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Sierra Cinemas CineCafé

Sierra Cinemas CineCafe

Sierra Cinemas recently opened their new cafe, CineCafe, allowing movie goers an opportunity to either get a bite to eat before the movie or bring the food into the theater.  The menu includes pizza, pulled pork sandwiches, humus plate, potato wedges and other great kid friendly finger foods. For the adults they’ve got Three Forks, Ol Republic Brewery and Sierra Nevada Brewery on tap, plus a variety of a wines by the glass.  The lobby of the cinema at East Main and Hughes Road has been revamped and the wall between the space and the 1200 square foot next door has been opened up to accommodate the new cafe.  Sierra Theatres, owned by Mike & Barbara Getz since 1979 when they started the Nevada Theatre Film Series.  The family business is now run by their daughter Azriel and her husband Michael LaMarca and includes Sierra Cinemas, the Del Oro Theatre and Sutton Cinemas.  Keep an eye out on the Sierra Theatres Facebook page for the date of the upcoming grand opening party, but in the mean time the cafe is open daily.  And don’t forget to sign up for the free Movie Club, lots of great movies coming this month (La La Land, Hidden Figures), National Theatre Live, Met Opera Live and the upcoming Wild & Scenic Film Festival will have screenings at the downtown Grass Valley Del Oro Theatre.  Post a comment on this post about the movies and one lucky winner will win a $20 gift certificate to the Sierra Cinemas and a couple $1 off coupons to the cafe, winner will be announced on Wednesday, January 11th.

Sierra Cinemas CineCafe, photos by Erin Thiem

© 2016 InnSide Nevada City, Photo © by Erin Thiem

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  1. Melanie
    Melanie says:

    We went to the movies last weekend and were surprised to see the cafe there and open! It was busseling and inviting. The glasses of wine we had were delicious and reasonably priced. Added bonus: the wine is served in pretty plastic “glasses” so we were able to enjoy it while watching our movie. Grass Valley needed something like this! 🙂

  2. Kat
    Kat says:

    I saw this last time we caught a movie and looks SOOO great. So glad we finally have such a venue and hope people catch on (or maybe i was just there for a slow night?) because the prices seemed much more reasonable than they are at the cafe-theaters i’ve been to elsewhere!!

  3. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how it looks and tastes. Glad they are looking for ways to give movie goers a better experience. Personally I love the live broadcasts from the UK.

  4. Meshawn
    Meshawn says:

    Erin, you don’t even want to know the last time I saw a movie. Excited for my first (since Lincoln…) to be at the cinecafe!

  5. Cori Shipley
    Cori Shipley says:

    Four of my favorite things! Food, wine, popcorn and movies. Can’t wait to check it out. Thank you!

  6. Margaret Matthews
    Margaret Matthews says:

    I love watching movies at the Del Oro theater. It feels like being a part of histor. It’s such a treat to be able to walk around town before and after. I can’t wait to try the new cine cafe

  7. Leia
    Leia says:

    I can’t say enough nice things about Mike and Barbara Getz. I worked for them for 3 years. It was my first real job. They are great people. I have so many wonderful memories from that time in my life. It’s awesome to see the theaters evolving and expanding. Great job Azriel and Micheal.

  8. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Nice, like Studio Movie Grill but local and with the best wine/ beer 🙂 My coworkers were telling me Passengers is supposed to be great…

  9. Andrea Rose
    Andrea Rose says:

    Thank you, I LOVE THIS! I look forward to coming in to see Hidden Figures. I appreciate you showing this gem of a film in out area.

  10. Mackenzie
    Mackenzie says:

    I’m really excited about it! My husband and I can’t wait to be able to enjoy a brew while watching movies. 🙂

  11. Alice Blandy
    Alice Blandy says:

    Really like the idea of easy access to healthy food snacks available at the movies. Saves time, when try to get to the movie on time.

  12. Kristine
    Kristine says:

    Can’t wait to try the pork sandwich while watching a great movie! The two go together! Awesome!

  13. Tami
    Tami says:

    I love the idea! It was a pleasant surprise to see the cafe open when the family and I went to see a movie. It looks lovely, they did a great job. Nice addition to the community.

  14. Lenka
    Lenka says:

    So excited for a hometown movie cafe! Our local theaters are the best! The popcorn is always delicious and we appreciate the toppings we get to sprinkle on for flavor. We look forward to enjoying the cafe!

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