Mountain Biking Scotts Flat Trail

Scotts Flat Trail is a swooping 4 mile mountain bike trail that begins near the Old Five Mile House off Hwy 20 down to Scott Flat Lake. It was completed last spring by a group of 40 local volunteers from the Forest Trails Alliance in coordination…
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The Music of Queen, Music in the Mountains

Music in the Mountains Summer Fest only has a few more concerts left, last night's Symphonic Spectacular, the Music of Queen was a blast.  If you haven't experienced an outdoor Music in Mountains concert there are still tickets available…
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The Old Five Mile House

The Old 5 Mile House on Highway 20 is a historic old roadhouse that serves up a global mix of cuisine.  The standard menu never changes, but every month a new country is added to the mix.  This month the theme is Irish month, owner Robert…