourages it. It’s as though the whole town understands that humans cannot live in isolation. Everyone I meet is gentle and forgiving. This has been a gracious place of healing for me.

We live with the wilderness here. We celebrate it. As a conservationist, this town feels full of hope and action. It’s town full of humans driven to actually experience, appreciate, and protect our earth. For this, I am so grateful.

When I wake up in the morning, I look out and see the mist laden trees, and I feel whole. This has become home to me, in a world I never thought I would find a home. For that, I am so grateful.

There is so much I love about this town. I may be a transplant, but I believe in this place like I’ve never believed in a place before; and I feel like it believes in me too. Thanks for giving me space here to say thank you to our wonderful community. It is a wonderful world we share here.

Basket 7:

Eleni Rodgers says:

My top 10 Nevada City/Grass Valley experiences, businesses, places, organizations as recounted by a recent ish transplant and current member of the community with kids.
10 Outside Inn Blog- For all your event needs! and a great writer and family behind it 🙂
9 Warren Miller Movie @ Nevada Union – because skiing and snowboarding and supporting your local HS ski team is great and it is winter so this is what is on my mind today.
8 The Northridge – Kid Friendly food, great salads, great burgers.
7 City Council – Coffee Shop and Burritos- what could be better.
6 Proximity to the Tahoe. We love skiing, snowboarding, and snow.
5 Gold Country Soccer League – I have kids, we like soccer.
4 Pioneer Park – did I mention I have kids? Pool in the summer, events in the fall and spring, fields to play soccer, baseball, basketball. The snack shack during the spring to feed my family and watch local kids play baseball.
3 The Yuba River… because the Yuba River.
2 The community. Nevada County is an amazing place full of great people. No really it is!
1 My house- where I am surrounded by trees and back up to BLM land.

Basket 8:

Todd Wahoske says:

I moved to Nevada City in October 2006 from Hollywood. I didn’t know too many people in town and always liked the idea of playing music on the radio, so I pursued a KVMR Broadcaster Certification in 2008. Once certified, I began doing Red Eye Radio shows from Midnight to 4 am, here and there, and volunteering for the Music Department.

In late 2009 I auditioned for his own show titled The Funk Hole: A Mostly Modern Mix of Music and was awarded the time slot every other Tuesday night from 10 pm -Midnight. The Funk Hole aired from January 19, 2010, to March 27, 2012. The Funk Hole was honored with KVMR’s Night-Owl Award in late 2010.

I’ve also been a guest-host for Night Vision and an infrequent substitute broadcaster for various shows including The Other Side, Bohemian Groove, The Avant Garage, and The Back Room.

Beginning early 2013, I became a featured guest on Jerianne’s Morning Show, every other Friday from 8:30-9:00 AM. Together, we performed a brief segment titled Todd’s Two, where I played 2 new music tracks including information about new music releases and upcoming music shows in the area.

In 2014, we expanded the segment to 2 + 2 songs beginning around 8:30 AM. The format changed slightly: Todd played two songs by an artist, then two more songs by a different artist with a new or recent album. The name was changed to Todd’s Two Too.

I also help Jerianne with all the Membership drives and Ticketpalooza days at KVMR. Together we have hosted radio shows on The Other Side with themes such as Space, Love is Strange, The End of The World, and an annual Christmas show that airs during the KVMR Volunteer Appreciation Party. We also just finished our 2nd Annual KVMR Pet Calendar with Adriana Kelly and Olaf Jens, which is available for an end-of-the-year donation to KVMR.

Our community radio station is a great way to become part of the community in Nevada City, entertain others (and yourself) while volunteering for a great community radio station that serves people in this region.

Basket 9:

Ann says:

Hi Erin: I’ve been following you on your blog for years. One of the things I love about Nevada City is going grocery shopping at SPD. From buying groceries, to nuts and bolts on a Sunday after the hardware stores have closed has been great and saved many a project with the right hardware. My kids would hate to go with me when they were younger because we always would run into someone we knew. That meant a conversation in the aisle that could be for quite awhile why we got caught up. When the kids figured out there were comic books in the back, they would go there and sit on the floor and read. Sometimes there would be row of kids reading there. The fun part was that when the groceries were paid for and I was waiting for them, I’d have the checker page them that I was waiting. I sure miss those days. Did you know the aisles have numbers? I know that place so well without them.

Basket 10 (for sharing the love):

Tina Garner says:

Shared it!

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  1. Eleni Rodgers
    Eleni Rodgers says:

    Merry Christmas. Best Christmas present ever! I won. I never win. Thank you for sharing the love of Nevada County with so many people.

  2. Tina Garner
    Tina Garner says:

    Wow! I can’t believe I won! I feel bad that my comment was so short after reading all these wonderful ones from the other winners! Now that I have time, I will elaborate….
    My husband I fell in love with Nevada County after we started to discover there was more to life than what we grew up with. We decided to homeschool our kids and through our kids and our own research we discovered the joys of Nevada County, people, culture, community, food and so much more. This County is so diverse and interesting. It is my happy place and we brag about it constantly to anyone who will listen. We are so excited to try some of the new things I won in my basket. ❤️

    • erin
      erin says:

      Well the 10th basket was for those who shared– and I saw you shared… but fun to read more thoughts on your Nevada County agenda.

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