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Mowen Solinsky Gallery

Mowen Solinsky Gallery

The Mowen Solinsky Gallery in downtown Nevada City is a contemporary art gallery showcasing a wide range of artists, from local to international.  Some of the featured artists include Phil Brown’s paintings of the Yuba River, photography by Steve Solinsky and stone and bronze sculpture by John and Sky Mowen.  Open 7 days a week you’re bound to find some amazing piece, either a photograph, piece of jewelry, a leather bag or perhaps a greeting card.  The next gallery art opening is Friday, March 16th with “wired worlds” featuring work by Diane Komater and Kathy Frey, both artist will be present to give a talk about their work at 7pm.

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  1. Kathy Frey
    Kathy Frey says:

    Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing you all there. It will be fun to compare/contrast my work with Diane’s. I love that we work in the same medium (wire) but that her work is representational whereas mine is abstract. It should be a good night of discussion about inspiration, technique, and artistic approach. I’m excited to meet & talk with Diane myself!

    • Diane Komater
      Diane Komater says:

      Hello Kathy! Will be lovely to meet you. I very much like what you do w wire! I think we are an interesting match for a fabulous show! I am looking forward to talking with you and the people. Mowen/Solinsky Gallery is a great place to show our work. Thank You , Innside, for your promo.

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