The Outside Inn’s free veggie stand is out for the season and already getting a lot of local activity.  The cart is located right in front of the office and offers a local option for extras veggies, to either drop off or pick up someone else’s overflow.  All vegetables are donated, no donations accepted.  Today Allison All stopped by and expressed her gratitude for the veggie cart and said a couple of summers ago she “didn’t have enough money for fresh vegetables” and was able to supplement her diet with free veggies from the cart.  Now that she’s in a better place she feels like it’s her turn to give back and was donating zucchini this morning.  Shortly after Allison stocked the card, Pearl stopped by with her grocery bag and loaded up on a few goodies.  The Outside Inn loves seeing the local spirit with the give and take of fabulous local grown goodies, stop by next time you’re in the area and see what you might be able to pick up.

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