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The Nevada County Fair is 5 days full of rides, exhibits, demonstrations, arts & crafts, animals, music and so much more.  The fair runs from Wednesday, August 9th through Sunday, August 13th at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, gates open at 10am on Wednesday with activities and fun for the whole family.  Check out the daily fair schedule, special contests, entertainment guide, Flying U Extreme Rodeo, Monster Truck and Demolition Derby.  Entertainment this year includesOne Sharp Mind Debbie Wolfe & Halfmoon Highway Nevada County Concert Band, Chris Crockett, Nathan Owens Sounds of Motown and Mogollon, to name a few.  New this year is the Stingray Encounter (next to the Special Events Tent), where Fair-goers can see and feed the stingrays.  For another fun  check out the beachcomber area (a 30×50 sandbox) in Magic Forest for kids.  Or maybe you want to try one of the Special Events?   This year’s contents include: Jell-O Eating Contest, Frozen Shirt Challenge (be the first to unthaw a frozen shirt and get it on) and a Bubble Gum Blowing Contest.   There are lots of great local organizations selling food to help raise funds for their programs year round (last year Treat Street raised over $900,000 for local non profit organizations).  With 31 different booths on Treat Street do you choose the same thing every year or mix it up?  Did you know the Job’s Daughter Corn Dog booth sells between 15,000 – 19,000 corn dogs every year at the Fair?  Or that Grass Valley Host Lions Club serves approximately 16,000 ears of corn over the course of the whole fair.  If you’re worried about parking, don’t forget you can take the Gold Country Stage to the fair, click here for details and times.  Many thanks to local photographer Lenkaland Photography for sharing some of her favorite fair photos with the InnSide Nevada City blog.  While you can save time and buy your tickets online, post a comment here and one lucky InnSide Nevada City blog reader will win a giveaway including two admission tickets, a one day parking pass, and coupons for carnival rides.  Winner will be announced on Friday, August 11th.  *Edited to say the winner is Janet Petanovich.

Nevada County Fair, photos by Erin Thiem
Nevada County Fair, photos by Erin Thiem

Nevada County Fair, photos by Erin Thiem

© 2017 InnSide Nevada City, Photos by Erin Thiem and Lenkaland Photography

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  1. Dena
    Dena says:

    We look forward to the Fair every year. We have entered many things over the years ( arts and crafts, baked goods, produce, produce characters, poetry, Ag Mechanics projects, colections, and pigs through 4H and FFA). A great way to end the summer.

  2. Emma williams
    Emma williams says:

    Miss bay got two VIP ride passes like many other children who completed the summer reading program at the library. So excited to take her to enjoy the fair!

  3. Alexas
    Alexas says:

    The fair is always a blast and I love working the corndog both as a jobs daughter! Looking forward to the theme this year! We should definitely have a water ride to go with the theme!

  4. Eleni R.
    Eleni R. says:

    We can’t wait for the Fair and we would be so excited to win tickets for a weekend adventure.

  5. Diane Richards
    Diane Richards says:

    I have never been to the Nevada County Fair before. A girlfriend and I are planning on coming up to visit your beautiful fair for the first time, on Saturday.

    I am very disappointed with the California State Fair the past few years. It it has become is a huge corporate only money grab, in my eyes, losing sight on what a fair is supposed to be all about.

    In the past couple of years, I have visited a few smaller fairs I’ve never been to before and enjoy them a lot more than the California State Fair or even the Sacramento County Fair. I know the Nevada County Fair will not disappoint and will be worth the drive out of the valley to enjoy the day 🙂

    Good Luck Everyone!

  6. Maryann
    Maryann says:

    I love the Nevada County Fair atmosphere and old home feeling. Love spending time with the family and making memories!!

  7. Valerie Speas
    Valerie Speas says:

    Been attending the fair every year since I was a child, and now taking my kids each year. We always have a blast.

  8. Alison Harms
    Alison Harms says:

    I always look forward to this time of year because of our fair! I’ve been to other county fairs and even a few state fairs and nothing beats Nevada County’s!

  9. Jeannie Nyberg
    Jeannie Nyberg says:

    We always look so forward to the fair. Treat Street is the very first place we go, love the Nevada City Lions Tacos.

  10. Don Barnes
    Don Barnes says:

    Great pics! I’ve been hoing to the fair for over 50 years and am looking forward to 50 more!

  11. Troy
    Troy says:

    So excited for the fair this year! Corn dogs, monster trucks, animals, and so much more to look forward to.

  12. Jennifer Machado
    Jennifer Machado says:

    Kids entered 18 items each! I can’t wait to see how they did!! Going to be harder this year though, first year without their dad…

  13. Janet Petanovich
    Janet Petanovich says:

    Hoping my young friend who attends Nevada Union High School and is an honor student can go , he works very hard at football. And still makes time to help me out , can go to the Fair . He is a great young man

  14. Alisha Milhous
    Alisha Milhous says:

    I can’t wait to see all the animals, exhibits, eat some amazing food and enjoy making memories with my kids.

  15. Michelle Dodele monnot
    Michelle Dodele monnot says:

    Being a past resident of Nevada County, it gives me the chance to come home for a bit. I have stayed at your establishment and absolutely love the Outside Inn.

  16. Angie Westervelt
    Angie Westervelt says:

    Fair is my favorite time of year.. Love the Food, Exhibits , Animals.. Can’t Wait… 🙂

  17. Leslie Rivera
    Leslie Rivera says:

    So excited! I haven’t been in years and this year I get to bring my daughter to experience it for the first time!

  18. Starr Dion
    Starr Dion says:

    Such an amazing and beautiful Fair. Treat street has so much it’s hard to decide. We are so lucky to have such a beautiful fairgrounds year round. Can not wait.

  19. Inger McCormack
    Inger McCormack says:

    Love the Nevada County Fair! It’s all about the people, whether you come from near or far for 5 fun-filled days we are all Family! You can find me at the Girl Scout Booth, come by and say, Hi!

  20. Shelby olson
    Shelby olson says:

    I love going to the fair here. It is one of my favorite things to do in this town. This will be the second year taking my son’s and I hope when they get older they will enjoy it as much as I do.

  21. Sharon Oas
    Sharon Oas says:

    There’s nothing like an old fashioned county fair for a relaxing fun time on a summer’s evening!!

  22. Karri Jackson
    Karri Jackson says:

    Even though we are not a residents of Nevada county. This is the only fair we will take our family too. There is just this home feeling to this fair! There is no rifraff it’s just a fair where your can relax & enjoy a great time with great people, food, games & rides.

  23. Liz Miller
    Liz Miller says:

    My family loves the fair. I most enjoy the plant exhibit and the art, woodworking and quilt exhibits. Beautiful ground too.

  24. Stacey Anderson
    Stacey Anderson says:

    Always look forward to going to the fair for over the past 30 years! Now I get to bring my daughter to enjoy the tradition!

  25. Liz Miller
    Liz Miller says:

    My family loves the fair. I most enjoy the plant exhibit and the art, woodworking and quilt exhibits. Beautiful grounds too.

  26. Carol S
    Carol S says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. We haven’t been to the Nevada county fair before. I would love to take my kids 🙂

  27. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    We look forward to this fair every year! I can’t wait to get a hotdog and enjoy all the vendors .

  28. Charisse Jones
    Charisse Jones says:

    We cannot wait for the fair to start! This is the first year our son has entered some fruit and veggies. Fingers are crossed that he get a ribbon!

  29. Roxy Wilson
    Roxy Wilson says:

    Can’t wait to bring my 6 year old and 1 year old. It will be his first time and sissy and show him the ropes!

  30. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    Looking forward to the fair! I hope the weather stays a bit cooler than it was last week! I love checking out the exhibits and having lunch on Treat Street!

  31. Lois Ewing
    Lois Ewing says:

    My kids insist that our family plans all summer activities and travel around being home and available for the entire fair. My daughter lives in Italy for school and the fair was one of the bbiggest draws for coming home this summer. Thanks fair for helping bring my girl home. I miss her!

  32. Marissa
    Marissa says:

    My family and I love the fair, my daughter always has a good laugh-cry on at least one of the rides, it’s pretty funny. ❤

  33. Beth
    Beth says:

    I love that there is a category for “Baking, Men Only”. My husband has entered twice! I like viewing all the category items, some of them are far out.

  34. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    I love the fair! We bought tickets for Thursday but I need to go twice! I’m pregnant and need to eat all the food. That can’t be done on one trip!! Lol.

  35. Diane Ish
    Diane Ish says:

    I love the fair! I haven’t been able to go for years due to my work schedule, and this is the first time in millenia that it’s worked out so I can be there. The sting rays are just cherries on the sundae for me!

  36. Lisa Metasavage-Baker
    Lisa Metasavage-Baker says:

    The Nevada County Fair is the best in the West! There is nothing else like this wonderful little escape. It makes me happy! Thanks for being so awesome Nevada County Fair!

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