Nevada County Strong

Nevada County Strong

Erin & Dan Thiem

The Outside Inn recently re-opened for business after being closed to all non essential guests for 3 months.  It’s been such a delight to welcome back some of our regular guests, meet new customers, and get back to work.  We haven’t had the opportunity to celebrate, but this month marks the 22nd birthday of the Outside Inn.  As a family owned small business, the closures had a large impact on us, and we’re working hard to move forward.

Dan and I want to reach out directly in light of the publicity our town has received over the last couple of days about face masks and the comments of our mayor.  Despite her comments, we absolutely believe that wearing masks in our community is an effective and essential way to reduce the transmission of Coronavirus.  Many other residents here feel the same way.

We also want you to know that the health and well-being of our employees, guests, and community are the number one focus of our businesses.  We have closely followed the guidelines put out by the California Department of Public Health since the beginning of the pandemic, including closing our business to all recreational visitors for three months.  We continue to follow their guidelines as we now re-open the Inn Town Campground and Outside Inn.  We firmly believe that the guidelines are based on good science and an overall desire to reduce the spread of the disease in our communities.  We try very hard to avoid political theater in our businesses since it rarely builds community, which is a central tenant of our business vision.  We don’t want to start now.  We are thinking of our neighbors, our customers, our families and putting the health of the community first.  For more information on the modifications in our operations and our responsible practices for visiting Nevada City please see our COVID 19 page on the website.

For those who are looking for more information on what to do, where to eat, what’s open, please bear with me as I get both businesses re-opened.  My enthusiasm for Nevada City is alive and well, so stay tuned.  We both want our community to not only survive this pandemic, but thrive, so let’s all work together.

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  1. Jake
    Jake says:

    Right on. Great blog and Kodo Arts Japanese Antiques is walking with you and supports masks. We will be re-opening soon and can’t wait.

  2. Gayle Partmann
    Gayle Partmann says:

    Glad you are able to reopen, and doubly glad you are being sensible and following scientific guidelines. I always wear a mask outside of my home. Wouldn’t want to be a Typhoid Mary!

  3. Ron
    Ron says:

    Great post, Erin.

    We’re looking forward to visiting next month,
    with masks on, of course !!

  4. LeeAnn Brook
    LeeAnn Brook says:

    Good for you Outside Inn for expressing a voice of REASON! Face masks are not political, and should not be part an opinion of a mayor who represents Nevada City. We are a community who respects each other and our well-being, and pride ourselves on caring for our community and our visitors. Wishing good health to everyone in this precarious time.

  5. Rockelle Kennedy
    Rockelle Kennedy says:

    Thank you so much for your positive well written message. I appreciate your focus on community and health. Keep up the great work!

  6. Rick Beaty
    Rick Beaty says:

    Perfectly put. Our mayor, who thankfully will vacate that spot in July, had no right to express her personal opinion and such a way. Shame on her. And thank you for your thoughts.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thanks Rick for your support, we’re trying to stay positive after a very challenging chapter, but to go forward with the greater good in mind.

  7. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending this message out. I am not a local and was surprised to hear her stance on the matter, it definitely made me feel wary of Nevada City. So thank you! This is a relief.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thank you for sharing this, it’s obviously a difficult situation for all, but we want our customers to know that we’re taking the necessary precautions and want our guests to be responsible visitors too.

  8. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    Erin, So happy you and Dan are able to open now. Thanks also for helping keep our community and our visitors safe. ❤️

  9. BMW
    BMW says:

    Beautiful businesses like yours are why I moved to Nevada County. Conscientious community engagement like this is why I stayed. Keep being the gems of Nevada City.

  10. Bev Giovanetti
    Bev Giovanetti says:

    I agree with using masks to protect our family and those that we encounter! It is a small effort compared with the risk. Hope you have a busy safe summer

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