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Three Forks Bakery and Brewery

Three Forks Bakery and Brewery, pizza and beer

Three Forks Bakery and Brewery in downtown Nevada City will be opening their doors in mid-August, mark your calendars for their grand opening on August 15th.  The bakery and brewery, owned and run by Dave Cowie (the Brewer) and Shana Maziarz (the Baker), will be offering wood fire pizzas, sandwiches, salads, coffee, local wines, craft beers, sweet treats and more.  The restaurant will be closed on Tuesdays and open Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays 7am-10pm, Friday and Saturdays 7am-11pm and 8am to 10pm on Sundays.  Three Forks is located at 211 Commercial Street, across the street from Crazy Horse Saloon and next door to Coopers.  Since the Outside Inn blog likes to keep you up to date on all the new and exciting things in our area, who wants a gift certificate to go treat yourself to something when they finally open?  Post a comment here and I’ll draw a winner for a $10 gift certificate on August 15th.

Places to eat in Nevada City, Three Forks Bakery and Brewery, photos by Erin Thiem

Nevada City Three Forks Bakery and Brewery photos by Erin Thiem/ Outside InnNevada City Three Forks Restaurant

© 2014 InnSide Nevada City, Photos by Erin Thiem

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  1. Maryanne Connelley
    Maryanne Connelley says:

    Opening mid-August!? How did those folks get in b4 us? And is that yummy looking food going 2 go 2 waste?? ~ mac

    • Betsy Boone
      Betsy Boone says:

      I love these guys! I am so excited. I have already tried the pizza and it was amazing. Can’t wait for an americano and croissants!

  2. Ginny Knott
    Ginny Knott says:

    What great photos! This is really fun to read after The Union did an interesting article on Three Forks. Keep up the good work, Erin…it is appreciated!

  3. Donna Loper
    Donna Loper says:

    What a great new business coming to town. I can’t wait to try their yummy looking food and drink. I would love to win your prize. I see beer in my future. Lol

  4. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    Yummy! I stopped in today to check it out….4 beers on tap, iced coffee, and lemonade! Also, pizza, soup, BLT’s and other tasty offerings!

  5. Randi
    Randi says:

    I am so excited to hear this news. I know that this will be a place for a local to get a great meal and something to drink! Yay for all local businesses!

  6. Terry juhl
    Terry juhl says:

    Already have it marked on my calendar to be at the opening
    Took a peek fr outside and it looks worth the wait congratulations and good luck feeding us all!

  7. Sydney
    Sydney says:

    So excited! I’m sure this business will thrive and hopefully bring a different crowd to the bottom of Commercial St. Plus yay for a new business downtown!

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thanks Sydney, I’m sure plenty of Outside Inn guests will ask you your opinion, you’ll have to go do a taste test when they open.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Hi Trina– you’ll have to come back for another visit to the Outside Inn and check it out, but no, it’s two doors down, they have redone the building where the furniture shop use to be, back in the day.

  8. Karin
    Karin says:

    I had a delicious coffee with a scrumptious shortbread cookie there this afternoon and went back for pizza and beer this evening. The sourdough crust is amazing! My daughter who doesn’t like pizza ate 3 pieces. We brought a growler of pale ale home because we couldn’t imagine making it through a whole day without more of that delicious brew. The best part: all the cool people were there! Congrats Shana & Dave!!

  9. Rashelle Griffin
    Rashelle Griffin says:

    I am looking forward to the opening. Looks like a large variety of great food, beer and coffee.

  10. Karen McCann
    Karen McCann says:

    Had a pizza and beer there tonight. Very Yummy! Looking forward to trying all their food!

  11. Ashley Kosher
    Ashley Kosher says:

    I’ve been really looking forward to their opening!! What a great addition to downtown!! I’m planning on going tomorrow for lunch to sample and collect my tshirt! Woohoo!

  12. Molly Fisk
    Molly Fisk says:

    Dropped by tonight and saw many friends, drank some delicious blackberry lemonade that was almost, but not quite, too tart… this is a good sign! I like the feeling of the space. It’ll be fun when the little patio section is open. Erin, as usual your photos are wonderful. I always want to live in that town you take pics of!

  13. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    I hope they have lots of windex to wipe away the handprints of everyone trying to peek in and get a good look at the place. “Open. Open. Open. Open.”

  14. Ingrid Knox
    Ingrid Knox says:

    Of course I’m looking forward to the food, but the building looks really good. They have done a wonderful job of creating an inviting space. Can’t wait!

  15. dawn
    dawn says:

    We’ve been excited about this since the Kickstarter campaign began! So great to see a dream come real.

  16. Lenka
    Lenka says:

    We are super-excited for this place. The remodel is gorgeous! I love that they are going to serve Fable coffee, too. I’ve been watching their behind-the-scenes on Instagram :).

    You have wonderful photos as always!

  17. Amber
    Amber says:

    We are really looking forward to Three Forks opening! We keep peeking in the windows every Saturday morning before we hit the market.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thanks Paul for the comment, good to see you’re still following my little blog 🙂 Any luck with your blog agenda?

  18. Denise Wilson
    Denise Wilson says:

    The photo of the pizza jumped right off my screen–it looked so good! I want it right now! Along with the beer…and the pastries…Can’t wait till they open!

  19. Megan
    Megan says:

    Yum! That pizza looks amazing. Nice photos, as always. I am definitely coming to dine there in August.

  20. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I can’t wait to try the beer and food! I funded their kick starter so I’ve been eagerly waiting for a while!

  21. Annie Hestbeck
    Annie Hestbeck says:

    Love what they have done to the building and the food and
    ale looks very tempting right now……..great addition to our NC.

  22. Shari
    Shari says:

    Looks delicious, and I love the name. I heard that it honors the north, middle and south forks of the Yuba River 🙂

  23. David R.
    David R. says:

    We loved Shana’s soup nights, so we know the food will be delicious; We always need more beer downtown; and they’ve really made wonderful use for that building that will really help transform the area! Kudos! Can’t wait!

  24. Phizannah Abraham
    Phizannah Abraham says:

    So excited to frequent this establishment. NC has some great brews going on……which GV would get into the groove 🙂

  25. Erika
    Erika says:

    We’re fans of Sean, the pizza chef, from his days working in Oakland. We are looking forward to coming up to Nevada City very soon to see what he can do up there. We miss him down here but wish him all the best in this new venture.

    • erin
      erin says:

      Oh good to know the pizza man has a fan club! When you come on a culinary tour you can come stay at the Outside Inn!

  26. Kurtis
    Kurtis says:

    I AM SO EXCITED! I love the Ol’ Republic but it’s always so small and crowded in there. It’ll be cool to have another brewery in town with a little more room and some food too!!!

  27. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    Still not up there, but excited for this place to finally open. My husband and I are big brewery fans! Good luck to them. Thanks for keeping me up to date Erin!

  28. Jon Shilling
    Jon Shilling says:

    We participated in the kickstarter and so looking forward to their grand opening and visiting there often in the future.

  29. Kelly Hickman
    Kelly Hickman says:

    I’m so happy that three forks is here! I’ve already tasted their eggplant pizza and kombucha which were incredible.

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