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Happy New Year’s Eve…  Before we get to the winner of our Ultimate Nevada City giveaway I thought it would be fun to list my top ten reasons why I love Nevada City.   The comments on the giveaway were fabulous.  I was in awe of the variety of reasons why people loved Nevada City– popular trends were the people, the Outside Inn, the Yuba, Victorian Christmas, the beauty.

Erin’s 10 Ten Reasons Why She Loves Nevada City

Community.  There are so many examples on how our community is great, whether it’s people helping each other (Outside Inn Flooding), or the small town vibe at the Nevada City Farmers Market or if it’s the fact that you can’t go far in Nevada City without bumping into someone you know.

Outdoor Adventures. I love that I can walk out my door step and go for a walk to Hirschman’s Pond or Deer Creek Tribute Trail, or drive 15 minutes and hike along the South Yuba River.  In the summer season I love a day adventure on Lower Scotts Flat Lake or SUP on Scotts Flat Lake or a swim in the one of the many swimming holes down by the river.

History.  While I love the history of our gold mining town and the sense of identity the community gets from places like Malakoff Diggins and the Empire Mine State Park, but what I think is even more special in the history that I have created in the area.  I love that my son gets math tutoring from my high school algebra teacher and that when I bump into my French teacher at the Nevada City Craft Fair she says hello.

Beauty. I love the fall colors, the winter frosts, the boulders down at the South Yuba River, the snow covered trees on Highway 20.

Arts.  I love that our community has a thriving arts scene, whether its an art gallery (Mowen Solinisky, Art Works or ASiF) or creating art (The Artist Workshop, Ben Franklin or NEVA Co) or seeing a live production (Antony and Cleopatra, A Christmas Story or Next to Normal) or live music (Joe Craven, Lucinda Williams or Birds of Chicago).

Family.  One of the reasons I love Nevada City is that I get to experience this community through the eyes of several generations.  I am so thankful to have family nearby.

Outside Inn Free Veggie Cart. The free veggie cart brings me so much joy, whether it’s people dropping off their extras, locals collecting an extra goodie or the guests at the Outside Inn who marvel at the whole concept.  This year a photo I posted on the Outside Inn’s Facebook page of our veggie cart went viral, so not only do I love the actual free veggie art, I love that we’re inspiring people around the world with our veggie cart.

Think Local.  The Ultimate Nevada City giveaway is just one example of how the Think Local agenda works so well in our community.  I love promoting other local businesses and events in our town, because if the town benefits, then we all benefit.  I am constantly reminded how small our community is when I get guests who say, “I was referred to you by _____”.  I love that the shops and restaurants are owned by my neighbors and friends.

Outside Inn. It’s a good thing I like my job.  But I love the Outside Inn for more then just a job, I love the folks who work there, the guests who stay there, the people who pick up their Mountain Bounty CSAs there, the folks who come to collect candy on Halloween, the folks who have been staying there every year for the Nevada City Classic for over 35 years.

So thank you to all the folks who have popped in to read the InnSide Nevada City blog over the last two years, I’ve had fun… and I’ll keep at it!  So, without further adieu… the winner for the Ultimate Nevada City giveaway is……. 

Outside Inn Ultimate Nevada City Giveaway

Lisa Lukas says:

I love visiting with my sister and brother in law in Nevada City. Since they “discovered it” and showed it to me, I have been in love with all the beautiful old houses and with the Victorian Christmas! I love all the music and art in the community as well. Just amazing!! I hope I win so I can share it with my husband who hasn’t had the opportunity to visit yet. Maybe I can even talk him into moving there one day!

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  1. Lisa Lukas
    Lisa Lukas says:

    OMG!! We won?!! Thank you so very much! We’re so excited!
    Looking forward to coming to Nevada City!
    Many, many thanks again!
    Happy New Year! Talk soon!
    All the best~
    Thank you!!!!

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