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Nevada City Film Festival

Nevada City Film Festival, photos by Kat Alves Photography Nevada City Film Festival, photos by Kat Alves Photography & Simon Weller

The 15th Annual Nevada City Film Festival (NCFF) kicks off September 10-13, 2015 in historic downtown Nevada City, CA.  Every summer, NCFF makes art into a party, bringing a regional audience of movie lovers together with emerging and top independent filmmakers to showcase award-winning short and feature-length films from around the world. The four-day celebration of art, music, and independent filmmaking, includes film screenings, industry panels and workshops, filmmaker Q&A’s, live music and special events.  From feature-length documentaries to world premiere animated shorts, NCFF brings in the buzzed-about festival winners, as well as some of independent cinema’s
best-kept secrets.  To learn more about this years films, click here and you can purchase tickets online.  Lots of great events including the Music in Mali after party El Papachango & Mafu, “The Polish Ambassador“, “Golden Stories of Our Past” about Western Nevada County, “High Country,” Heather Donahue’s pilot about the Northern California marijuana culture, “The Overnight” by Patrick Brice and special pop up movie screenings through out town.  If you can’t make it to all the screenings, mark your calendar for the Best of the Fest at Ol Republic Brewery on Sunday evening.

NCFF and the Outside Inn are giving away two Festival Passes to this year’s festival.  Your pass gets you into all of the film screenings and filmmaker Q&A’s plus you will enjoy reserved seating and access to the VIP room.  We have also thrown in two limited edition 15th anniversary NCFF t-shirts so you can attend the festival in style.

Leave a comment below about why you love the Nevada City Film Festival and you’ll be entered to win the passes and shirts.  Winner will be announced on Thursday, September 10th.  *Edited to say the winner is Tammy*

Nevada City Film Festival giveaway

© 2015 InnSide Nevada City, photos by Kat Alves Photography and NCFF

37 replies
  1. PeteK
    PeteK says:

    NC Film Festival doesn’t show my “type” of films so I will find an establishment to get a cold beer and people watch

  2. Linda toll
    Linda toll says:

    The films are thought provoking and it is fun to go and meet people who made them. I love our little town for doing this.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thanks Linda, so many great things to do in our community, this is just one example. Glad you find the independent films though provoking.

  3. sspierings
    sspierings says:

    Oh my gosh this would be wonderful! I love the amazing amount of talent that rolls into town around Film Festival time, and the movies are eclectic – just my kind of event! Really looking forward to the Pixar shorts in particular, but it sounds like once again they are showing great movies! Love that our local community puts on this event, and I hope to be a part of it!

    • erin
      erin says:

      Kurtis, it’s been great to see your photos from behind the scenes of the film, it’ll be nice for you to be in the audience and see the final product.

  4. Tammy
    Tammy says:

    I love any excuse to watch a movie! I’ve seen some good ones in past years at this festival and am looking forward to watching the films this year.

  5. meshawn
    meshawn says:

    I’m so excited for the film festival! This town has a real knack for bringing in some serious talent 🙂

  6. Melanie Glenn
    Melanie Glenn says:

    Love, love love the atmosphere of people getting together for the sake of quality films,, adore getting to see familiar faces, and most of all, we LOVE the yummy popcorn with nutritional yeast!

  7. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    We’re going to try to make it to best of the fesr at Ol Republic this year. I love that last year’s festival coincided with First Friday Artwalk and Uncorked. 🙂

  8. Jenn Tamo
    Jenn Tamo says:

    I am excited to be in town for the festival this year! I only saw the comedy show last year and was so sad to have missed the rest of the weekend. I can’t wait!

  9. LNdA
    LNdA says:

    It’s my first year and I can’t wait to experience the festival! Though I’ve never been Pete K, I’m sure there’ll be non-GMO popcorn with real butter. Even the “regular” theaters here have it!

  10. Frieda
    Frieda says:

    I love seeing new films. I love community gatherings. And I have yet to attend the NCFF! I would love to go this year.

  11. Katrina
    Katrina says:

    I have no idea – since i have never attended. Always do the Wild and Scenic in Jan. I’d love to check out another film festival happening in our area! Very cool give-away!!

  12. Jean
    Jean says:

    The program looks amazing and it’s always an inspiration simply to enjoy the ambiance of our own small town in the midst of a community art event. Thanks to you, Erin, to all the film people, and to all of you who help make Nevada City the special place it is.

  13. b-leo
    b-leo says:

    Hello All. I am a member of the NCFF staff. Funny people should mention Popcorn. I would like to put everyone’s fears to rest and say that YES, the popcorn is non-GMO with REAL butter.

    And, even better, this year we are doing a DIVINE popcorn bar. Gourmet popcorn with tons of different toppings from nuts, to herbs and spices, to chocolate and caramel, to pretzels, to pesto, and more! And of course, we cannot forget everyone’s favorite topping – nutritional yeast!

    Hope this satisfies everyone’s curiosity. If anyone has any questions or suggestions for the popcorn bar or about the film festival in general, feel free to reply or send us an email. Thanks!

  14. Mellisa Hannum
    Mellisa Hannum says:

    I’m taking a film class at the college this semester, which has made me super excited for this year’s festival. We have so many amazing, cultural opportunities in our awesome area!

  15. Brian M
    Brian M says:

    I’m looking forward to the film festival. I enjoyed the Wild and Scenic ff last winter.(I like your blog too)

  16. Shawn Reeder
    Shawn Reeder says:

    Well I couldn’t be more excited about the Nevada City Film Festival. I have never been, but I’m somewhat new to town and I’m a film maker, so I’m excited to check out the schedule and see what’s going on!

  17. Krista
    Krista says:

    This will be the first year that I’ve been in town to check out the NCFF. It sounds like a great event and I look forward to seeing what they have to offer.

  18. Heather
    Heather says:

    I love the film festival and all the interesting people it brings to our community. I love going to “the best of” to see all the winners.

  19. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    We attended several years ago and saw some interesting films. It’s fun to see movies that aren’t yet main stream – or might never be.

  20. Diane Richards
    Diane Richards says:

    I’ve never been to a film festival, but it sounds like a lot of fun!

    Love the t-shirts. They are super cool!

  21. Jennifer M
    Jennifer M says:

    I am visiting town and this would be an awesome event to attend! I’ve never gone to a film festival before, but I definitely plan to check it out since I love watching all types of movies.

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