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Nevada City Film Festival

The Nevada City Film Festival is coming to town August 16th-19th.  The event is showcasing over 100 films from 14 different countries.  Join the kick off party Thursday night with the documentary “Neil Youngs Journeys” by Academy Award-winning director Jonathan Demme.  We interviewed a few of the locals filmmakers on why they’re excited about this year’s show.   Zoe Toffaleti, a current film student at UC Santa Cruz decided to pass on the bright lights of NY and SF to intern with the Nevada City Film Festival.  “NCFF is kind of the best of both worlds; I’m learning a lot about every step of film production and programming, and I get to stay in Nevada City. I really love this town, and I feel so lucky that I can live in my parents’ house, walk to the office, and be working on this amazing project with so many talented people.”  Look for her music video of Brett Shady’s “Darling.” Joseph Douville is excited to share his film “Next Species” after 7 years in the making, “This film was made with all local supplies and talent. We are proud of the product that our talented local friends contributed.”  Anabella Funk, 13, makes her debut with a music video of local musician, Mariee Sioux’s song “Swimming through Stone” shot at the Yuba River.   P.J. Palmer grew up in Nevada City and said, “I know that growing up in this beautiful town of artist, writers, performers, designers, musicians, chefs, adventures and free-spirits had a very special and strong influence on me.  Nevada City doesn’t just have character.  It is a character.  And I carry a part of that character with me in my work still today.”  Look for his film “Good Luck”, the talented actress Sarah Gaboury, who not only grew up in Nevada City too, but happened to have lived next door to PJ when they were kids (despite the fact that they don’t remember each other and only reconnected while attending a theater workshop). Luz Olivia, Miles Baker, and Stefan Stackhouse created a short to the song “Baptized in Black” by local musician Aaron Ross which offers a snapshot into the life of anthropomorphic bird and his interactions with his human pet.

The Outside Inn’s blog InnSide Nevada City has a giveaway of two tickets to the screening of the Young Filmmakers & Music program at the Nevada Theatre on Saturday, August 18th at 2pm, additional information on that program available here.  Please post a comment on this blog post and I’ll draw the winner on Wednesday, August 15th.  And the winner of last week’s giveaway to Voici Clothing is SandyB.

Nevada City Film Festival

© 2012 InnSide Nevada City, Photos used with permission by Alicia Funk, P.J. Palmer, Zoe Toffaleti, Stefan Stackhouse and Nevada City Film Festival

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  1. Joshua Bastian
    Joshua Bastian says:

    There is a date error at the bottom of this blog. It reads “Nevada Theatre on Saturday, August 17th at 2pm”, but Sat is the 18th so should it read Fri or is it actually on Sat the 18th?

  2. Marjorie
    Marjorie says:

    Love your blog–it’s as much for locals as for visitors, and even though I’ve been here for years, I keep discovering new things from your writings. Thanks for doing it!

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