National Chocolate Day

Did you know today is National Chocolate Day?  With the recent power outages and the uncertainty of things, we thought it was a good chance to celebrate all things chocolate.  Nevada City Chocolate Shoppe in downtown Nevada City has a great great selection of candies, chocolate and my personal favorite at this time– special Halloween themed candied apples.  Another local favorite is the Nevada City Gold, or try the white chocolate, seasonal flavors or peppermint bark.

Another option to check out in downtown Nevada City is the new chocolate shop Choquiero Chocolate, open seven days a week, sometimes open later Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.  Located at the top of Broad Street at 419 Broad Street, next door to Gallery 125.  Check out the Cacao Mixers on Saturday nights, their Facebook page for more information.

And for those looking for more chocolate fun while we gear up for Halloween, don’t forget additional local favorites: Cello Chocolate (for local locations check out their website), Nevada City Truffle Shop, Lazy Dog Chocolateria, BriarPatch Co-Op, Treats ice cream shop (because we all need chocolate ice cream!).

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  1. Steve Nicholson
    Steve Nicholson says:

    When I was a kid reading The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe I had no idea what Turkish Delight was and how, even if it was magical, Edmund could betray his family for a confection. But then I tasted Nevada City Gold and I understood. I would sell out anyone for a tray of that stuff!

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