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Over the years I’ve written so many blog posts on fun things to do, businesses to check out, outdoor adventures, local events, concerts, plays, kid activities, you name it.  So when I looked at my line up of upcoming suggestions of things to do, or things that I that I’d planned to write about and share, I took a pause.  This blog has always had a mission statement of sharing positive messaging on things to do in our area.  While Nevada County doesn’t currently have any known cases of COVID-19, we’re all doing our best to help stop the spread of the virus.  The Outside Inn has a long history of supporting our community and now seems like a great time to remind folks that we’re a small community, with a big heart.

Olive Oil

Shop Local

Did you know there are a number of local businesses that will offer curb-side pick ups, free shipping or will offer online consultations?  The Olive Groove in downtown Grass Valley is offering curb side pick ups for anyone wanting a fix of boutique olive oil without close contact.  Two Little Birds Boutique in downtown Nevada City is offering free shipping.  Element & Loft is offering hands free shopping.  Brick & mortar shops are getting creative on how to stay open, so make sure to either check out their websites or give them a call if you’re looking for something.

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates

The gift that keeps on giving.  Perhaps now isn’t the time for you to go shopping for someone or you don’t know the perfect item.  Local gift certificates are a great way to support your local merchants.  Or, maybe you want to support a local arts event, give someone a gift certificate to The Center for the ArtsMiners Foundry or one of the many Nevada City events.

Get Take Out

While restaurants are being impacted by the Coronavirus, maybe now’s a great time to order take out.  A number of local restaurants are offering curb side pick ups.  Check out Calla Lily Crepes, Lefty’s Grill, Three Forks Bakery & Brewery, Diego’s, South Pine Cafe, Spring Street Market, Watershed at the Owl, Ike’s Quarter Cafe, to name just a few.  The updates keep changing, but for those who are looking for updates, check out this local Facebook Group.
Deer Creek Tribute Trail

Take a Hike

Social distancing can be hard, so maybe it’s time to head outside and get some fresh air.  Remember there are lots of options in Nevada County, be mindful of proximity to others and use your best judgement.  And with a blanket of snow outside, it’s an amazing opportunity to remember the beauty of Mother Nature.

Spread the word

Use social media and your network of people to share that Nevada City & Grass Valley are open and welcoming.  And while travel is currently not encouraged for those 60+, it’s important to remind folks, especially in these trying times, of the many positive reasons why we call Nevada City home.  I don’t know about you, but we’re ready for some good news!  It’s important to remind not only tourists and the media in general, but the locals, that we are a tourist community that welcomes folks to come to town. The coronavirus have impacted everyone, but a reminder for those who follow the Outside Inn and Inn Town Campground that when this passes, we are open year round, so let’s all remind folks that we’re an awesome place to visit, even if it’s those planning their late fall adventures!  For those of you online, you can share this blog post, or tag Visit Nevada City on Instagram using #VisitNevadaCity to remind and show folks of the community strength and support.

Finally, we have a wonderful community in Grass Valley and Nevada City.  Many of you also live in wonderful communities of your own.  More than anytime in our history, we must rely on our neighbors and communities to get through this time.  We are all in this together, please be mindful of the science behind this virus and exercise the patience, compassion and warmth the are essential for all us to get through this.  We love our guests and community and know that we are thinking about you always.  Be well, be healthy.

Erin & Dan at the Outside Inn and Inn Town Campground.

Erin & Dan

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  1. Lisa Johnson
    Lisa Johnson says:

    Beautifully written, Erin. We plan to order takeout after we get home, and your list is helpful. More importantly, your sentiments are appreciated. Stay safe and healthy! ❤️

  2. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    Thanks Erin for helping us locate those businesses who have adapted their model to the current health situation. We do love living here and together we’ll weather this current storm.

  3. Steve Nicholson
    Steve Nicholson says:

    I’m reading this in bed in The Winter Room at Outside Inn. Last night my wife and I got home from five days at Yosemite. Last Wednesday I went to SPD to pick up some things for our trip. Aside from a shortage of hand sanitizer it was a completely normal night at the grocery store. We came home to a whole new world. In addition to all the obvious, we left during a record dry winter and came back to an impassable snow-covered driveway and a house with no power. Since the dogs were already at boarding and we had packed bags in the car we decided to just come here and spend the night. We walked into town and had a great dinner at Three Forks. Everywhere else but Fred’s was closed. I’m hoping for the best for our local businesses.

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