No Tell Motel by Sandi Sumner

“No Tell Motel” by Sandi Sumner is a fictional murder mystery set in the early 1950’s.  The work in progress novel is loosely based on Sandi’s pervious visits to the Outside Inn.  “I’ve stayed here many times and it always inspires my creativity.”  She is an author of several non-fiction avaition books, including Women Pilots of Alaska and Wheels Up: Celebrating the Centennial of Women Flyers, 1911 to 2011, but what she’s really excited about her first fictional book.  The book includes a cast of characters named Winifred Davenpot, Bill Harrington and Digger Browning.  Sandi sums up her love of fiction by saying “The fun of writing mysteries is solving the puzzle, that’s the challenge to engage the readers and the characters and solve the problem.”  We hope this week’s stay at the Outside Inn inspires Sandi to solve the riddle and sends the book to the press, everyone here is dying to read it.