Welcome to the last of the Outside Inn’s gift giving guides.  If you’re still looking for a gift for your loved ones here’s a list of the past Friday’s local shopping guides.

Today we thought we’d let you know about some of the great gifts you can find at the Outside Inn.  We’ve got bike jerseys, socks, t-shirts and mugs.  Or perhaps pick up some greeting cards by Roseanne Burke, LeeAnn Brook or Erin Thiem.  Another great gift idea is to stop by the office and pick up some copies of free local maps and put together an outdoor Nevada County gift.  Some of our favorite walks are Hirschman’s Trail, Deer Creek Tribute Trail and the South Yuba Trail.  Why not put a map in with a goodie from Mountain Rec?  And since we’ve been having so much fun supporting our local merchants, we thought we’d throw in one more special.  For the month of December if you buy an Outside Inn gift certificate, not only will you save 10% off your future stay (mention “Blog Special”), we’ve got some special coupons from some of our local friends.

So now’s a great time to plan your next trip to Nevada City, whether you’re a local or a tourist.

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  1. Sylvia Nelson
    Sylvia Nelson says:

    Love your blog, Erin! If I am ever able to visit, I will come visit and stay at your Inn! Thanks for sharing this fabulous looking place. Merry Christmas! Tell Ben, I miss his artwork.

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