Neighbors Vegetables at the Outside Inn

The 2012 season for the Outside Inn’s vegetable cart has come to an end, but we sure have enjoyed the constant stream of fabulous and amazing free fruits and veggies.  This blog post shares a few photos from this summer, click here for an album with even more photos.  The generosity of our community never ceases to amaze us.  And what’s great is that this year not only are we helping folks in Nevada City, but we’re inspiring others around the country.   A photo of the cart went viral on Facebook earlier this summer, so I’m excited to say that our idea is growing and motivating others, far outside of Nevada County.  We were profiled on the gardening website Question and Planter and marketing material for Austin’s Food is Free Project.  So a pat on the back to all of the folks that have helped make this little cart such a success, we can’t wait for next year, what was your favorite item from the cart?

Outside Inn Neighbors Vegetables

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