Polly's Paladar, Nevada City Supper Club, photos by Simon WellerPolly’s Paladar, Nevada City’s Supper Club, brings amazing guests chefs  and a different theme every month to downtown Nevada City.  Run by Megan McCollam, she opened the doors in January, 2012 and has since orchestrated events with cuisine ranging from Greek, Sushi, French, Latin American and more.  The events tend to sell out almost immediately, so if you aren’t a member yet, join here so you can get the updates about upcoming dinners and classes.  I’ve done 2 blog posts on the supper club in the past, click here and here to see more photos.  The next Polly’s Paladar event is The Desert Rose, a night of Middle Eastern food by local chefs Michelle Cowie and Rebecca Seary.  The Outside Inn’s blog has a special giveaway for one lucky winner, we’ve got an offer of “Buy one, get one free” for an upcoming 5pm seating at Polly’s Paladar*.  Post a comment on what Supper Club theme you’d like to see at Polly’s Paladar and I’ll draw the winner on Thursday, April 17th.  And the winner of The Real giveaway for the necklace from Kathy Frey and t-shirt from Victoria LaFont is Megan McCollam.Polly's Paladar, Nevada City Supper Club, photos by Simon Weller

Polly's Paladar, Nevada City Supper Club, photos by Simon Weller © 2014 InnSide Nevada City, Photos by Simon Weller

*Giveaway does not guarantee a seat, ticket must be purchased.  If the winner is unable to attend the next Polly’s Paladar, the offer will be valid through June 2014.

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    • erin
      erin says:

      It’s a fun, intimate dining experience, and it’s always changing, so just because you’ve been to one doesn’t mean you’ve been there done that.

  1. carla
    carla says:

    I love what Megan is doing and have enjoyed several Paladars – especially the recent Mexican Fusion cooking class I attended. I grew up eating amazing Italian food that my Nona cooked, including home made wines and cured meats. Unfortunately, our community does not have a decent, (yes, I have tried them all) authentic, Italian restaurant. So Megan, how about a Mama Mia Paladar!

  2. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    Edible Garden Of Eden
    Fungus Among Us – An Adventure In Mushrooms
    Citrus Spectacularus
    Abracadabra- A Magical Feast
    Popeye and Olive Oil
    Ruffles and Truffles
    Oh, To Be So Kneeded!

    My stomach is growling now. True Story.

  3. Michelle Noe
    Michelle Noe says:

    Road kill? Free food…. maybe all wildcrafted cuisine… hmmm but I think I would really
    prefer country french or tuscany….
    Or how about Russian home cooking… they really know how to couture a meal! My favorite!

  4. Rose
    Rose says:

    I went for my Birthday Dinner and had an amazing time with these two wonderful chefs. I’d love to go again! Love!

  5. Lindsey
    Lindsey says:

    The last Paladar was delish! I’m pretty uninitiated when it comes to fine cuisine, so I would like second the recommendations of French. Truly, it is all pretty exciting for this palate!

  6. Kim
    Kim says:

    Hmmm, I’d love to see a professional chef’s take on Paleo but that wild game idea is fantastic too.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Does that mean you’d start with a course all in one color and as the evening went on ate a different color? Makes me think of a psych experiment on how our emotions would change based on the color of foods we’re eating. Sounds like an interesting evening for sure.

  7. Syd B.
    Syd B. says:

    Polly’s Palador is a great secret….reminds me of an episode in the TV series Northern Exposure….everyone knows about it, but hush hush to keep the special secret exclusively for “us”? A local treasure and delight, for sure!

    • erin
      erin says:

      Love that idea… well I hope the locals don’t get mad at me for sharing, but considering it was mentioned in Outside magazine, I’m not the first person to spill the beans.

  8. Randi
    Randi says:

    With the warm and balmy weather upon us, I’d love to see cocktails paired with appetizers from around the world. Don’t know if alcohol is part of the supper club but wouldn’t this be fun and delicious? Could be an eye opener for many of us!

    • erin
      erin says:

      It’d be like a tapas menu, for sure! There is often an option to add alcohol or a flight of drinks to the menu, but this sounds like the perfect dinner party menu for me!

  9. Xylem
    Xylem says:

    I would love an Ethiopian theme! A girl can dream. Hard to convince an Ethiopian family to move up here to start a restaurant, yet I trust Megan can find and convince for a night.

    I love Polly’s Paladar!

  10. julia vbh
    julia vbh says:

    “Farm to fork” is everywhere now, but how about a summer dinner featuring local farms/farmers and their produce? We have such a glorious abundance of both around here!

  11. jes
    jes says:

    i would love to see the following amazing food themes tied to my favorite place to eat in Nevada City. a. woodfire italian b. south indian c. ramen & other homestyle japanese fare!

    polly’s paladar is such a treat & feels so right. i really value what it brings to our sweet little community.

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