Nevada City Snowfall

Downtown Nevada City, photo by Erin Thiem, Outside Inn

I love our little town, no doubt about it.  This week Nevada City was blessed with a blanket of snow, okay, so perhaps not everyone was rejoicing about the return to winter, but for a person who finds beauty in every day scenes, I was captivated by the snow covered scenes around downtown Nevada City.  I posted some photos of the Outside Inn covered in snow on our Facebook page, click here for the Winter in Nevada City album or here for photos on Flickr.

Nevada City's Outside Inn Accommodation in Snow

But then the sun came out and we were all just left with the wondering, “Was there really a blizzard yesterday?”

One of the other things I love about our town is how everyone is connected.  Moira McLaughin, of Dog Art Today, wrote a great post on how the Outside Inn connected her to a number of local connections. Well, I spent some time yesterday talking with Coryon Redd, learning about how much I don’t know about SEO settings and marketing.  Okay so I know how to share my love for Nevada City, but I want to improve my dot connecting.  While I was recently referred to as the “blogging queen“, what I want to do is create a greater web, anyone have any suggestions for good places for the Outside Inn’s website or links to the InnSide Nevada City blog?  Email me, erin@outsideinn.com I’d love to hear you suggestions.  Or, if I’ve done a blog post on you and want to post the link to the post on your website, please email me the link, I’d love to see it.  Blogging for me has been a great way to get out into our community, meet people and given me a motivation to capture some of our town’s natural beauty, but I’m always excited to learn more, thanks Coryon for giving me a crash course in Internet Marketing 101.  For those of you who loved last week’s Friday Favorites on Pinterest, check the board on Friday to see more.  And the winner of last week’s TedX Nevada City giveaway is Meg.

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