Outside Inn’s creek

Flooding Outside Inn creek, Nevada City

It was an eventful morning at the Outside Inn as the creek that runs through the property flooded. It got to a point where the water was level with East Broad Street and not far below the back doors of the rooms along side the creek.  We were able to get some sand bags from up the street and line the street with the help of staff, neighbors and guests, and thankfully the water never got close enough to the doors.  Many thanks to Pasquale from YubaNet and our friends at KVMR for giving a shout out for our need for help, we love that we live in a small town where people will just show up at your door and say, “We heard you need help, what can we do?”

Nevada City's Outside Inn creek with high water

Extreme weather in Nevada City

And below is a photo of the creek several hours later.

Outside Inn Creek

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