Nevada City Giveaway Basket Contest

The ultimate Nevada City giveaway… I’ve decided that I’ve had so much fun on the blog this year, that why not end the year by going big.  We live in the an amazing community and I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing a slice of our world, so I wanted to give one big huge thanks to all the folks who I’ve promoted, plugged, photographed and gotten to know over the last year.  My basket started with a few left over goodies from previous giveaways and took on a life of its own…  It’s now turned into the ultimate Nevada City weekend.  I’ve got photos of all the goodies in the baskets below, but here’s a breakdown of what’s included.

And how do you win this amazing basket of goodies?  Post a comment on this blog post telling me about one thing you love about Nevada City.  The winner will be drawn on December 31st.  Want an extra chance to win?  Like the Outside Inn’s Facebook page and share this giveaway with your friends (via whatever social media choice you want: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) and then post a second comment on here telling me that you’ve shared the love).  And the winner from last week’s Neva Co giveaway is Iris Rose. 

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    • Heather
      Heather says:

      I love working as a teacher at YRCS in Nevada City everyday and going to all the fun events around town Victorian Christmas in the winter and Hot Summer Nights in the summer.

      • Heather
        Heather says:

        I just liked you and shared you on Facebook! My class loved coming to the haunted house when you whisked us over (I was told the owner of the Outside Inn had the haunted house!)

        • outside
          outside says:

          Hi Heather– my mom, the previous owner, is the “Queen of Halloween”, so you’ve got the right family… Hence why the Outside Inn has the haunted pathway every year, can’t break tradition now can we?

    • Maggie Merritt
      Maggie Merritt says:

      It’s hard to choose just one thing I love about Nevada City. I moved here 10 days ago after wanting to live here for the past 30 years. I’ve stayed at the Outside Inn several times and loved each visit. Now I live just around the corner from the Inn in a tiny little cottage that I just love.

      If I had to pick one thing, I would have to say that I love the community here most. I love how friendly people are and how safe I feel here. I love how people gather here…around music, or in sacred circle together. I love that I feel part of such a vibrant and loving community. It’s truly unique and I feel very blessed to be one of the newest community members.

      With the deepest gratitude, Maggie

    • Annie Keeling
      Annie Keeling says:

      Hi Erin!! Only one thing I like about N.C? Well, let’s see, in no particular order: Victorian-Christmas-Treats-Abstract-Forest-Charter-Fit-Culture-Studio-Cal-Organics-Sopa-Thai-Ike’s-no-traffic-Gracie-Trail-Wild-and-Scenic-Film-Festival-Solstice-Mardi-Gras-Parade-Eddie-the-Elf-New-Moon-Haven-Underground-aaaaaaaand-OUTSIDE-INN!!!

    • Cara
      Cara says:

      I Love all of the posts and ideas that Outside Inn shares online. I want to win so I can come check out the town in person someday 🙂

      Good luck everyone!

      Happy New Year!

    • deborah patterson
      deborah patterson says:

      Nevada City is lovely and charming, especially during the fall season, I have family there so have been there many times…I hope to win the giveaway, what a wonderful Christmas gift that would be!

  1. Rose Sponder
    Rose Sponder says:

    Oh my gosh Erin! I almost don’t want to share this because it’s SO amazing! (But I will 😉

    Favorite thing about Nevada City: walking around and doing whatever I like. So much to choose from! Science shops, toy shops, music shops, great food, great wine, great coffee, great art, great ice cream, great beer… And really cool people. Feel like taking a walk now! ^_^

  2. Adrianne Martin
    Adrianne Martin says:

    I love everything about Nevada City and it doesn’t feel like Christmas until I have had my mulled wine 🙂

  3. Melissa Silva
    Melissa Silva says:

    In all the many beautiful places I have lived and enjoyed, there is no place like this community. This community holds you and celebrates life in a way that brings people from all over together. I love riding my bike through town on my way out for exercise and I get to wave and say hello to at least 1/2 a dozen familiar faces as I go along. That puts such a sweet smile on my face. NC ROCKS!

  4. CiCi
    CiCi says:

    I love it that I can be a single mom and not be ‘alone’. I love it that I can reach out to my community when I need answers, or help. I love it that anytime I walk down the street I see a friend. I love it that we have four seasons and I enjoy each one with the splendid glory of a child. I love it that on any day you can find good food, a kind word, great music, and a plethora of activities. I love it that when a person is in need our local musicians donate their time and talents to benefit the family in need. I love it that in this community, we care; about what happens to one another, and what happens in our world.

    I am so thankful I get to live her one more day, one more month… hopefully one more decade or a lifetime. I am thankful.

    CiCi Stewart

  5. Cameron Ashley Heath
    Cameron Ashley Heath says:

    OMG are you kidding? Would I like to win? Oh yes and my next stay was going to be at the Outside Inn anyway. What do I like best about Nevada City? The people, living surrounded by natural beauty, the lifestyle, the feeling comfortable and homey like a nice old pair of shoes. The fact that it feels like there must be something in the water there to make the people generous and nice and did I mention courteous too? That’s why I’m moving back there.

  6. Janis Hill
    Janis Hill says:

    The thing we love the most about NV is that my daughter and granddaughter live there, and so will we in a few years when I retire! We also love that there is so much music there and when we go we stay at the Outside Inn. (Of course)

  7. Diana
    Diana says:

    I love the small town feeling when Iwalk down the streets and so my shopping! The shopowners are so welcoming! It’s easy to get into the Christmas spirit here!
    Happy Holidays -Diana

  8. Cristina Ross
    Cristina Ross says:

    I love walking through Nevada city and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere that the people bring to it. During the holidays it is a joy to just bundle up and walk around downtown with some hot cocoa and visit all the shops and get some warm food. Summer for downtown Nevada city is my favorite since you can walk around in the warm weather and enjoy some nice lunch or dinner on the patios of any restaurant and walk around in the evening with some ice cream while it is still the perfect temp. NC is just a great place to be! What’s not to love??

  9. Amber Magnolia
    Amber Magnolia says:

    This is amazing Erin!

    My favorite thing about Nevada City is something big that encompasses many smaller things- I feel that it’s the ideal place to raise children. We have the natural beauty of the flora and fauna of the foothills, plus the Yuba River. It’s essential for children to grow up forming relationships with wild places in nature. And we also have a flourishing creative & artistic community (from music to visual art to food to farming to schooling options), which means that the cultural life of our town is as vibrant as the natural life.

    I love living here and am thrilled to be raising my daughter here.

  10. Barbi Jackson
    Barbi Jackson says:

    Nevada City is cool. You can always find a smile. It’s been that way since I moved here in 1972 (yes, even before Victorian Christmas started!)

  11. Pam Carrico Larwood
    Pam Carrico Larwood says:

    I visited NC for the first time last Summer. We stayed at the Inn for our honeymoon, and I just fell in love with the area! My favorite thing? I loved staying at Outside Inn, feeling like we were living in another time and place. Outdoor shower, laundry hung to dry. Being able to walk down main street USA and have our choice of fabulous shopping, food, and dive bars was a blast! We’re coming back next month and it would be awesome to win this basket! Thanks, Erin.

  12. Susan Schreiber
    Susan Schreiber says:

    What I love most about Nevada City is the amazing, connected, loving community we live in! I feel like I am in a play…I am one of the characters in a beautifully written piece.

  13. Dana
    Dana says:

    I can’t think of a more festive place than Nevada City this time of year, and I can’t think of anyone more qualified to promote the town and all of its treasures than Erin (oh, and my mom, of course!)

  14. Barbi Jackson
    Barbi Jackson says:

    Okay Erin, I have liked and commented and shared the love 🙂 thanks for all you do for Nevada City!!

  15. Adam
    Adam says:

    The things I like about Nevada City are the New Moon, Ike’s, and Treats. If there’s any more to Nevada City than that tiny section of town, it’s frankly none of my business.

    Also, we’ve grown some top-notch weirdos around here. Perhaps you’ve seen some around.

  16. Kim Sullivan
    Kim Sullivan says:

    The thing I love about Nevada City is the warmth and beauty, in environment as well as spirit,of a community that exudes their love for the arts and local talent ,fosters the importance of earth awareness and culture and is rich in California pride.

  17. Tana Aaron
    Tana Aaron says:

    I love that being out here in Nevada County, means our children get to be surrounded by nature, animals, and a simpler kind of life style! It feels good to be able to know more people in your community and connect with them on deeper level!

  18. Kimala DeSena
    Kimala DeSena says:

    What makes Nevada City so amazing is the people who live here. Their generosity, friendliness and vibrant living complete the fabric of our unique community. It’s always fun when we have the chance to show visitors around!

  19. Julie McEnroe
    Julie McEnroe says:

    The people……we are all here for a common reason, we love Nevada City! Also, hot mulled wine at Victorian Christmas, overhearing out of towners comment on how cool it would be to live here. It is! I feel fortunate every day as I marvel at the view on my journey down Broad Street to work.

  20. ~amy~
    ~amy~ says:

    WOWZA…just by reading your blog, I can tell that Nevada City is a fabulously fun community.

    Pick me…Pick me….I want the one night stay at the Outside Inn!

  21. Kimala DeSena
    Kimala DeSena says:

    Ok, so I had already been a fan and I posted to my page. Thanks for getting me all giddy this morning! Cheers! Thanks for being such a good example that our community comprises of committed individuals that pull together for the common good. Makes my toes tingle with all this goodness! 😉

  22. Carol White
    Carol White says:

    This is an amazing basket of goodies! I love that when I first moved into downtown Nevada City, I felt like I was on vacation… walking into town for a chai tea, shopping for gifts, getting ice cream. Now, 12 years later, I still feel like I’m on vacation. I’ll never get tired of walking around downtown!

  23. Dana Haemmig
    Dana Haemmig says:

    Being a 6th Generation Nevada County woman and always living in Nevada City, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. The amazing culture, history and generosity of our town is what brings others here to stay and I wouldn’t want to raise my children (7th generation Nevada County) anywhere else. Where else can you take a trip to the river, lake, skiing, wine tasting, historical museums, hiking, bike riding, nature trails etc… all within our own little town.
    Love it here!

  24. Alice
    Alice says:

    The thing I love most about Nevada City is Treats! Best ice cream ever. It is barely above freezing and I still stop by to get some mint chocolate chip ice cream. Delicious!!!

  25. Leia
    Leia says:

    I have loved Nevada City growing up. And I love it more now as I raise my son here. It’s beauty, the people, and community make it magical.

  26. Janet
    Janet says:

    Favorite thing? Too many to mention, but how about the fantastic community and the Yuba River! That’s what brought us here.

  27. Trina Hurley
    Trina Hurley says:

    Pick me pick me pick me! I want to come back but sadly no longer have family in nevada county 🙁 THe Outside Inn is the only place I ever want to stay. And we need to introduce Abby to Nevada City!!!!

  28. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    Ditto to Deanna’s comment…I love Nevada City during Christmas, so festive and quaint. It’s fun to shop during Victorian Christmas.

  29. Joyce S
    Joyce S says:

    Our Nevada City is a compilation of small town friends, big city quality music, dinning & entertainment set amid God’s Splendor with a unique quality all its own. Home!

  30. Linda Rhyne
    Linda Rhyne says:

    Nevada City is the most charming town, with so much warmth and character. I am always amazed too when I visit, the people are wonderful and charming as well. Always something to see and do there.

  31. Erika
    Erika says:

    I love all the locally owned shops who actually care about the locals! There are a number of places (Java Johns! Treats! South Pine Cafe!) where the owners and employees make me and my family feel like royalty every time we stop in.

  32. Maureen Price
    Maureen Price says:

    The small town feel. Close knit community with a big heart. I’ve always told my husband I want him to find me a town like Mayberry, this is as close as we’ve come.

  33. Rich Bodine
    Rich Bodine says:

    Merry Christmas to the Outside Inn! I love that in Nevada City you can walk past someone on a hike or on the streets of town and they will look you in the eye and say “hello”. We’ve got a great community!

  34. Erin K
    Erin K says:

    I love Nevada City summer nights, so warm and full of life. Fun at all the restaurants and bars in town past 9pm. Different music at every establishment in town every night of the summer!

  35. Laurie cerruti
    Laurie cerruti says:

    Nevada City is most amazing. From the gorgeous wild river to the best dining and food diversity! Micro climates to a plethora of organic farms to the townies and the amazing lovely people, where you can always get a smile.

  36. Rosanne S.
    Rosanne S. says:

    I love that it is cold enough to snow in N.C. We were @ Men’s choir concert today and beautiful snow started to come down during “We wish you a Merry Christmas”.

  37. Stephenie C.
    Stephenie C. says:

    One thing I love about Nevada City is the feeling of “home” I have here. I have never felt so supported and protected like this anywhere else.
    (And thank you for this amazing chance to win so many sublime things from our blessed community!)

  38. Jason M
    Jason M says:

    I live in the Bay Area, but would love to live in NC someday. Here are a few of my favorite things:

    Walking down Broad Street, going to Ike’s, hiking on the Yuba, spending the weekend for the Wild and Scenic Film Festival in January, and, of course, staying at the Outside Inn – in our most favorite Creekside Hideaway!

  39. Denise Bryant
    Denise Bryant says:

    Fabulous prizes! That is an ULTIMATE giveaway!
    I love Nevada City’s fun shops! Great place to window shop and lots of fabulous restaurants to stop and enjoy a nice lunch.

  40. Cynthia B.
    Cynthia B. says:

    I love knowing that our family made the RIGHT decision to move up here back in 2002. We wanted our daughter to have an actual childhood along with getting a great education, which she is and couldn’t be happier! I enjoy just how peaceful it is over here and the many trails that we’ve yet to explore and that fact that we actually KNOW our neighbors!

  41. Susan Meagher
    Susan Meagher says:

    What made me fall in love with Nevada City is right after we moved here my then 3year old and I went to an outdoor concert at NU. All the high school kids were sitting with their families…..and looking happy about it. That really struck me at the time.

  42. Bill McQ
    Bill McQ says:

    My most common stop in NC is Tour Of Nevada City Bike Shop–always kind, helpful, competent. They’re also great supporters of the annual Agony fund raiser. I REALLY dislike being limited to just one favorite–would love to list others!

  43. David Fallside
    David Fallside says:

    Nevada City at any time of the year is great but I especially like the winter. Whether that be sitting in a cozy restaurant for dinner watching the rain sheet down, or sledding down S Pine at midnight after a storm and a party, or running alongside the creek in the crisp morning air …. It’s all good and there’s always a little magic.

  44. Mary Anne
    Mary Anne says:

    I love the community of course, but also how sweet downtown looks with all the lights up this time of year!

  45. Christin H
    Christin H says:

    I’ve got to say that (especially moving up from LA) my favorite part about this amazing area is the sense of community: where most everyone greets you with a smile and a “good day,” doors are held open, helping hands are offered and, well, people CARE for each other!

  46. Linda
    Linda says:

    We are planning our first trip to Nevada City Aprilish, but I have already fallen in love with the area via the internet — and after reading all the comments, I am even more in love! My husband and I are retired and looking for a new place to live — Nevada City seems to be just the kind of place we are looking for — small, walkable town with lots to do, a lot of natural beauty to enjoy, four mild seasons, and, most importantly, a sense of community. So if I have to pick a favorite thing, it would be the sense of community!

  47. Linda
    Linda says:

    Okay, I’ve now shared on Facebook — and thank you, Erin, for your blog — I’ve learned so much more about Nevada City and what there is to love by reading your posts!

  48. Kim
    Kim says:

    Love this town, love this blog, liked on fb, shared on fb.

    Thanks for shining a light on all there is to do in this town. Such a fun place to live.

  49. Carla Bonetti
    Carla Bonetti says:

    Nevada City, I love thee, let me count the ways…
    I’ve lived in many beautiful places, but the heart of this place is the people. So many talented, creative and thoughtful people in one place! The love that we all have for our home and our desire to continually make it better affects us all.

  50. Cara
    Cara says:

    I love the wonderful community of people. Their creativity, love, and beautiful spirits create such a wonderful atmosphere in our little town.

  51. Roseanne Burke
    Roseanne Burke says:

    Thanks, Erin – you and the Outside Inn totally rock! I visited Nevada City for the first time eleven years ago and moved here ten years ago – I love the history, the natural beauty, the richness of the arts and culture here – but mostly I love the people and the wonderful sense of community.

  52. Maeve Burke
    Maeve Burke says:

    What’s not to love? Top five:

    1.Your blog-keeps me connnected to a community I love.
    2. Heading to the beautiful, peaceful lake on a weekday summer morning knowing there will be fabulous women there to swim with.
    3.The Single Track Suite at the Outside Inn.
    3. The artists including my sister
    4. The ticket drawing at the Nevada City Theatre before a great movie.

    Thanks for the great giveaway and for all you do for the community.

  53. Allison Conant
    Allison Conant says:

    I love the history of the town, the commitment to healthy living and good food, and that my friends live there!

  54. Cindel Pena
    Cindel Pena says:

    Love the small town feel of Nevada City and the constant festivities. There is never a dull moment or a chance to get “bored.”

  55. Melinda
    Melinda says:

    Amazing basket, Erin! One thing I love about Nevada City is knowing that I’ll run into someone I know wherever I go–and I’ve only been here a short while. I love smiling and saying “hello” to everyone on the street.

  56. Roseanne Burke
    Roseanne Burke says:

    Of course posted on FB – and forgot to mention that I stayed at the Outside Inn the night before moving to Nevada City (and several times over the years – during remodels, power outages, etc.)

  57. Tara
    Tara says:

    I loved growing up here and I love being back here with my husband and four girls. So many great places to be quiet and surrounded by beauty- trails, river, mountains- the snow!! Yummy food and familiar faces. My dear, Erin- you have outdone yourself!!

  58. Rose
    Rose says:

    EEK!!! this is one awesome prize my friend 🙂
    hubby and i LOVED your small adorable town!! we especially enjoyed all the older original buildings 🙂

  59. Cindy Azbill
    Cindy Azbill says:

    What ONE thing do I love about Nevada City? Now that is a trick question because each feeling folds into another weaving the magic of Nevada City!
    The people become friends morphing into family. The beauty and calm is a give in. The music and theater of locals is a constant joy.
    KVMR for the hours upon years of sharing. The love.

  60. Courtney Hundemer
    Courtney Hundemer says:

    Erin, you have outdone yourself on this one, my friend! It’s so hard to choose one thing about Nevada City that makes it so special so I’ll have to generalize by saying it’s the small town feel with so much to offer~ amazing restaurants, cool shops, cultural events, Eddie the Elf (!), street fairs, epic outdoor adventures, and friendly, passionate people. It’s hard to beat Nevada City for its sense of community. Thanks for all you do to capture it so beautifully!

  61. Judith
    Judith says:

    My favorite thing about Nevada City? SPD, also known as Speedy. I love SPD because I can walk there from my office. I love SPD because I know all the cashiers there by name and many of them know mine. I love SPD even though often takes me longer to shop there because so much time is consumed by chatting with friends, neighbors and local business contacts. Deals get done in the aisles at SPD! I love SPD because kids of all ages hang out in front after school, eating junk and being themselves while waiting for a ride. I love SPD because they donate generously to local nonprofits and schools. I love SPD because it is an independent grocer. I love SPD because they make an effort to sell locally grown and made items. SPD epitomizes the best of Nevada City, and I am grateful to call it my local neighborhood grocery store.

  62. Karen
    Karen says:

    I love that I was born here and have never had any desire whatsoever to leave. This is home – with it’s 4 perfectly beautiful seasons, yummy smells as you walk the streets of Nevada City, greeting old friends and sometimes family, investigating the innovative new things that are always being introduced by the shopkeepers while at the same time, wrapping your senses around the old – the old Court House, the old National Hotel, the office where my dentist was when I was kid, the place where my brother and sister put their hand prints in fresh cement, the house my grandmother lived in. What is Nevada City to me – it is a lifetime of memories.

  63. Rose
    Rose says:

    I shared this with my friends on Facebook, and someone mentioned the only thing we were missing was plane tickets! So lets get on that! Who’s got the connection?

    Thanks, again, Outside Inn. This is just amazing.

  64. Karen
    Karen says:

    There is no place like Nevada Ciuty for the holidays or anytime of year! The sense of community, its always festive and the shops are unique and fun. Looking forward to my next trip down the hill!

  65. Kali Litltlewing
    Kali Litltlewing says:

    around 12 years ago, I had the blessing of being introduced to Nevada county . The first 2 things I visited and saw was the spectacular Yuba River along with Nevada City. I recall being in such awe of both the beauty of the Yuba River along with the quaintness of the old style buildings, atmosphere and people of Nevada city that I went back to my hometown giving my beloved friends, family and clients a 2 week notice and packed my car and drove back across the nation to get back here ASAP!
    Nevada county just drew me in like a magnetic and I fell in love with the atmosphere and environment of the whole county. I especially love all the family owned/independent business and shops. And of course, I love outside inn and the uniqueness it has to offer which is why I always recommend it to out of town family and friends.
    My family and friends knew that Nevada County had to offer something very special for to make such drastic changes in my life. And because of my choice in choosing Nevada County as a place I want to be, my life has been amazing and it has made all the difference. As if I discovered gold in that gold mine!
    Thank you Nevada County!

  66. Marsha
    Marsha says:

    My grandparents lived in Rough and Ready for 40+ years, until a few years back they passed in their 90’s. I spent a lot of time with them up here through the years, and grandma would put us up at the Outside Inn. 🙂
    I moved to Grass Valley this year, and am loving it. I came out from living in Maui for 10 years and look forward to “dancing” with the community.
    I also have recommended your Inn to visitors, and would like to link you to my website….let me know.

    p.s. I liked you on FB, already. 🙂


  67. Katrina Schneider
    Katrina Schneider says:

    The Yuba River .. and swimming through granite boulders.
    A community with eye contact and sweet smiles.
    South Pine Cafe.
    Feeling like i can let my son walk from Yuba River Charter (NCE) to downtown on his own.
    Proximity to the High Sierra.
    Healthy vibrant people.
    A climate that allows a winter and summer garden.
    The wildlife that keeps eating my chickens .. and the fact that we just need to accept they live here.

  68. Valerie Cassity
    Valerie Cassity says:

    I plan to move to Nevada City this summer because I visited the town and fell in love at first sight. There are so many wonderful things, from the friendly people to the amazing farmers markets to the theater to the great schools. I love everything about Nevada City and can’t wait to call it home!

  69. Susan Egan
    Susan Egan says:

    Victorian Christmas has to be the best event of the year! Magical opportunity for everyone, especially the children. So much more to love in Nevada City, especially the shops and restaurants. IKE’s, California Organics, Fuden Juice, so many organic non-GMO foods in Nevada County. Way to go!

  70. Elizabeth Hart
    Elizabeth Hart says:

    what i love about Nevada City is that it is 100% local – unlike many other “scenic mountain towns” that I have visited or lived in, there is no corporate influence, no starbucks, no barnes and noble, no r.e.i.

    in this way, our little town represents the personalities, visions and interests of its people 🙂

  71. Lisa Porcelli
    Lisa Porcelli says:

    What I love most about NC is taking the two cutest boys in the whole wide world on an adventure that ends at treats!

  72. Miles Michelson
    Miles Michelson says:

    I love the beautiful fall colors, family atmosphere, and quant feel of downtown NC. It feels like going back to the 1800’s every time I visit.

  73. Shawn Tuttle
    Shawn Tuttle says:

    By far my favorite aspect of Nevada City is the community! I love that anywhere I go–out to dinner, to the cafe, to the craft faire–the most fun I’ll have is in catching up with all the wonderful people I run into… just like running into Erin yesterday at the Foundry!

    Woohoo for the Ultimate Giveaway!!

  74. Penny
    Penny says:

    What a generous giveaway! It was so fantastic meeting you and so many of your townmates last night 🙂 It’s a great place, I’d love to pay it another visit. Crossing my fingers!


  75. Chelsea
    Chelsea says:

    I must have been so swept up in the moment to have missed it, but I found how to enter. I am going to have to say that my favorite thing about Nevada City is the atmosphere. Everyone seems to be very earth oriented and centered (for the most part) and very approachable. I love the shops and the FOOD!! If my husband and I want a night out, we look no further than downtown NC for the best and widest varieties of food. <3 to NC

  76. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I’m so excited about this giveaway.

    I love the food in Nevada City. Ike’s Quarter Cafe, Mateo’s Public, The Broad Street Bistro, Fred’s Chinese, and South Pine Cafe are some of my favorite restaurants ever! So hard to choose.

  77. Meg Franz
    Meg Franz says:

    hard to narrow it down- but definitely – the small town vibe. The people of nevada city are what make it great. It’s unique tight knit community makes it a a great place to work, live, play, visit, and just be.

  78. Erica
    Erica says:

    My favorite Nevada City memory (besides hiking with you and the boys, and besides the boys jumping on the big jumpy slide, and other than staying in a suite that famous bikers have slept in, and other than eating fantastic chicken and squash burritos with you and your family, and besides your beautiful wedding) was that one day you and I went for a jog. Seriously. I loved that. 🙂

  79. Angelina Andes
    Angelina Andes says:

    There is nothing that I don’t love about Nevada City. I love that I was raised in such a wonderful place and that I get to raise my children here.

  80. Lillian Llacer
    Lillian Llacer says:

    I am so thankful for the community of caring and fun people who live here. I love that I can go for a run on the S Yuba River and feel renewed and connected to nature and self, and make it back in time to pick up my kids after school.
    I love all the new trails that I can walk to from my house!
    Thanks, Erin!

  81. Charlene
    Charlene says:

    Wow, Erin, you’ve outdone yourself! There are so many things to love about Nevada City (and the whole county!) but one of them is that we have so many wonderful people living here, sharing their talents with their neighbors in so many different ways, like musing on their blog, writing books, opening restaurants and gift shops. What’s not to love about this place!

  82. Dorie Starich
    Dorie Starich says:

    I love all the little shops and lovely places to eat. I also love how no matter how long I’ve been gone, it still feels like home when I get there:)

  83. Amber Lutz
    Amber Lutz says:

    One thing?

    The people, the people tie this town together and make it a wonderful, joyous place.

    There is always a friendly face when you come to town, it’s really like a big family, full of warm, inviting, humble and absolutely amazingly diverse group of people who all take care of each other, the land and the visitors that enter our little piece of wooded heaven.
    <3 N.C.

  84. Jenny Wells
    Jenny Wells says:

    I love living downtown and being able to walk so often…to celebrate at Friar Tucks or Treats, to church at Trinity, to pick up my CSA at the Outside Inn…having Yuba River classes walking by my home regularly…sending my teenage sons downtown for study groups and fun…walking to events. It’s the best!

  85. Gerry Gates
    Gerry Gates says:

    Oh, there are so many things to love about Nevada City. I love the Deer Creek Trail and the funky shops. I love that the national forest is right outside your door. But most of all, I love the micro-brew beer.

    Ol’ Republic Brewery is a true gem. It embodies the pioneer spirit and the determination of all of us. It also embodies the companionship of the people and the joy of a tall pint!
    Thank you, Ol’ Republic!

  86. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Only one thing I LOVE about Nevada City?….that’s a toughy!…
    but if I had to pick one, I would have the say…..the Yuba river in the summer…sunning on a big warm rock in the middle of the river with the water flowing around me! ahhhhh……:-)
    Great giveaway Erin!

  87. Bill Sander
    Bill Sander says:

    Thank you for the help you gave my yesterday. WOW! Talk about the magic of Christmas…..and especially the magic of Nevada City! People like you that genuinely care about other people are what Nevada City is all about.

  88. Harley
    Harley says:

    I love the relaxing, beautiful river. I was lucky enough to grow up here and am so happy to raise my son here!

  89. Stephanie Levesque
    Stephanie Levesque says:

    There are many reasons to love Nevada City! The #1 reason I love Nevada City is our supportive community! I like how the community works together for collaborative events. When locals have hardships Nevada City comes together to help those in need. Most locals seem to shop and support local businesses. It appears that local businesses also work together to help better our town and their success. Nevada City is my slice of heaven with the river spots, lakes, hiking trails, and so much more!

  90. Marcia Williams
    Marcia Williams says:

    My girlfriend and I spend a weekend every Dec in Nevada City, the last two at Outside Inn. It’s my favorite place to stay. We both love the quaint atmosphere of both N.C. and Outside Inn. Thanks for the opportunity to win a prize!

  91. Laurel Harkness
    Laurel Harkness says:

    The one thing I love about Nevada City? Broad Street. My family moved there in 1976 when I was a little tiny kid, and who new that the cute boy across the street from me would become the love of my life. And after a hot day at the Yuba River, to bring my kids to the balcony at the National Hotel for a Shirley Temple is the best. Is that two things? Or can we call it one because they are so close together? XO

  92. dennis boatman
    dennis boatman says:

    coming all the way from Missouri to visit again in May…Can’t wait….Outside Inn, South Pine Cafe, Five mile House…and loved Hot summer nights…

  93. Lynn Ely
    Lynn Ely says:

    Nevada City is HOME. I’ve travelled all around the country and parts of the world and there is not a town I would rather Be in. We who live here are very fortunate to share this jewel….a place surrounded by beauty and wonderful people. I love Nevada City!!!!

  94. Joleen
    Joleen says:

    There are so many wonderful things about our community. I love the natural beauty of downtown Nevada City in the fall and winter set against the history filled Victorians. I also love the warm feeling of the historic building where my daughter attends school. But what I love most of all about Nevada City is how the people of the community support each other. Your Ultimate Giveaway is proof of that. It is full of gifts from local business owners who are being supported by a community that encourages the small business. A community that would rather shop local than “go down the hill.” In a society that is consumed with stuff, we support the hand crafted, one of a kind. I love that.

  95. Kim
    Kim says:

    Nevada City puts the Unity in community! It has always been one of my favorite California towns. Art, music, food, wine, scenery, history, kind folks, fun shops, beautiful Inns, the Yuba, bike friendly, great local vibe… just a super cool place. 🙂

  96. Kendel
    Kendel says:

    Very nice!!

    Love Nevada City because of it’s wonderful community and people! Plus its such a cute town too!!!

  97. Autumn
    Autumn says:

    Wow – there are a few of my favorite places!! What a wonderful post-Christmas/great way to start a new year gift basket 🙂

  98. Jenn Brooke Porter
    Jenn Brooke Porter says:

    This basket is a slice of what Erin Thiem has accomplished in promoting our town. While some locals don’t always appreciate the discovery of ‘our’ quaint little town –we have to support each other! Her ability through social media and “shameless” promotion of others has indeed helped the local economy. I am always astonished at the giving nature of our community and love being a part of it.

  99. Ann Betz
    Ann Betz says:

    Last year I visited Nevada City for the first time, not knowing what to expect. What I loved about it is the unique and magical quality. I don’t know another place like it! Everywhere we went there was something fun happening (film festival, street music), or something beautiful to look at in the wonderful shops filled with artisan merchandise, or something delicious to eat (Crepes under a street tent!), all in a friendly, small-town atmosphere with a gorgeous natural setting. I have visited many wonderful California cities, but Nevada City is one of the places that stays with me. I look forward to my next visit!

  100. Rene Rainbolt
    Rene Rainbolt says:

    I love Nevada City anytime, but my favorite time of year is spring. I like to meet my friends at Ike’s for lunch under the cherry blossoms and then take a hike to deer creek. We talk about Ike’s, springtime, the cherry tree, warm sunshine, hiking, waterfalls and being together all year long!!!!

  101. Sue Schneider
    Sue Schneider says:

    Why I love Nevada City? Family. My grandkids live here!
    I enjoy the warm, friendly, small town ambiance.
    Love breakfasts at South Pine and swimming in the Yuba River. I could do without the snow — thus I live in the Bay Area!

  102. Aidan Reedy-Schneider
    Aidan Reedy-Schneider says:

    My favorites: Yuba swimming … Sugarbowl skiing … Northridge and South Pine eating … and sunset watching at my home.

  103. Addie
    Addie says:

    I love Nevada City for the community! I love running into friends (old and new) and being close to family. I also love the proximity to wonderful recreation areas.

  104. Sandra Fisher
    Sandra Fisher says:

    I have only visited Nevada City for the Bike Races in the summer. I would love to come and see this darling town in the winter.

  105. Jacqueline Earnshaw, CPDT-KA
    Jacqueline Earnshaw, CPDT-KA says:

    Having been to Nevada City only once, I have been wanting to return and bask in the general ambiance of culture, healthy food, lovely architecture, inspiring landscaping, restaurants and coffee shops with quality music and unique shopping opportunities. I hope i win so I can share Nevada City with Tom, my significant other.

  106. Caitlin Poer
    Caitlin Poer says:

    I think what I love most about Nevada City is how wonderful it feels, even when I’ve been gone for a while. No matter how long I’ve been away, it welcomes me back, especially during the holidays, with its bright & joyous lights, and its welcoming wishes.

  107. Lisa Lukas
    Lisa Lukas says:

    I love visiting with my sister and brother in law in Nevada City. Since they “discovered it” and showed it to me, I have been in love with all the beautiful old houses and with the Victorian Christmas! I love all the music and art in the community as well. Just amazing!! I hope I win so I can share it with my husband who hasn’t had the opportunity to visit yet. Maybe I can even talk him into moving there one day!

  108. Jessica Sears
    Jessica Sears says:

    My favorite thing in Nevada City is the annual Nevada City Classic. What an amazing race to be held in our great town. Riders from all over the world get a chance to experience our little town in the mountains.

  109. Connie Strawser
    Connie Strawser says:

    My favorite part of Nevada City are the pine trees. After the 2010 Amgen bicycle race, I had the opportunity to talk with Mark Cavendish, the winner of our leg of the race. Our interaction was very entertaining. Before the race I saw him hanging out of his coach waving at everyone. I asked him if he was leaning out so he could enjoy all the amazing pine trees. He responded, “I didn’t see the pine trees, I was waving at all the beautiful women. I will have to look next time.” The next year he was here again and did get the chance to see all the beautiful trees.

  110. Emme
    Emme says:

    My favorite part of Nevada City is all the great access to all the outdoor activities. Great whitewater kayaking on the yuba river, bike trails just outside of town, and endless hiking with Outside Inn right in the center of it al!

  111. Mary
    Mary says:

    One thing I love about Nevada City: the amazing view East from the top of Broad Street on a late September morning. I think my Dad (a Nevada City native) probably enjoyed the same beautiful scene in the 1920’s, and although he’s passed on I feel that he’s somehow sharing it with me across the years.

    Shared on Facebook.

  112. Kimberly Pepper Pepe
    Kimberly Pepper Pepe says:

    Why do I love Nevada City? I moved here from a little town on 180 people outside of Quincy, ca. I was a bit overwhelmed by the size of Grass Valley, but Nevada City had the right feel, the right energy and the right community love. There is a vibration that happens in Nevada City during the Street Events. Farmers Market, Victorian X-mas, Hot Summer Nights..It is a slice of Americana. I am grateful to be finding my new home here in Nevada City.

  113. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    The basis of what I love about Nevada City is community.
    **One reason we moved to Nevada City is that, listening to KVMR community radio station, we could feel the strong sense of community here. **Working as a veterinarian I get to help the community and their pets, which is a true joy. **Singing with Sierra Master Chorale, a community choir, allows me to share with the community the magic of music. **Supporting my husband as he helps InConcert Sierra and Sierra Stages, just two of the many local non-profit organizations, put on such wonderful musical and theatrical performances fills even more of my sense of community. **Eating meals lovingly prepared by the local Community Supported Kitchen has been a blessing in these busy times. **Knowing that the food they make is created from local community sources such as Living Lands Agrarian Network farms soothes my body and my soul. **There really is something extra special about this place. The natural beauty is incredible, and the access to lovely rivers and trails and skiing and biking and horseback riding… These things clearly help attract the amazingly creative and talented people we have here in this lovely community. **Thank you for your blog that helps point out and support everything wonderful here!!

  114. Ariel Lovett
    Ariel Lovett says:

    What I love about NC is turning on to Broad Street and looking up this lovely street, toward the church where we were married, and thinking “I live here!”

    Love how your blog celebrates tour little town!

  115. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    What do I love most about Nevada City? It’s the wings. Yes, it’s definately the wings. No, I’m not talking about the kind you fry up and serve up for Superbowl Sunday. I’m talking about the kind that people take you under when you’re new to town or just visiting and looking for that perfect gift, that fun activity or that great restaurant to go to. The people and the business owners in Nevada City have some of the biggest wings I’ve ever seen!

  116. Pamela Anne Lee
    Pamela Anne Lee says:

    We love Nevada City because it oozes all the best things to be had in small town life: a small town that has great culture but is also not just close to nature, but NESTLED IN IT. Friendly locals! Though small, Nevada City is also anything but stuffy. For its few square miles there is a a surprising mix of diversity. It is a great walking city fully of charm, lovely old architecture, nostalgia, and even some offbeat out-of-the way establishments. We love the Outside Inn’s hospitality and especially the free walking guides! You can head in any direction and find something great to do in or at the edge of town!

  117. Pamela Anne Lee
    Pamela Anne Lee says:

    OH! ONE thing! OK: I love seeing my breath waft up into the air on a cold night while walking along the streets of Nevada City!

  118. Ruth Chase
    Ruth Chase says:

    Where do I start? I love that I know more that half the people posted here, I love the beauty, vibe, the small town – big ideas kindofa place we have here, I love the yuba, the trees and I love You Erin, your service to community is one of the many reasons I live here because we have so many people who are community oriented like you. Peace, Ruth

  119. China Buryn
    China Buryn says:

    I grew up in Nevada City and know every piece of it by heart. Now I visit fairly regularly because of one thing- once you love it here, it stays with you, it follows you, and it’s always part of your soul.

    Walking and window-shopping on Broad Street, memories of summertime pool parties and baseball games at Pioneer Park, swimming in the freshest water a the Yuba, lake days and water skiing with friends, snowboarding and snow days, running on the Old Downieville Highway feeling like you are running in the woods but you’re only steps away from the bustle, amazing events like Victorian Christmas, the Nevada County Fair, Mardi Gras, the BIke Classic- staying at the adorably-decorated Outside Inn (the only nice inn in town!), the Constitution Day Parade, Farmers’ Markets and more. In the end…what makes it special is the people who love it enough to stay here. This small mountain town full of family, friends and memories feels like it stands still against time, so coming home feels just as good as it did 20 years ago. I don’t know many places that can offer such a feeling. Thank you Nevada CIty!

  120. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    I recently moved to Nevada City and feel so fortunate to have found this place, to say the least. I’ve never felt more content as it combines my deep rooted love of nature and historic architecture perfectly. From my doorstep I am in the pines and have the ability to walk to trails and the quaint, historic downtown. I also like knowing I’m supporting small, local businesses when I’m out and about.

  121. Jessica Druding
    Jessica Druding says:

    Oh my, oh my, what an amazing gift package you’ve put together. I’d like to say dido to almost everything mentioned by all your readers. I say almost, because I’ve never actually ridden my bike thru N.C., and I haven’t stayed at the Outside Inn (yet), otherwise, dido. I love this community and all the people that are apart of it. I am grateful!

  122. Douglas Keachie
    Douglas Keachie says:

    The candy shop, Pete’s garlic bread, the parades, the gold mining equipment (historcal), the street fairs, the churches and firehouses, the mountain town views, the night lighting, the book and toy stores, the Inns, and the Outs, as in outdoor recreation.

  123. Margo
    Margo says:

    We have spent the last few days showing my visiting sister-in-law around town. We have so much pride in our little jewel that it was amazing to see her excitement as well. Mike was telling her about Erin and the Outside Inn and how much she does for the small business in town. This is awesome Erin! We have been so busy building our business that we have not had a ton of time to explore all that the area has to offer. We plan to change that over the course of this coming year!!!

  124. Alli jaquith
    Alli jaquith says:

    What I love about Nevada City is the fact that I find something new to love about Nevada City… From a new place to enjoy delicious food & drink to a new trail to a new musical talent, we are constantly discovering new reasons to adore this place. How blessed are we to call Nevada City home?!

    If I were to win the drawing I would probably gift many of the certificates to my out of town friends so they can enjoy all the beauty and deliciousness of our magical little town.

  125. Vanessa Lambert
    Vanessa Lambert says:

    I grew up in Nevada City, and if I had to pick just one thing, I would say the supportive, integrated community is my favorite thing about it. People don’t have to be encouraged to shop locally, they just do as a matter of course to help their neighbors, and folks in need are never without friends. Thanks for putting together this fantastic showcase of Nevada City’s small businesses!

  126. eleanore macdonald
    eleanore macdonald says:

    I love that Nevada City’s artistic heart – its devotion to the arts and music, its independent vibe and commitment to sustainability and individuality, its vibrant, giving community -has not deviated in the 37 years I’ve lived here!

  127. Janina Witteborg
    Janina Witteborg says:

    I love the PEOPLE! This vibrant, caring, conscious, authentic community is what makes this place come to life. And through these people come a multitude of events, music, dance, ideas, and art. Thank you to all for a great giveaway!

  128. Tad
    Tad says:

    Zikes, Erin! That is quite a haul for someone. Here’s my bid: I like getting a haircut from the woman who cut my wife’s, sister-in-law’s, and brother-in-law’s hair when they were kids!

  129. Elizabeth Chandler
    Elizabeth Chandler says:

    Why I love Nevada City is simple…the history…the history that has shaped the town into what it is today including the buildings, houses, shops and the specific, awesome type of people that choose to live here. That’s it. Happy New Year!

  130. liza bender
    liza bender says:

    so many things to love about Nevada City… but if I had to choose one… It would be the caring people who live here… they care about soooooo much!
    They care about diversity, ecology, farming, local businesses, wildcrafting, the health of the body, mind and spirit… etc…
    if there are things people should care about in this world… the people in Nevada City care about it…
    and they do it with style, creativity and personality 😉

  131. Denise R
    Denise R says:

    I so enjoy Halloween in Nevada City! The vibrant energy, seeing families all dressed up and connecting with friends at every house and corner, having some of the streets closed off this year was great and I really enjoyed the haunted walk at the Outside Inn!

  132. Ann Hobbs
    Ann Hobbs says:

    Not only WOW, but impressive. I know that I would share my winnings since it would be so easy to make a number of others happy too!

  133. Karen
    Karen says:

    I love the trees, especially in Fall.
    I love the river, all year long.
    I love that I get to call Nevada City home.

  134. Kris Vasser
    Kris Vasser says:

    Retiring to Nevada County has provided many experiences – becoming a Master Gardener, a docent at Empire Mine, seeing wildflowers on the Buttermilk Trail, practicing GiGong with Homer, Lazy Dog ice cream at summer concerts, knitting with the prayer shawl group at the Methodist Church, spending lots of outdoor adventures with our grandsons. The list goes on and on and I am so grateful. Who would have thought!!

  135. Charlotte
    Charlotte says:

    One of my favorite things about Nevada City is the view from the top of Broad Street, looking down the hill, especially when the full moon is rising.

  136. Tim Clarke
    Tim Clarke says:

    There are so many that come to mind however the top 3 on my list are a wonderful cold plunge at the Outside Inn on a hot summer day and the ever present prospect of a dip in the Yuba and the shrimp and Brie scramble at the South Pine Cafe (I hope it’s still on the menu)

  137. Wendi August
    Wendi August says:

    I love that I just returned from a “neighborhood gathering” where I met some of my interesting and fabulous neighbors ( we live about a mile from downtown NC) simply because we wanted to get to know each other better. NC is a true community that is dedicated to taking care of one another.

  138. James
    James says:

    I think the thing I love best about Nevada City is its realness and memories. At so many times in life, for many reasons, NC has been a perfect reset from everything else in life. People are great, and I’ve never stayed anywhere else other than the Outside with 2 different dogs. I have such a strong association with my previous dog Jas (who passed away a few years back), that every visit is a way to remember her and also form new experiences.

    Thanks to Outside Inn for being the hands-down coolest place to stay anywhere 🙂

  139. Crystal C
    Crystal C says:

    One thing I love about Nevada City is the diverse community! We all bring our gifts to share with each other and it is manifested through awe-inspiring music and art, delectable local food, a plethora of top-notch schools, and SO much more.

  140. vicki parker
    vicki parker says:

    What’s there not to love about Nevada City – community, natural beauty, history, art, entertainment, restaurants, shops – we have everything in our backyard!

  141. Jess
    Jess says:

    I love the sense of community, the river, the shopping and the restaurants, the street musicians and the history!

  142. Melisa t
    Melisa t says:

    I have never been to NC, but am getting to know it through your blog. I guess the one thing I love about it is that you and Dan live there! It looks like an amazing place… I am definitely lobbying for an anniversary destination!

  143. Robert Lee Haycock
    Robert Lee Haycock says:

    Of the many things that I love about Nevada City, the dearest to my heart is that its residents never make one feel like a tourist but welcome each visitor as if they were an old friend finally coming home.

  144. Maureen Price
    Maureen Price says:

    While we have only traveled through this quaint and quiet gem, we felt the love of community and family right away. We hope to get back and put our feet up the next time we go through town.

  145. Keri Kemble
    Keri Kemble says:

    There is no place else like Nevada City: the architecture, the businesses, the glorious scenery. But the heart of Nevada City is the people.

  146. wendy van wagner
    wendy van wagner says:

    The best thing about Nevada County, hands down….the PEOPLE! Walking down the street and seeing a friendly face I know is a wonderful part of living here!

  147. Dana McAdams
    Dana McAdams says:

    I grew up in the area and remember when you could sled down Broad Street as the snow was so deep, no cars could get around! I miss the area and would love to win your giveaway to be able to stroll the area as it is today. I love it there!

  148. Avi Morgan
    Avi Morgan says:

    My favorite thing about Nevada City is the rare balance of preserved history and natural surroundings. One can feel a direct link to our history and culture rather than viewing remnants of the past in photographs and reading passages in books. It’s a rare gem in a state where hasty development has typically had the upper hand.

  149. kate bowers
    kate bowers says:

    The historical neighborhoods, the restaurants, the dive bars, especially The Mine Shaft… being away the burbs, far enough way, but not too far and of course the Outside Inn.

  150. Rachel Loesch
    Rachel Loesch says:

    I love visiting Nevada City and hope I’m able to still get in on this awesome giveaway! It’s such a great place to visit for the fresh air and lovely shops. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  151. Dena Nick
    Dena Nick says:

    My favorite thing about Nevada City:

    I love the friendly, small town atmosphere that is enhanced by the variety of businesses and attractions, and the way that they support each other.

  152. Elany Prusa
    Elany Prusa says:

    I love the live music and dancing in the streets during Hot Summer Nights and First Friday art walks….among other things – always something happening there.:
    “Downtown, things will be great when you’re Downtown”…….

  153. Miss Bird
    Miss Bird says:

    The Outside Inn Blog has is all about the KNOW and has all the INs! Such a treasure trove of information about my favorite city on earth! Nestled in the Sierras, the heart of Nevada City, The Outside Inn houses the outdoors enthusiast, (as well as family and friends).
    I love driving by and seeing the many mountain bikes, hikers and guides with happy faces ready for a day Outside! Thank you for this blog to help me stay connected and INN tune to the happs around this beautiful county! XOXO

    • erin
      erin says:

      Thanks for the love, just a head’s up that this is the 2012 givewaay post, if you’re interested in this year’s Crazy giveaway, please go to the top post on the Inn’s blog. Thanks.

  154. Anna Snelgrove
    Anna Snelgrove says:

    i love Nevada city because I don’t have to “go down the hill” to get everything I need. My family loves the selection of unique gifts, clothes and healthful food options it offers. We are sold on the idea of shopping locally and eating consciencely and Nevada city doesn’t let us down!

    • erin
      erin says:

      Hi Anna– just a head’s up that this is the giveaway post from 2012. Thanks for the love, but if you want to play along with this year’s bucket o love, go find the Crazy Giveaway post.

  155. Carolyn Kell
    Carolyn Kell says:

    Hello all lovers of Nevada County,

    I have been visiting western Nevada County since I was 5 and my family and I all crowded into a chalet at the Northern Queen. Broad Street was a never-ending wonder to a child of such a magical age. By the time I was 7, we had acquired some extra money as my maternal grandparents sadly has passed away. But, they gave us the gift of a second home, a beautiful, rambling Victorian just above Broad Street.

    We have a glorious maple in our yard that becomes the crown jewel of the neighborhood every autumn. And, as I re-read the Outside Inn blogs from months past, the photos of the fall colors tickle my soul and stay with me…Every year, the fall colors speak to me and remind me of the long chains of love that can start with new traditions (like planting a seed) and then evolve so wondrously and becoming so much a part of our lives that we forget the very sparks that started it all in the first place!

    Thank you for sending these “1000-word” images out to all to enjoy!

    Carolyn Marie

  156. Vanessa Saavedra
    Vanessa Saavedra says:

    Nevada City has so much to love that it’s a challenge to pick just one, but I’d have to say the residents’ generosity of spirit. I can chat with almost anyone in town and feel welcome and warmly received.

  157. Carol
    Carol says:

    I am grateful to live in a community that has made me feel welcome since I arrived here, where I feel safe to walk down the street that I live on, where I know my neighbors, where individuality and artistic expression is celebrated, where I am surrounded by the beauty of nature, and where sometimes, a wish for a white Christmas comes true!

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