Nevada City Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby

The Nevada City Cub Scouts gathered last night to test their Pinewood Derby cars.  This is one of those events that reminds me why I love living in a small town.  Fellow Cub Scout Mom and Live Healthy Nevada County Director, Aimee Retzler said, “49 kids worked feverishly to build their racing cars and the sense of community in our small town that comes out at this event every year.  There’s so much bad news in the press.  This is a feel good story about little kids working with their families and their hands to create something from scratch.  No technology or fancy gadgets involved here, just some hammers, drills, saws and sandpaper.”  The fatest times went to Gerik, Cole, Carson, Jake and Shane,  congrats to all the kids who participated.  I think we may have some future Nevada City Soapbox Derby contenders….

Pinewood Derby, Nevada City Cub Scouts

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