National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day

Happy National Coffee day!  There are so many great places to enjoy a cup of coffee in Nevada City & Grass Valley, so I’ve put together a few caffeine infused reminders and some fun giveaways.

So, who needs a cup of coffee?  Lucky for you I’ve got several giveaways today to help us all get into the coffee spirit.

Giveaway #1: $15 gift certificate to Caroline’s Coffee

Giveaway #2, Curly Wolf $30 gift certificate

Giveaway #3, 2 coffee drinks from Heartwood Cafe

Giveaway #4, $15 gift certificate and a bag of coffee from Fable Coffee

Giveaway #5, $10 gift certificate for a coffee and pastry from Three Forks Bakery & Brewery

Giveaway #6, a bag of Camp Blend coffee from Inn Town Campground

Giveaway #7, $5 gift certificate to Treats for a cup of coffee ice cream or affogato

Giveaway #8, a pound of Fox Hound Espresso

Giveaway #9, an Outside Inn ceramic mug

Post a comment on this blog post on your favorite coffee drink and I’ll draw the winners on Friday, October 6th.  *Edited to stay: Lindsay M, Serena, Denise Bryant, Sadie Barquilla, Kathryn Boswell, Laurel, Alicia, Kaytlin and Diane Richards.

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  1. Monica Conkle
    Monica Conkle says:

    I love a steaming nonfat, no whip, black and white mocha in a mug with a special design made in the foam. Puts a smile on my face and is perfection!!

  2. Nora
    Nora says:

    I love a latte for a treat, but we also have so many places in our towns for a terriffic regular cup of drip coffee.

  3. Vicky Reeder
    Vicky Reeder says:

    I love a good cup of excellent black coffee. Love the ambience of our many wonderful coffee shops and restaurants in Nevada City/ Grass Valley.

  4. Sara Keller
    Sara Keller says:

    My all-time favorite coffee drink is a Mexican mocha, also known as an Aztec mocha. It usually has a bit of dark chocolate, cinnamon, and sometimes a pinch of cayenne. Briarpatch makes a really awesome Aztec mocha.

  5. Josh Blevins
    Josh Blevins says:

    I love the Orange Sunshine. Always a winner with rich flavored espresso and just the right amount of sweetness!

  6. Josh Blevins
    Josh Blevins says:

    I love the Orange Sunshine at The Curly Wolf. Always a winner with rich flavored espresso and just the right amount of sweetness!

  7. Meshawn Simmons
    Meshawn Simmons says:

    I love a good ol’ Americano – but I did just see Sara’s above post about mexican mocha, and I love those too. A lot.

  8. Kial James
    Kial James says:

    I love me a good medium or light roast blend with shot of cream and small teaspoon of sugar, a perfect pick-me-up. Now…off to make myself some French Press to get me through the afternoon. 🙂

  9. Alison H
    Alison H says:

    Lattes are my favorite! I’ve been trying my best to make a decent latte at home to save money but haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. Thankfully there’s more than a couple good coffee shops in our town so I can grab one when mine doesn’t turn out!

  10. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    A mocha is my favorite! Thanks for compiling this list Erin… some of these I have not checked out yet!

  11. Lindsey Goodwin
    Lindsey Goodwin says:

    Warm weather makes me salivate over my soy unsweetened iced coffee. When winter arrives, I splurge on the occasional soy latte but generally stick to my French press home brew – black. 😉

  12. Grover Cleveland
    Grover Cleveland says:

    My favorite coffee is whatever Caroline’s is promoting each week. It’s a chance to taste a new bean in a wonderful environment with all the other locals. That they roast their own coffee on the premises is a nice bonus.

  13. Randi Pratini
    Randi Pratini says:

    While I love visiting all the different local coffee shops in the Nevada City and Grass Valley areas, I must say that my home dripped with secret spices is my favorite!

  14. Sophie Jackson
    Sophie Jackson says:

    An orange sunshine from Curly Wolf is the perfect way to start a leisurely read in the cafe, enjoyed on the balcony of the National Hotel overlooking Broad St., or to prime myself for a stroll to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves as the seasons change!

  15. Larissa
    Larissa says:

    The Curly Wolf has the best lattes ever, hands down. Plus they invented the lavender latte! You can’t beat it.

  16. Justice4All
    Justice4All says:

    Obvi, any drink made by the guy with the portafilter nunchucks tattooed on his arm is going to be hands down, killer.

  17. susan
    susan says:

    My latest enjoyment of coffee is strong black coffee with a mini scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s just delicious!

  18. Lillian Llacer
    Lillian Llacer says:

    I just love a small latte from Foxhound. It always makes me feel happy. Something about the chemical balance, feel, and flavor. Ahhh…

  19. Mike
    Mike says:

    Nothing beats a warm cup of Joe from one of the many amazing coffee houses we have in town, especially on a brisk fall morning. What a wonderful little town we live in!

  20. Elyce Dobbins
    Elyce Dobbins says:

    I love so many different coffee shops in our area. My new favorite is the cardamom rose latte at Fables. I try to make it at home, but it’s not quite the same.

  21. christopher
    christopher says:

    Free coffee?? I will take this as an opportunity to say how about that love walk yesterday. yuge turn out! Yuge.

  22. Virginia Lee
    Virginia Lee says:

    We are so lucky to have so many alternatives to Starbucks in our community! I love a good cafe latte at Curly Wolf & also like that cool new espresso place next to Nevada City Winery on Spring Street. (Not sure what the name is…) Broad Street Bistro is always an awesome place to rendezvous with a friend in town on their cozy outdoor patio & they happen to have great coffee too. Always ood for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or before going off to the Yuba River.

  23. Brian M.
    Brian M. says:

    Wow! I have patronized every one of those on your give-away list. Yeah, I could use a good cup of coffee.

  24. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    My grandmother once told me to not start drinking coffee until I was 40 because then I would really need it. Friday, the 6th, I will definitely be way over 40, so I think I do need a cup of coffee. 😉 Thanks for continuing to offer us tempting prizes!

  25. Cathy Theobald
    Cathy Theobald says:

    Me, me! Pick me! I’d love to have something to put in my pickle pottery mug that I have to pick up from you. Signed, Affogato Lover and Latte Connoisseur

  26. Kathryn Boswell
    Kathryn Boswell says:

    I love a good latte – sometimes with full fat regular milk, sometimes with coconut milk – never any sweetener, but sometimes a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa. Hot 90% of the time and the occasional iced coffee with lots of room for cream! ♥

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