One of the gem’s of Nevada County is the South Yuba River, just minutes from the Outside Inn.  Whether you’re panning for gold, mountain biking, swimming or hiking they are plenty of great spots to enjoy the beauty of the river and its surroundings.  The South Yuba Trail followers the river along for 8 miles, with opportunities for hikers and bikers to join up anywhere from the town of Washington to Purdon Crossing.

From Purdon Crossing you hike upstream, either by the lower trail with access to swimming holes or by the upper trail.  The trails merge and you hike along the river through a shaded section of the trail.  Keep an eye out for poison oak.  Follow the trail up to the Primitive Camp or all the way to Edwards Crossing or veer off and do the Round Mountain mountain bike trail.  For maps and directions stop by the Outside Inn’s office.

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