The Willo Steakhouse

grilling steak at the Willo

Have you been to The Willo Steakhouse?  It’s a one-of-a kind Nevada County experience.  For information on the history and name click here.  Or, stop by in person and check it out for yourself, open from 5-9pm daily at the corner of Highway 49 and Newtown Road in Nevada City.  I think their website sums it up pretty well when they state, “We’re not pretentious, we’re not a bistro. We’re The Willo – A traditional California roadhouse with just plain, good, hearty American food.”  What’s your favorite Willo item?

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  1. Ruth Chase
    Ruth Chase says:

    I remember my first time at the Willow, I asked for cut onions on my salad, the waitress said “honey we don’t have cut onions but next time you come just throw a few in your purse and add them when you get here” I love love love the Willow. We usually start the evening off with a cocktail at their classic “attached” road side bar playing some game with fine dust and a long table. Then move into the dinning room for dinner bringing our own local Cabernet. You won’t find a better steak even at a five star restaurant. Since then they have cut onions. Oh and one more thing, they are one of the cleanest restaurants I’ve been in here, haven’t seen the kitchen but if it’s as clean as the dinning room and bathrooms then it CLEAN!

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