49 Crossing, South Yuba River

Who’s ready to say goodbye to summer?  Not me!  While school may have started for many Nevada City and Grass Valley students this week, I think it’s a great time to head for another dip in the South Yuba River.  Click here for another photo from our recent river trip on Instagram.  At the Outside Inn I am constantly getting asked, “Is there any water?  Can we go swimming?”  The answer is yes.  The other question is “What’s your favorite swimming hole?”  I don’t have a favorite and explain to visitors and guests that we recommend a choose your own adventure, you pick the access point (Bridgeport, 49 Crossing, Purdons Crossing, Edwards Crossing, Washington) and then figure out where to go from there.  Not all river spots are easy access, so please see my blog post earlier this summer about Lemke’s Lagoon.  Regardless if you’re going to Mountain Dog Swimming Hole, 49 Crossing, Bridgeport , Washington, there’s no bad place to go.

The Outside Inn always encourages visitors to our beautiful California State Park to treat the river with respect (click here for a local’s perspective on how to act in nature), pack out all garbage and if you want to give back, check out the SYRCL River Ambassador program and the annual South Yuba River Clean Up program.  “The Yuba River is the heart of our community and the Yuba River Cleanup is your chance to give back to this very special place. The Cleanup spans more than 80 miles of creek and river shoreline and since 1998, 8,073 volunteers have removed 179,208 pounds of trash and recycling!” said Andrew Collins-Anderson, River People Coordinator at SYRCL.  Save the date for Saturday, September 19th if you want to participate.

It’s a magical place, you never know when you might run, maybe you’ll spy Anika the mermaid.  What’s your favorite part about the river?

South Yuba River, photo by Erin Thiem

Anika the Mermaid, South Yuba River, Lenkaland Photography

© 2015 InnSide Nevada City, photos by Erin Thiem and Lenkaland Photography

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  1. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    What great pictures!! This does remind me that we haven’t been to the river yet this year. I guess that’s a sacrilege for the area, but life gets busy. I really don’t remember the name of the place we go – there are too many names, but it’s all of the way up North Bloomfield and across the bridge that used to be a bit rickety but got fixed last year, I think. Maybe now that school’s in session, it’s time for a dip.

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