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Nevada City Live

Paul Emery Presents Nevada City Live MusicPaul Emery Presents Nevada City Live this month, with live music and performances at the Nevada Theatre all month long.  Tonight’s performance is the Mark Growden Quartet and is bound to be an amazing show.  For a full list of the upcoming artists, click here, there’s bound to be an act you wont want to miss whether it’s Molly Fisk, Synthethic Unlimited’s return of Who’s Afraid of Virgina Wolf to Slaid Cleaves.  The Outside Inn’s blog is excited to say we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to Maggie McKaig’s debut of Cumberland Suite on Friday, October 18th, click here for a listen to one of the tracks.  Maggie is a regular on the Nevada City musical scene (photos of her performing for First Friday Art Walk, a Day of the Dead procession, Music in the Mountains and Synthethic Unlimited at the Stonehouse with Beaucoup Chapeaux).  To win the pair of tickets answer the following question– which of these artists has not performed at the Nevada Theatre : Maggie McKaig, Jack London, Mark Twain, Montley Crue or the Red Hot Chili Peppers?  I will announce the winner on Wednesday, October 16th.Nevada City Live Music© 2013 InnSide Nevada City, Photos by Erin Thiem

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  1. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    Tricky lady, they’ve ALL performed at the Nevada Theater! And will someone PLEASE let me know next time the RHCP are playing? Secret or not, I want to be there!! (Please note the optimism of my exclamation points)

  2. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    I’m giggling at the thought of Motley Crue playing that venue in all their makeup, hairspray and leather. Just another eclectic day in the County I love!

  3. Carolee Whitman
    Carolee Whitman says:

    Maggie McKaig has never performed at the Nevada Theater in Nevada City. I hope I win the tickets. And, I think your Outside Inn site is the BEST! You do an amazing job.

  4. Molly Fisk
    Molly Fisk says:

    I thought the Chili Peps were at the Foundry? And I am actually not lobbying for the tickets because I want to put some cash in Miss Maggie’s pockets. I hope Carolee is right, and Erin, you are amazing.

  5. Stephen Greenberg
    Stephen Greenberg says:

    An unintentional trick question? As written, the artists who’ve never performed at the Nevada Theatre are: “Montley [sic] Crue” and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If we’re ignoring typos, this is another vote for the Peppers. And definitely another endorsement for Maggie!

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