I love spring, while I say that about every season (so many things to do in the summer, fall and winter in our community), one of the things I love about this time of year are the flowers everywhere you turn.  So if you’re a flower happy person here are a few ideas on ways to get out and “smell the roses.”  And hopefully we’ll get a few more sunny days!  Yes, it will probably snow next week, I know.

And for those of you looking for ideas on things to do check out the Visit Nevada City’s Instagram feed to see our community through the eyes of others.  And the other reason I love spring is that it’s a great time to go camping!  Check out the Inn Town Campground to help inspire your outdoor adventure, spring is a great time to dust off the camping gear and head outside before it gets too hot.  We’d love to see you at the Outside Inn, whether you’re stopping by the local free veggie cart or a guest for the night… sending out a big virtual hug to all our Nevada City fans.

Spring Flowers


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