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Outside Inn dog friendly accommodation

Let’s hear it for the Outside Inn’s canine guests.  We allow dogs in 13 of our 16 rooms*, why not plan a weekend getaway around some dog friendly ideas.  I asked Carla Bonetti, owner of Nevada County Escapes and The Dog House, for her recommendations and she said, “Nevada City is a pretty dog-gone friendly place. We have many dog friendly businesses including great lodging (like the Outside Inn) and cafés where furry pals are welcome. From the canine perspective, our hiking trails and the Yuba are a doggie dream come true. Tao and Zade love to hike along the Yuba in any weather. Our favorite area is around Purdon Crossing, just a few miles out of town. The humans will love the old bridge and the beauty of the giant boulders and water. If you get there early enough in the summer, parking is available in the lot. Bring a picnic lunch and take a long hike or just find a spot to enjoy the river, either way it will be a treat for all. On your way back into town, stop at the Broad Street Bistro for coffee and a snack. The dogs are welcome on the patio.”  Kayle Martin, While You’re Away Pet Care, said “My favorite dog activity in Nevada City would either be playing fetch at Pioneer Park or taking pups for a swim (in the warm months) behind Cornerstone Realty on Nevada Street.   Click here to see the video Cheryl Noble put together on dog friendly locations in Nevada County for the travel program Sierra Snapshots.  And on a random dog note, I recently helped Moira McLaughin, of Dog Art Today, with her dog Christmas cards, click here to read more about that fun project and how everyone is connected in fun ways in Nevada County.

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