Tibetan Buddhist Monks

Sand Mandala, Grass Valley The Sacred Earth and Healing Arts of Tibet Tour with the monks of the Gaden Shartse Monastery have returned to St. Joseph’s Cultural Center in Grass Valley.  The Tibetan Monks have started the process for an elaborate sand mandala, all visitors are welcome (10 am-6 pm Monday-Saturday, after 1pm on Sunday*) to come and witness the art.  The next two weeks will provide our community with many opportunities to learn about Tibet and the culture, for a complete list of blessings, talks or events click here. At the closing ceremony for the sand mandala there will be a blessing and the sand will be swept up and given as gifts to local communities members.  Thank you Sierra Friends of Tibet for bringing our community this opportunity.

Grass Valley Tibetan Monks, St. Joseph's Cultural Center Tibetan Monks, Grass Valley, St. Joseph's Cultural Center*Please see full schedule of events to see when the monks will be doing special events.

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