Nevada City South Pine Cafe

South Pine Cafe in downtown Nevada City is one of the Outside Inn’s favorite recommendations for breakfast or lunch.  Whether you’re looking for the ollaberry french toast, the kid friendly mouse cakes or my personal favorite the Blackstone Benedict, you’re bound to find something tasty to fill your tummy.  The casual atmosphere attracts both locals and visitors seven days a week from 8am to 3pm.  George at the South Pine Cafe has offered up one lucky InnSide Nevada City blog reader a free meal on him (up to $35 value), post a comment on this blog post on your favorite dish and I’ll draw the winner on Wednesday, October 17th.

Nevada City South Pine Cafe

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  1. Sheila Cameron
    Sheila Cameron says:

    I am literally drooling right now just thinking about the garlic feta salad dressing. I LOVE all their food but it just isn’t a South Pine Cafe meal without that dressing on something!

  2. Patricia
    Patricia says:

    I will never forget our waiter named Troy the first time we went to the South Pine. I watched in awe as he took an order for our party of 8, with all the special requests, and didn’t write I thing down! He just nodded after each order was placed and said when everyone was done he said, “okay kiddos, that’ll be up soon”, or something like that. He got everything exactly right! Plus, the food was delicious! A great experience for us and our guests from out of town. The South Pine Cafe is definitely one of our favorites in NC!

  3. Megan
    Megan says:

    I have loved eating breakfast at South Pine Cafe since I was kid, so it’s hard to pick just one. I think I’d have to go with either the potato boat or the South Pine omelet, and I always opt for the fresh-baked muffin on the side.

  4. Alli Jaquith
    Alli Jaquith says:

    We take all of our friends and family to South Pine when they come to town. More than a couple times we have heard from folks who live in big cities that South Pine has the “BEST BREAKFAST I’VE EVER EATEN!!!” My personal favorite is the Veggie Greek scramble, and the hubby loves the lobster scramble. We’re so lucky to have such amazing food and service in our little town. Now if only they would stay open for dinner…

  5. Bridget
    Bridget says:

    In the 14 months that I’ve lived here, I still haven’t eaten at this cafe. However, it comes very highly recommended. I understand the food is awesome!

  6. Uma
    Uma says:

    My favorite place for breakfast – it’s ALL good! My go-to place to take out-of-town family abd friends for breakfast and lunch.

  7. Christina Giffin
    Christina Giffin says:

    There’s nothing like a trusted breakfast option for those occasional mornings when I want to take it easy, eats some tasty food and go back to bed with a delightfully full tummy. South Pine Cafe has never left me hungry or disappointed. Along with so many other things, I enjoy eating the pesto mushroom scramble, yum!!

  8. Kayle Martin
    Kayle Martin says:

    This is the perfect little lunchtime getaway for me as it’s just a block or so from my work! I LOVE their Potato Boat (vegan style) or any number of their tofu scrambles (the spicy Mexican one is my fave)!

  9. Sue McElligott
    Sue McElligott says:

    Their food is excellent no matter what you order, but my favorite is the omelette with greek olives in it. YUM!!! I always tell all my visiting friends and relatives to go there when they come up. And I always tell them to stay at the Outside Inn as well! And I’m not just buttering you up; it’s the truth!! 🙂

  10. Marilyn Rohrbacher
    Marilyn Rohrbacher says:

    South Pine is the best! Would love to win a Sunday brunch! Nevada City location is my fav, It is a fun funky atmosphere and nobody has a better breakfast!

  11. Pam
    Pam says:

    I have to go with my top three – Spanish Scramble, Veggie Greek and Huevos Rancheros. Nothing better for breakfast!

  12. Joyce Schwilke
    Joyce Schwilke says:

    A group of us meet Fridays for Breakfast since 1996. South Pine is a favorite of our group. My personal is the Spanish Scramble. Wendy is our favorite servers are Wendy in NC and Todd in GV

  13. Rose
    Rose says:

    South Pine scramble – almost every time. Since high school, even. The only exception is the lobster benedict when I’m indulging in something rich and spicy. And always a mimosa.

    – Rose

  14. Erika
    Erika says:

    My favorite thing about the South Pine is the kid-friendly customer service — they really “get” how to serve families with kids. As far as the food, my son and husband order the same thing every time we go: French toast/sausage/scrambled egg for my son and the green rice boat for my husband.

  15. Katrina Schneider
    Katrina Schneider says:

    South Pine is the first place I recommend to friends who come to town. All of our first breakfast/lunch choice. Yes — if they were only open for dinner, i’m sure it would rank#1.

    SOOO affordable … that is what gets us there. Kids meals awesome and I love how they are so accommodating w/ my desire for the mousecake to have a protein option too.

    My favorite? was Blackstone bened. for years, but i’ve been branching out to the portabello scramble w/ half egg and half tofu. I really have yet to have a dish i didn’t love.

  16. Aidan
    Aidan says:

    For lunch: 2 kids burger plates and one mousecake! And ONLY b/c their kids meal prices are so reasonable can we do this!!

  17. Tara
    Tara says:

    I love everything I have had at South Pine. My favorite is huevos rancheros with potatoes and an ollalaberry muffin. I have many fond memories at South Pine with family and friends.

  18. Cameron Ashley Heath
    Cameron Ashley Heath says:

    I LOVE the South Pine Cafe! I came and stayed 2 weeks in June and ate there every single day. Olallaberries–yes! I even talked to them about featuring their restaurant as ‘Home of the Olallaberry’ PIE and getting homemade pie on the menu. I couldn’t find homemade pie anywhere in Nevada City…seems like the perfect place for it. Olallaberries don’t grow everywhere so they are a real unique thing to use for marketing. I even came home and looked online to figure out why they aren’t sold everywhere; I’m from the NW and I’d never heard of an olallaberry! I confess I ate the french toast or pancakes every day and two double lattes. Very friendly folks and a comfortable spot to wake up. I want to win this one!

  19. Georgette A
    Georgette A says:

    I love South Pine’s food generally, so yummy! But I am always happy when I get there breakfasts with poached eggs! And my kiddos love those mouse cakes!!!

  20. Carla Bonetti
    Carla Bonetti says:

    For so many years South Pine has been one of my favorite spots for breakfast – my favorite meal to go out to eat.
    George and his wife (sorry, I have no memory anymore ;(
    are two of the most generous, community minded people you will ever meet.

  21. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    Late for your drawing I think, but I wanted to weigh in on my favorite lunch … the grilled chicken salad at South Pine Cafe! My favorite!

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