Ruth Chase Fine Art Workshops

Creative Art Classes in Grass Valley

Ruth Chase is one of our local artist who offers a wide variety of workshops to support your creativity.  When I asked her about learning to become an artist she replied, ” You can’t ‘LEARN’ how to make great art from a book, exercises or rules. However you can be inspired to put your self into your art.”  Ruth’s got a huge selection of classes this month ranging from portraits to deconstructing barriers to creating art, at both ASiF Studios and Ben Franklin Crafts.  Why not try something new, get creative, as Ruth says, “All great art has a spirt and that spirit is you.”  And the winners from the Fudenjuce giveaway are Kashi and Denise Bryant.

© 2013 InnSide Nevada City, Photos by Ruth Chase and Erin Thiem

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  1. valerie stuart
    valerie stuart says:

    Oh my, oh my! I just ALIGN with Ruth’s art workshops, right to my brain and my spine! She is so intuitive and sensing, making our artworks live and breathe. I am so grateful for her approach to personalized attention- where you are, she is there! I love her workshops for their safe, loving atmosphere and for the influence her words and expressions have on all the attendees. It creates a weather system of creativity! Thanks so much for your kindnesses and expertise, Ruth!
    Love, always, Valerie!

  2. Laura Beavers
    Laura Beavers says:

    Ruth has so much knowledge to offer when it comes to teaching art. I have so enjoyed thinking in terms of self in my art. I had never taken an art class before and was quite pleased with the study. In fact, I went home picked up my daughter’s pencils and started drawing. Ruth is a very talented artist and teacher. It was also fun to see the experienced artists in the class discover a new sense of self in their own expression of art after taking Ruth’s art class. Thank you so much.

  3. Alicia Vandevorst
    Alicia Vandevorst says:

    I recently took a figure drawing class with Ruth at ASiF. She provides excellent large sheets of paper, soft vine charcoal, and a live model. I liked her style of teaching. She’s expansive and playful. Her interest is in liveliness and authenticity of line and the flow she created in the class helped me not to get fussy. At the end, though, we did refine one study and her comments were precise, helping me to see something I had avoided and a way to define the shape of the knee better. This was a great class.

  4. Wild Iris Rose
    Wild Iris Rose says:

    Ruth helped put the “wild” back in Wild Iris Rose. She is a compassionate, patient, supportive & knowledgeable artistic guide. To paraphrase Tom Robbins, “In the haunted house of life, art is a creaky stair.”
    I’m C R E A K I N’ thrilled to have taken a class from Ruth.

  5. Julie Johnson
    Julie Johnson says:

    Ruth has helped to re-awaken the artist within me. Her classes are informative and fun. Her teaching style is relaxed and conducive to creativity. I am already signed up for another class and can’t wait!

  6. Flo Fahrenheit
    Flo Fahrenheit says:

    Taking a class from Ruth Chase is as much about embracing life as it is about learning to draw. She has this amazing way of meeting each student at their moment of need – be it technical or emotional – and grants permission to quiet our judgmental mind chatter. Besides providing drawing instruction, I feel Ruth nurtures my creative soul. She shows a genuine commitment to helping me find my path as an artist. Her classes are very affordable plus she provides all the materials needed for each class so you can experience different kinds of art without having to make a big investment.

  7. Sherri
    Sherri says:

    Food for the artistic brain! Loved all her classes. Ruth explains so well on all her classes she gets you motivated to create. So happy I met her I have learned so much!

  8. Penny Pearl
    Penny Pearl says:

    As a child, I never pursued traditional drawing or painting so when I saw Ruth’s class entitled “Backwards”, it called to me! I really enjoyed her no barriers approach to art and how it applies to our inner world—it was another way for self discovery.

    On another note, Ruth is extraordinarily insightful on what fine art offers and communicates it well. In just one class, I left with a different view of my artistic ability!

  9. Ruth Chase Fine Art
    Ruth Chase Fine Art says:

    I’m so very excited about your giveaway! Someone is going to wine quite the gift I’d say. Thank you Erin for all the giving you do in our community. Cheers to the WINNER of the Epic Giveaway.

    Love, Ruth

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